HI! i'm selling these games

Super Meat Boy: 1 Key

GEARCRACK Arena: 3 Ref

Please, read this:
This is a restricted gift which can only be redeemed in these countries : Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bahamas, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Mexico
I'm trying to sell this Strange Degreaser with Dominations part
B/O is 3.5 Keys , BUT im open to offers

Have a nice day!
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Hi! i'm selling these items!
Prices here : http://backpack.tf/pricelist (I'm selling it for the midle price, example if a item cost 1-2 ref... i'm selling it for 1.44, if it cost 1.33-2 i'm selling it for 1.55)

Send me a trade offer, or ADD ME to negotiate.
Also accepting dota 2 items
1 ref = 3 rares
1 rare = 3 uncommons
1 uncommon = 3 common
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Hi! i'm selling these stuff!

Halloween Spell: Die Job = 1 ref

Halloween Spell: Exorcism= 0.11 ref

Spellbook Magazine = 0.33 ref (1 rec)

Pile Of Curses (2 in stock) = 1.33 ref (1 ref + 1 rec)

Halloween Spell: Squash Rockets: 3ref

Halloween Spell: Engineers's Gravelly Growl: 0.33 ref (1 rec)

Trade offers! :D http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90445156&token=JYY0un38
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Hi! i'm selling these stuff!

Pile Of Curses= 0.88 ref

Halloween Spell: Spectral Spectrum = 2 ref

Halloween Spell: Squash Rockets = 2.66 ref

Halloween Spell: Exorcism = 0.11 ref
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Hi! i'm selling these spy stuff!

Blood Banker = 4 ref

Festive Sapper = 2 ref

(COMBO ! these 2 items for only 5.33)

Add me or send trade offer...
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HI!, i'm selling these stuff

Halloween Spell: Spectral Flame : 2 Ref

Halloween Spell: Exorcism : 0.11ref ( scrap)

Halloween Spell: Putrescent Pigmentation : 1 ref

Halloween Spell: Scout's Spectral Snarl : offer

Sir Hootsalot : 1.11 ref

Halloween Spell: Chromatic Corruption : 0.66 ref

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HI! i'm selling these stuff

Exorcism: 0.66ref

Heavy Bottomless Bass : 1ref

Chromatic Corruption: 2ref
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Hi! i'm selling these stuff!

Halloween Spell: Die Job = 1 ref OR 2 Dota 2 rare

Halloween Spell: Exorcism = 0.66 ref (2 rec) OR 1 Dota 2 rare

Spellbook Magazine = 0.33 ref (1 rec)

Pile Of Curses = 1.33 ref (1 ref + 1 rec) OR 2 Dota 2 rare + 1 uncommon
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Hi! i'm selling these stuff!

Halloween Spell - Exorcism : 0.66ref =2 reclaimed

Spellbook Magazine : 0.66ref = 2 reclaimed

Li'l Snaggletooth : 1.44ref =1 refined +1 reclaimed +1 scrap[/b]

Dueling Mini-Game : 0.33ref =1 reclaimed

Send trade offers! >>> [url] http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90445156&token=JYY0un38 [/url] <<<HERE!
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Halloween Spell: Team Spirit Footprints :2 keys
Sniper's Deep = Offers (B/o=0.66)
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Can we make a trade?
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I want to sell these stuff (and another ones on my bp, cuz i want to buy the compendium)

Samur-eye = 2ref (SOLD OUT)
Worst Nigthmare = 2 ref (SOLD OUT)
Outback Intellectual = 5.22 ref (cuz paint)
Honcho = 2.66 (cuz paint)
Champ Stamp = 2.33 (cuz name, bronies will like it)
Hard counter = 1.33
Strange SMG = 4 ref (SOLD OUT)
Fast learner = (i want offers, b/o 6 ref)

If you don't want to add me, you can send me a trade offer :D
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Selling these items (cuz i want to buy the compendium! :D )

Rescue ranger = 0.66 ref
Half-Zatoichi = 3 ref (SOLD OUT)
Escape plan 3.33 ref
Buff banner (festive)= 1.33 ref (SOLD OUT)
Stickybomb Launcher 1.33 ref
Grenade launcher (festive) = 3.33 ref

Add me or send me a trade offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90445156&token=JYY0un38
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Hi! i wanna buy 1 key for 7.66 ref :3 (i want to buy the compendium ;_; and i need to buy keys)
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Looking offers for these items

No Lowball
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Rares for 2 rares + 1 Uncommon / 1 key

The Bear rare is worth 1 key + 2 rares

Uncommons for 2 uncommons / 1rare

The spectre item represent the entire set. Give me your offers
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Easy.. this for 1.66 or 2 dota 2 rares + 1 uncommon

look it's lvl 1...
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I really wanna buy this game! it looks pretty fun buti need the 90% coupon.
if you have it i will really apretiate if you can sell me (or gift me if you are a really great person ) it.

Tell me your price for the coupon :D the lowest will won!
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Alright, you know the prices .-.

(check dota 2 prices or ask to me if you don't know it)
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Easy, this courier for keys (give me offers)
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Selling these items:

Courier : Offers ^^ (B/O = 1 key 3 rr)

Inscribed Banners : offers ^^ (B/O = wishlist items)

The another 3 rares : 2 rr each (the abbadon rare is auspicius) or 1 mytical
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Selling this ward for 3 rares or 1 of these rares on my wishlist + that wraps
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Taking offers for these items
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This awesome spectre set... give me your key offers :D

B/O 2 keys
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Uncommons for 2 Uncommons / 1 rare

The spectre item represent the entire set, check my another trade to see the price (or make your offer)
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Hi! it's easy .-. i have 1 of these, (they are repeated in my BP :c and i want one from the right side

give me 1 of these and i will give you 1 of mine!
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1 Uncommon for 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare

1 Rare for 2 Rares + 1 Common / 1 Mythical

1 Mythical for 2 Mythicals / offers
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Uncommon = 2 Uncommon + 1 common / 1 Rare + 1 common

Rare= 2 Rares + 1 Unc / (2 rares for a key + 1 unc)
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Rare= Offers

B/O = 2keys / 1Key + 1 rare + 1uncommon + 1 common :v
Uncommon= 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare / 8 Commons

Common = 2 Commons / 1 Uncommon

(I prefer sniper, razor and lion items)

if i have the item, don't offer it D:

If im playing do this:
add me, i will accept you, send me your trade offer (no a trade petition) and make it, because i will not talk if im playing

Thanks :D
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Rare = 2 Rares /1 Mythical or Arcan....

Uncommon = 2 Uncommons / 1 Rare

Common = 2 Common / 1 Uncommon
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Selling this good medussa set for a key offer ^^
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Rare = offers

B/O= 2 keys

C/O= none yet

uncommon= 2 uncommons / 1 rare (i prefer sniper, razor and lion items :D )

common= offers

also i accept games :D

offers here!

also, i want the portal pack, what is your price?
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I there! :D

I wanna change this. i want these 3 Saints Row: The Third' trade cards.

I will give you 1 Brutal Legends card for 1 of yours Saints Row : The Third Card , is easy
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Serious Sam 2 for 2 tf2 keys :D

Add Me for fast trade :D

(if you will pay with items you need to overpay.... like 2.7 keys in items)
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Hi :D

I wanna sell this game :3

i will change it for 1 key + 1 ref :D or for a fallout complete (only cuz it's in 75% off :D i really want it ;_; and i can't buy it )

i have this game in my bp for a time, now it's time to sell it .-.
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HI :D (Ignore the :card: )

I wanna trade my counter strike complete, i ONLY wanna play the global offensive .-. and i want to gift the source :v cuz i don't like it...... i can't install only the GO from my pack :-I so i will change it, i don't care about the 1.6/zero one.

Also you can make your offer here:


"Counter strike GO + 2 keys"

"Counter strike GO + source"

"Counter strike GO + (some tf2 stuff)"

B/O= CSGO + CS source OR CS:GO + 2 keys

C/O= none yet
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Hi there ^^
I wanna trade my counter strike complete for your counter strike Global Ofensive, cuz i don't care about the 1.6,zero or source (i don't like them)

Easy: My CS compelte for your CS GO + Your offer

B/O= CS GO + 3 keys

C/O = Nothing yet (ONLY CC GO + another stuff, games,etc)
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Selling counter strike complete for 6 keys (if you pay in items you will overpay, 7 ,5 keys in items )
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Hi there :D

I need the borderlands 2 cards (isn´t for me, is for my friend, i don´t have this game xD but he really wants to do this badge the most posible times xD)

I will give you 2 of any card (exept half life 2, portal 2 or L4D2) for 1 of your borderlands 2 card..... i will give you 14 for the entire set :D (you won 2 extra card :D )

he needs Zero , handsome jack and gaige to complete his set .....

Thanks you for reading :D i will really apretiate you
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Easy. i wanna sell my 2 robocrate keys, for 1 keys each or 6 ref

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Easy, i will pay 2.33 for a crafty hair, if ou have a name tag, i wanna buy it for 1.33 ref .thanks
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Easy, Marxman for 2.77 ref
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Strange Jarate = 0.66 ref only 1 left
Strange fist of steel 1 reclaimed (0.33ref)
strange shovel for 2 scraps

Add Me
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2 ref each
or these 2 items + 1 ref for 1 of your keys :D

Add me
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oh, hi :D

I want to sell these robocrate keys :D


1 key + 3 ref each

ill give 2 ref back for 2 keys

3 normal keys for these 2 robo keys

only pure
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The Texas Half-Pants clean, for 3.33 ref

Also you can give me a key and i will give you change , my key price is 5 ref (i will need to give you 1.66 ref to change, don´t worry i have it)
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this robo-medic mask

B/O = lvl 79 for 1 key + 2 ref or 1 robo key + robo crate

C/O = none yet
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What are these items? they are the NEW robo-hats :D (from the robo crates)

The lvl 69 one is the medic mask, called "The Byte’d Beak" SOLDED

The lvl 50 one is the mecha- bonk boy hat xD called "The Bolt Boy"

B/O = 2 robo key OR 2 normal keys

C/O = none yet

Check it on my backpack :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/CCGbluefire/inventory/

soo. make your offers here

seriously ¬¬ don´t make lowballs ¬¬
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killer´s kabuto For 2 ref.

Easy, fast trade