Frostbite Helmet Without a Home- B/O is 45 keys or 55+ in good unus
Cool MW Aqua Marine RL w/ spec KS- B/O is 50 keys or 55+ in good unus
I can negotiate for pure, can sell separately or as a set. Upgrade offers 110+
Also interested in csgo offers
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Steaming Rack- 35 keys or 40+ in unus
Haunted phantasm jr Conq- 30 keys or 35+ in unus
Willing to upgrade to a ~80 key hat(sollie or all-class), around 90 if other class but can negotiate
Clean steaming rack:
Buyout: 35 keys pure or 40+ in items
Counter offers:
Ooze Hetman's + 5 keys
Neutron Coldsnap cap
Vivid Noble Nickel Amassement + 1 key
P fetti Boxcar
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Isotope FT Quack canvassed RL-B/O is 60 keys pure or 70+ in unusuals. I am willing to discount for pure, but nice unu offers should be 60+
I don't mind keeping it forever so you better offer some dank sollie/all-class unus :D
Strange festive Sticky launcher- 6 keys or 8+ in items

Screenshots of the RL:
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Orbiting fire Gauzed Gaze: 25 keys or 30+ in unus
Pro KS Degreaser fabricator(emerald singularity): 7 keys or 9+ in items
Spec KS Lumber from down under(minimal wear, festivized, matching daffodil sheen):2 keys and 10 ref or 3+ in items
Strange Woodland warriror Rocket Launcher(field tested): 2 keys and 10 ref or 3+ in items
Pink Genuine Brigade helm: 23 ref or 30+ in items
Green Genuine Anger: 18 ref or 20+ in items

Check out my other listings: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198202299969
I am willing to negotiate for full pure offers on the unu/kit/skins/genuines but don't expect too much of a discount.
Paints and spells add LITTLE value and parts most of the time don't, unless I really like them.
I have 0 interest in unusual taunts; not interested in unu weapons either, unless it's a RL.
All-class/soldier hats with nice effects take priority!
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Orbiting fire Gauzed Gaze- 25 keys pure or 30+ in unusuals
Strange festivized KS Blitzkrieg Pistol FT - 1key 5 ref
Don't be afraid to offer- I can always consider going lower for full pure
Best way to contact me is sending a trade offer; if you have to add me, comment on my profile first
Selling the following unusuals:
Strange Neutron star Mann of Reason(1 of 1) - B/O is 30 keys pure or 35+ in items but I'm willing to negotiate
Stormy storm Waxy Wayfinder - B/O is 13 keys or 15+ in unus quicksold for 10 keys
Can upgrade them both to a nice ~50 key unu or a csgo knife
Send me a trade offer or add me(comment first) since I don't check outpost that often
Smoking SnS - 14 keys, can discount for pure, 16+ in unus/mixed
Nuts'n'Bolts Yellow Belt - 13 keys or 15+ in unus
Strange Pro KS Black Dahlia MW (festivized, mean green/fire horns) - 10 keys or 13+ in items... price very flexible

Offer here or send me a trade, add me if you must but comment first
Smoking SnS- 14 keys or 16+ in unus
Nuts'n'Bolts Yellow belt- 13 keys or 15+ in unus
OR a 30+ key upgrade for both
I can add 7 keys for a really nice upgrade(40ish keys)/ cs:go knife

Add me(comment first), send me a trade or offer here
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Smoking Safe'n'Sound - 14 keys or 16+ in offers, price is flexible
Nuts'n'Bolts Yellow Belt(painted black)- 13 keys or 15+ in items
Legendary Lid- 1 key 3 ref or 1.5 in items
Strange spec KS degreaser w/ halloween fire and 3 nice parts - 5 keys or 7+ in items.... price is flexible and can consider downgrading to other spelled items
Strange KS Sticky - 14 ref
bp.tf price on the sandman, guillotine and blast defense... can discount if you buy in bulk

I'm interested in nice upgrade offfers too!
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Selling this amazing Strange Spec KS Degreaser with Halloween fire and 3 great parts for 5 keys pure or 7+ in items.
I am always willing to negotiate, especially when offering mixed..... I will count paint, KS and spells but not in a big amount(depending if I like the hat/add-ons) and I'm not a big fan of parts so please avoid offering them.

Can also take CS:GO pure or skins... offer here or on steam, I don't care.
If you want to add me, comment on my profile first
Selling for 25 pure/easy to sell items or 30+ in unus; CS:GO offers welcome too!
I'm buying quicksells with 27 keys!
Offer here, or just send a trade offer via Steam... if I don't like the offer I'll counter you :D
The better the hat, the better the deal!
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Selling for 40 keys or nice unu overpay; CS:GO offers welcome too!
Interested in miscs, aussies, knives=POSSIBLE DISCOUNT!!


Unu preference: all-class>scout/sollie>demo/med/sniper>else
Effect preference: everything but flies and nuts'n'bolts unless huge overpay. Had a bad experience with flies and don't want to repeat that again.

New halloween effects also considered :D

Offer away!
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Selling this beauty for 18 keys or nice item overpay.
I'm selling this clean massed flies Towering pillar of hats for 20 keys pure or 25 keys in mixed/unus.
I prefer scout, med and sniper unusuals, and the yellow belt is a big plus!!!
Unu offers are chosen upon my preference- if I like the hat more likely you won't overpay that much!
If you have to add me, comment on my profile first- random adds are ignored!
Selling for 20 ref or item overpay; no extra for paints/parts/spells
Hello and welcome to my trade!

I'm selling a clean massed flies Towering pillar of hats.
B/O- 25 keys
Note that this is just the buyout and I am very flexible when it comes down to pure- the more pure you offer the cheaper it will get!
Don't be afraid to offer, the worst I could do is say no!! (just don't lowball, I'm not quickselling)

Post your offer here or send it directly trough Steam.
Feel free to add me, but COMMENT on my profile FIRST!! Random adds will be ignored.
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Looking for 17 keys pure or 20+ in mixed/unus.
Can go a bit lower for pure.
CS:GO offers welcome- non vanilla keys especially.
Will consider all offers, please no lowballs.

Feel free to add me, but comment on my profile first.
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1 key each, more in items; CS:GO offers welcome!
Also interested in a strange Skullcap!!
Selling for 1 key and 10 ref, item offers welcome too(please no skins unless CS:GO)
Feel free to offer CS:GO items too, but only if at least 50% of the offer consists of TF2 items
Selling 1st gen demo unusual. - history: http://backpack.tf/item/418174406
Looking for 17 keys or 19 in mixed/unus.
I MIGHT discount for full pure- overpay depends on items offered.
If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.
I got 11 keys, will get 2 more in a day or so... looking for some quicksells
discount depends on the hat, effect and class- scout/soldier are more likely to need lesser discount, akka I'm willing to pay a bit more, but still at quicksell price
Selling a clean Bubbling Batter's helmet for 14 keys pure or overpay in items.
I'd like to avoid outdated unusuals, unless you offer significant overpay.


Prefferences: all-class>scout/sollie>demo/medic>sniper>else>heavy
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Selling 6 pink paints and 2 lime paints for 2 keys and 3 ref EACH
Aussie Force-a-Nature: 10.5 keys or 30% item overpay
Pro KS Corsair scatter FN festivized- B/O: 12 keys- willing to discount for pure or good offers Sold for my dream scatter+sweets
Pink paint- 1 key each ..... ONLY SELLING 3 MORE FOR THIS PRICE
Please send a trade offer, comment on my profile if you really have to add me.
Unu prefferences:
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I'm selling the bubbling Batter's helm for 14 keys pure or item overpay(overpay depends on items offered)
Pro KS Corsair scatter FN, festivized: B/O 12 keys can go lower for pure/good offers
Can sell both for 23 keys or a nice all-class unusual.
Also interested in a strange spec KS Night terror scattergun- Minimal Wear

Unu prefferences: all-class>scout/sollie>demo/sniper>medic>everything else>heavy

Offer here or send a trade offer; if the scatter is not in my inventory it might be on SCM
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I am looking for my dream scattergun(beside the strage FN hot killer bee).
It is the strange MW Night terror but I can also buy a FT one 'cos it is cheaper.
I am looking for one with spec KS applied but that isn't the crucial part.

Post your offers here what you are looking for and I'll respond ASAP.
If you are interested in the corasir scatter offer here(with some adds ofc): http://bazaar.tf/trade/1517804
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Selling for 13 keys or overpay in mixed/offers, it is clean.
If you have to add me, comment on my profile first.
All scammers and "reputable" cash traders get insta-blocked.
Selling for 13 keys or item overpay
Previous offer- retracted
Bonnet for 11 keys or item overpay.
Scattergun - offer, it will be hard to take it from me
B/O - 25 keys
Pure is heavily preffered, but unu/mixed is fine, too.
Only skin I'm currently interested in is Strange FT Night terror(preferably with KS- spec would be great) and will be valued as pure.
Selling this nice and clean Sola Topi for 11 keys or item overpay. I expect 13+ keys in mixed and 15+ in items only.
Post your offer here or directly on steam.
I also got 2 keys for upgrades
Add me if you must, but comment on my profile first
Deadly daffodil Pan kit - 1 keys, around 1.5 keys in items
Bison kit - 5 ref- only pure

Not counting parts, paint and KS add a really small part to the value
I have 10.5 keys in stock and looking for nice quicksells!!
I am expecting 30% or more discount, but that depends on the item.
Post your offer here or directly via Steam.
Add me if neccesary, but comment on my profile first.
For now, I'd avoid heavy and focus on scout and soldier unusuals
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KS Pink Elephant MW (festivized) - 3 keys
Spec KS Warhawk FT - 3 keys
Pyroland case - 15 ref

I'd preffer to sell the sticky+grenade as a set- mixed offers are welcome(pure+sticky+grenade)

I'm also looking for a nice scattergun skin, mostly interested in Night Terror - especially if it has a stat-clock!!
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NOT FOR SALE: Original, Powerjack, Objector fab

Rescue Ranger fab ... 0.66 ref

Every other fab ... 0.33 ref/1 reclaimed

I can discount if you are buying in bulk!!
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Killstreak pistol kit - 1 key or 25+ ref in items -> https://scrap.tf/auctions/DB25O5
Spec KS Air strike kit - 15 ref or 20+ in items -> https://scrap.tf/auctions/EQB313

Both currently on auction on scrap.tf
Spec KS Kritzkrieg: 15 ref or 20+ in items SOLD!!
Ks Pistol kit: 1 key or 25+ ref in items
18 ref or 25+ in items
Strange Teddy Robobelt .... currently on auction: http://bazaar.tf/trade/1499457
B/O - 2 keys

Strange Double Dynamite lvl 100
B/O - 1 key

Wrapped Reviver MW
B/O - 7 ref 5 ref

Backwoods Boomstick MW, festivized

Vintage Fosters Facade w/ Die job spell
B/O - 1.5 keys

Festive Flamethrower w/ Exorcism spell

Festive Shotgun

Pyroland Case
B/O - 10 ref

All prices are negotiable
Almost every item is for sale if you offer the right price
If you buy the pyro spell set, I am willing to discount it a little
Don't be afraid to offer- post your offer here or directly via Steam
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Just looking for offers.
Might sell if I like the offer.
Spec KS fabricators 1 reclaimed each
Pro KS freedom staff fabricator (hypno-beam, villainous violet) ..... B/O: 7 ref (same KS and sheen goes for 1€ on market)

I am OPEN to ANY TYPES OF OFFERS on the Pro fab
Vintage Fosters Facade w/ Die Job spell ..... B/O - 2 keys
Festive Flamethrower w/ Exorcism spell ....... B/O - 1.5 keys
Backwoods Boomstick MW-festivized ........ No set B/O , but goes on SMC for around 10 ref, so offer accordingly
Lime painted Anger ...... B/O - 1.5 keys or 1 key + anger(painted/non-painted)
Strange Teddy Robobelt ...... B/O - 2 keys but I'm open for lower offers
Strange Double Dynamite .... B/O - 1 key (IT IS LVL 100!!)

Note: I value parts/paints/etc. very low because they are rather hard to sell

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Buying any strange or craft hat for 1 ref. Also quickbuying other cosmetics and more expensive stranges.
I do not count paint, parts, spells. Adding more for spec and pro KS.
send the offers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=242034241&token=1M_P0iC0
Selling this strange Teddy Robobelt for 2 keys pure or 2.5+ keys in items.
I am open to any offer and I might discount the price if paying in pure.
Note that I don't pay extra for paints, parts,spells or killstreaks(will only add 1 ref for black/white paint and 2 ref for pink/lime and 2 ref for spec ks)
Selling for 1.5 keys or 2+ keys in items.
Not counting paint, parts, spells or killstreaks (unless I really like them)
Lvl 100 Oblooterated taunt... looking for offers.
B/O - 10 ref
Don't be afraid to make an offer... I can settle for lower, especially if it is pure
#103 crate:
Buyout: 2 ref(3+ in items).... price is negotiable
Lime Anger.... looking for offers, 90% chance I'm gonna keep it, so surprise me! (Interested in non-painted/painted anger+ veil and some metal)
Offer below or directly via Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=242034241&token=1M_P0iC0
Looking for offers on this Strange RL w/ Sollies killed and PUMPKIN BOMBS attached
It is currently on auction: http://bazaar.tf/trade/1485693