i'm only interested in GOOD key/ref offers!
please no silly lowballs, if you have a serious offer just add me
so I heard you like nuts...
please no lowballs, if you give a bad offer I will tell Gaben on you
please no crappy offers
please no bad offers
i'm brokering these hats
my buyout is 1.5 buds, other buyout is 1.6
1 in 5 in the world
my buyout is 60 buds, the other buyouts are 65-70
my buyout is 4 buds, other buyouts are 4-5
my buyout is 5 buds, otehr buyouts are 5-6
  • Completed
samureye- 25 keys
coupe- 14 keys
burning capotain- around 4.8 buds
flies capotain- 14 keys
pencil- 14 keys
pith- 16 keys
lid- 17 keys
glove- 15 keys
  • Completed
don't bother lowballing
don't bother lowballing
c/o on coppers is 12 keys + sweets
c/o on prancers is 12 keys
c/o on carousers is 2 buds + nb modest
About me... I have over 1400 hours of tf2 play. I have over 350 reputation (on outpost + steam profile), 50+ of which include PayPal transactions. I am an Admin and Middleman of the Unusual GoV Server. So far I've sold over $3500 in items.


Keys= $1.85 each
Refined= $.40 each
Bills=$16-$17 each
Unusuals= Prices vary
Also check my inventory, I have many more items I am willing to sell for money.

1. You must send payment as a gift and never retract.
2. You must pay for the fees (if any).
3. The buyer MUST go first.

~~~add me if interested, BUT YOU MUST HAVE REP~~~
c/o on sack is 17 keys
c/o for panama is 3.5 buds in items
c/o for tossle is 2 buds + flies noble