Trading a unusual disco fever taunt with infernal smoke for 14 keys pure or item overpay. My price is negotiable just add me or send me a trade offer.
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Selling all class Lime loadout for 2 keys pure 2.22 keys item overlay price negotiable add or send me a offer and ill reply asap.
Selling Lime Green Scout Set for 2 keys pure or 2.33 keys item overpay. Price is negotiable based on what you offer.
Add me or trade me and i will reply as soon as i can, typically within 12 hours
  • Expired due to inactivity
Selling Strange Festive minimal wear back country blaster for 10 ref or 12 ref overpay. send me a friend request or trade offer and i will reply within a day.
Selling bill's hat for 1.45 Keys Pure or 1.60 keys item overpay, Price negotiable.
Add or trade and you will get a reply within a day.
Selling genuine conjurer's cowl Painted Australium gold for 10 ref pure or 11 item overpay. Price negotiable.
Selling Genuine awper hand with Exorcism Halloween spell for 18 Ref pure, or 19 ref overpay. Price negotiable, good offers will be accepted quickly
Selling items for pure or overpay.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Baby Face Blaster - 12 Ref Pure OR 14 Ref overpay.
Dueling minigame - 1 Scrap
Conscientious Objectors - 1 Ref
Vintage Ubersaw - 1 Ref
Lurkers Leathers - 8 Ref Or 9 Ref overpay
Prehistoric Pullover - Sold at 13 Ref
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Trading A Genuine Awper hand with the Exorcism Halloween spell.
Will Accept any offers between 20 ref pure or 1 key overpay.
20 ref will be accepted instantly although trading in hats or items will require paying more up to 1 key depending on the items trade.
Specialized killstreak villainous violet.
Strange W/ Damage Dealt.
Level 1.
Looking for 1.15 Keys in pure or 1.25 keys overpay.
Price negotiable.
Weapons are a scrap each
4 for a reclaimed
12 for a refined
Send offers.
Pure or item overpay
Supply your own gift wrap for the chem set
Chem set is finished except for a strange sapper
Hat for hat is considered.