please no silly lowballs, if you have a serious offer just add me
so I heard you like nuts...
please no lowballs, if you give a bad offer I will tell Gaben on you
i'm brokering these hats
my buyout is 1.5 buds, other buyout is 1.6
1 in 5 in the world
my buyout is 60 buds, the other buyouts are 65-70
my buyout is 4 buds, other buyouts are 4-5
my buyout is 5 buds, otehr buyouts are 5-6
samureye- 25 keys
coupe- 14 keys
burning capotain- around 4.8 buds
flies capotain- 14 keys
pencil- 14 keys
pith- 16 keys
lid- 17 keys
glove- 15 keys
c/o on coppers is 12 keys + sweets
c/o on prancers is 12 keys
c/o on carousers is 2 buds + nb modest
About me... I have over 1400 hours of tf2 play. I have over 350 reputation (on outpost + steam profile), 50+ of which include PayPal transactions. I am an Admin and Middleman of the Unusual GoV Server. So far I've sold over $3500 in items.


Keys= $1.85 each
Refined= $.40 each
Bills=$16-$17 each
Unusuals= Prices vary
Also check my inventory, I have many more items I am willing to sell for money.

1. You must send payment as a gift and never retract.
2. You must pay for the fees (if any).
3. The buyer MUST go first.

~~~add me if interested, BUT YOU MUST HAVE REP~~~
c/o for panama is 3.5 buds in items
c/o for tossle is 2 buds + flies noble
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!