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Can we make a trade?
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I want to sell these stuff (and another ones on my bp, cuz i want to buy the compendium)

Samur-eye = 2ref (SOLD OUT)
Worst Nigthmare = 2 ref (SOLD OUT)
Outback Intellectual = 5.22 ref (cuz paint)
Honcho = 2.66 (cuz paint)
Champ Stamp = 2.33 (cuz name, bronies will like it)
Hard counter = 1.33
Strange SMG = 4 ref (SOLD OUT)
Fast learner = (i want offers, b/o 6 ref)

If you don't want to add me, you can send me a trade offer :D
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Selling these items (cuz i want to buy the compendium! :D )

Rescue ranger = 0.66 ref
Half-Zatoichi = 3 ref (SOLD OUT)
Escape plan 3.33 ref
Buff banner (festive)= 1.33 ref (SOLD OUT)
Stickybomb Launcher 1.33 ref
Grenade launcher (festive) = 3.33 ref

Add me or send me a trade offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90445156&token=JYY0un38
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Hi! i wanna buy 1 key for 7.66 ref :3 (i want to buy the compendium ;_; and i need to buy keys)
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Looking offers for these items

No Lowball
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Rares for 2 rares + 1 Uncommon / 1 key

The Bear rare is worth 1 key + 2 rares

Uncommons for 2 uncommons / 1rare

The spectre item represent the entire set. Give me your offers
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Easy.. this for 1.66 or 2 dota 2 rares + 1 uncommon

look it's lvl 1...
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I really wanna buy this game! it looks pretty fun buti need the 90% coupon.
if you have it i will really apretiate if you can sell me (or gift me if you are a really great person ) it.

Tell me your price for the coupon :D the lowest will won!
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Alright, you know the prices .-.

(check dota 2 prices or ask to me if you don't know it)
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Easy, this courier for keys (give me offers)
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Selling these items:

Courier : Offers ^^ (B/O = 1 key 3 rr)

Inscribed Banners : offers ^^ (B/O = wishlist items)

The another 3 rares : 2 rr each (the abbadon rare is auspicius) or 1 mytical
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Selling this ward for 3 rares or 1 of these rares on my wishlist + that wraps
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Taking offers for these items
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This awesome spectre set... give me your key offers :D

B/O 2 keys
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Uncommons for 2 Uncommons / 1 rare

The spectre item represent the entire set, check my another trade to see the price (or make your offer)
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Hi! it's easy .-. i have 1 of these, (they are repeated in my BP :c and i want one from the right side

give me 1 of these and i will give you 1 of mine!
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1 Uncommon for 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare

1 Rare for 2 Rares + 1 Common / 1 Mythical

1 Mythical for 2 Mythicals / offers
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Uncommon = 2 Uncommon + 1 common / 1 Rare + 1 common

Rare= 2 Rares + 1 Unc / (2 rares for a key + 1 unc)
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Rare= Offers

B/O = 2keys / 1Key + 1 rare + 1uncommon + 1 common :v
Uncommon= 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare / 8 Commons

Common = 2 Commons / 1 Uncommon

(I prefer sniper, razor and lion items)

if i have the item, don't offer it D:

If im playing do this:
add me, i will accept you, send me your trade offer (no a trade petition) and make it, because i will not talk if im playing

Thanks :D
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Rare = 2 Rares /1 Mythical or Arcan....

Uncommon = 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare

Common = 2 Common / 1 Uncommon
Selling this good medussa set for a key offer ^^
Rare = offers

B/O= 2 keys

C/O= none yet

uncommon= 2 uncommons / 1 rare (i prefer sniper, razor and lion items :D )

common= offers

also i accept games :D

offers here!

also, i want the portal pack, what is your price?
I there! :D

I wanna change this. i want these 3 Saints Row: The Third' trade cards.

I will give you 1 Brutal Legends card for 1 of yours Saints Row : The Third Card , is easy

Serious Sam 2 for 2 tf2 keys :D

Add Me for fast trade :D

(if you will pay with items you need to overpay.... like 2.7 keys in items)
Hi :D

I wanna sell this game :3

i will change it for 1 key + 1 ref :D or for a fallout complete (only cuz it's in 75% off :D i really want it ;_; and i can't buy it )

i have this game in my bp for a time, now it's time to sell it .-.
HI :D (Ignore the :card: )

I wanna trade my counter strike complete, i ONLY wanna play the global offensive .-. and i want to gift the source :v cuz i don't like it...... i can't install only the GO from my pack :-I so i will change it, i don't care about the 1.6/zero one.

Also you can make your offer here:


"Counter strike GO + 2 keys"

"Counter strike GO + source"

"Counter strike GO + (some tf2 stuff)"

B/O= CSGO + CS source OR CS:GO + 2 keys

C/O= none yet
Hi there ^^
I wanna trade my counter strike complete for your counter strike Global Ofensive, cuz i don't care about the 1.6,zero or source (i don't like them)

Easy: My CS compelte for your CS GO + Your offer

B/O= CS GO + 3 keys

C/O = Nothing yet (ONLY CC GO + another stuff, games,etc)
Selling counter strike complete for 6 keys (if you pay in items you will overpay, 7 ,5 keys in items )
Hi there :D

I need the borderlands 2 cards (isn´t for me, is for my friend, i don´t have this game xD but he really wants to do this badge the most posible times xD)

I will give you 2 of any card (exept half life 2, portal 2 or L4D2) for 1 of your borderlands 2 card..... i will give you 14 for the entire set :D (you won 2 extra card :D )

he needs Zero , handsome jack and gaige to complete his set .....

Thanks you for reading :D i will really apretiate you
Easy. i wanna sell my 2 robocrate keys, for 1 keys each or 6 ref

Easy, i will pay 2.33 for a crafty hair, if ou have a name tag, i wanna buy it for 1.33 ref .thanks
Easy, Marxman for 2.77 ref
Strange Jarate = 0.66 ref only 1 left
Strange fist of steel 1 reclaimed (0.33ref)
strange shovel for 2 scraps

Add Me
2 ref each
or these 2 items + 1 ref for 1 of your keys :D

Add me
oh, hi :D

I want to sell these robocrate keys :D


1 key + 3 ref each

ill give 2 ref back for 2 keys

3 normal keys for these 2 robo keys

only pure
The Texas Half-Pants clean, for 3.33 ref

Also you can give me a key and i will give you change , my key price is 5 ref (i will need to give you 1.66 ref to change, don´t worry i have it)
this robo-medic mask

B/O = lvl 79 for 1 key + 2 ref or 1 robo key + robo crate

C/O = none yet
What are these items? they are the NEW robo-hats :D (from the robo crates)

The lvl 69 one is the medic mask, called "The Byte’d Beak" SOLDED

The lvl 50 one is the mecha- bonk boy hat xD called "The Bolt Boy"

B/O = 2 robo key OR 2 normal keys

C/O = none yet

Check it on my backpack :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/CCGbluefire/inventory/

soo. make your offers here

seriously ¬¬ don´t make lowballs ¬¬
killer´s kabuto For 2 ref.

Easy, fast trade

Hi everyone i want to sell these items :D

The Samson Skewer & The Bloodhound these items are from poker night 2, it´s untradeable but i think, it´s wrapeable, soo, you will provide the gift wrap and make your offer here below

C/O = None yet

Poker Night At The Inventory

Killing floor guess pass= B/O= 1.33 ref or 1 craft hat ......... C/O = none yet
O.o look this new crate O.o ot´s a robo-crate :D

I will be open to offers, please write here how many you will pay for it :3

B/O 2 key (?)

C/O 3 buds + 31231 bills (? , nah it´s a joke, the C/O is 0 for now

This trade will autobump every 2 hours, if im offline, well, im off .-. xD
I just need to buy a key, i want to buy a game and i only need 1, make your offers here

B/O 4 ref

Maybe 4.33
Hi :D i want to sell these items:

The Pyrotechnic Tote (i open to offers)
B/O = 2 ref SOLDED

Haunted Under Cover
B/O= 4ref or 1 key

The rest of the spy set isn´t haunted, they are 2scrap each part, if you pay a key, you will have the haunted hat, and the 2 unique misc (to complete the spy set)
Hi, i want to sell these items:
Tour of duty ticket for 2.33 ref
Whiskered Gentleman : 1.44 ref
The Dragonborn helmet (named as Flutterborn Helmet) 2.11 ref
Fancy Dress Uniform, purple painted 4 ref
Dr. Whoa : 2 ref
Haunted under cover 4ref (the rest of the set is unique , the 2 misc are 1 scrap each)

Why is the metal in the trade? easy, i want to buy keys for 4 ref each
I will accept keys, i have change in metal, the key price is 4 ref

Also im selling Killing Floor guess pass :you can play this game for 3 days whit one pass, for 2 scraps or 3 random weps

have a nice day
I really want to buy this game
I want to pay 1 key + fandy drees uniform (purple painted) + 1.33 ref

Also im selling tour of duty ticket for 2.22 ref

Also im want to buy a key for 4.33 ref

Add me for fast trade, thanks anyway
Hi guys, i wanna ear your offers for the tux, i have 4 mores (in my brothers accounts)
lvl 47
lvl 1
lvl 42
lvl 69
lvl 90
, make your offers here, the others acounts aren´t premiums soo if the tux needs a gift wrap, i will provide it :D

Edit: NO UNDER 6 keys
I want to sell thes 2 items
Golden Bill´s hat, 9keys or a pink Bill´s or another team coloured bill´s hat


C/O : None
Hi :D i wanna sell these items :

Brigade Helm : 1.66 ref
strange Trivalman Shiv : 0.33
strange Stickybomb launcher: 0.44ref
strange Shovel 0.33 ref

Add me for fast trade
Strange Weapons:
Strange Flame Thrower : 0.33 ref
Strange Razorback : 0.33 ref
Strange Trivalman Shiv : 0.33ref
Strange Half-Zatoichi : 1.33 ref
Strange Force-A-nature : 0.66 ref
Strange Sticky Bomb Launcher : 0,44 ref
(Or all these stranges for 1 key)

Also im selling normal weapons, check my backpack and add me, each weapon cost 1 scrap each
See my another trades for hats :D
This trade is autobumped every 2 hours, if im offline, just wait
Brigade Helm Clean :1.66ref
Sultan ´s Ceremonial dirty : 1.11ref
Honcho ´s Headgear dirty :1.44ref
Batter ´s helmet dirty : 0.44ref
Ze Goggles clean : 1.33ref
Tour of duty ticket :2.11ref

Strange StickyBomb Launcher : 0.44ref

Gmod is open to offers

B/O 3 keys

Hide=No thanks