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Quickselling for only 2.33 buds. Need it gone quick, buy it now! Also accepting paypal, ref, and keys as part of the deal.
Selling my vintage level 63 set for only 8 keys or offers. Add me.
Trying to sell the last of my stranges, pretty cheap. Add me with offers or post here.
Tryna sell the last of my stuff, pretty cheap (trade 2). Post here or add me with offers.
Quickselling for six keys only! Add me if you accept. Also accepting equivalent in ref/paypal.
Finally deciding to sell this. I only want promo or cash offers, no unusuals please. If you are planning on buying with cash, you must have some good rep on SOP or you will go first.
B/o: 3.5 buds
63's for sale. 2 hats, and a vintage collection. Put offers here, don't add me. Need them gone quick!
Vintages: 11 keys
Hachimaki: GONE!
Cross-Comm: 9 keys
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(Updated Trade)
Selling every strange in my bp, need them gone quick! Add me.
Selling ref for $0.42 each, paypal. You go first unless you have a sizable amount of ref.
Stock: 11
(Updated Trade)
Selling every strange in my bp, need them gone quick! Add me.
(Updated Trade)
Selling every strange in my bp, need them gone quick! Add me.
Some o' dat refined metal fo' sale up in this biiiiiiiiitch. Fo'ty faahve cents each.
Stock: 10
Sold: 8
Side note: Theyre $0.45 each. Jussayin.
Random crap for sale, post here or add me!
(Updated Trade)
Selling every strange in my bp, need them gone quick! Add me.
Selling every strange in my bp, need them gone quick! Add me.
$0.40 per ref, paypal, you pay any fees. Need them gone quick!
Stock: 7
Sold: 0
Selling my whole bp. May be individual. Offers?
5.22 ref+some stuff worth up to 3 keys for either. Add me.
4.5 keys or 11.77 ref. Add me.
Selling my whole strange collection (37 stranges) for offers. Some are renamed, some have strange parts, so don't lowball. No buyout as of now.
Selling this ultra-themed flies handle. Good offers only, any "1 bud ess flies" or "Uhh... how does 17 keys sound?" posts will be removed. 1 bud=28 keys, 1 max=1.8 buds, 1 vintage bill=1.5 buds, 3 good painted bills=1 bud, 1 headcase= ~4 buds, 1 bud= $33, 1 key=$1.25
B/o: 3.5 buds or equivalent
Beautiful 63's <3
Selling all these awesome 63's. 17 vintage lvl 63 weapons, 2 craft #63 hats.
1 bill=7-9 keys, 1 key=2.66 ref OR $1.20.
Buyouts are as follows:
11 keys for hachimaki
9 keys for cross-comm
12 keys for the vintage set.
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$1.25 each, paypal, you go first unless you have a lot of rep. Simple.
Tf2's been getting kind of boring for me, and I need money, so I'm selling my whole backpack for promos, or money. Some notable things my bp includes:
Highly themed Flies Handyman's Handle, my dream hat, but it's gotta go (worth around half my bp.)
Full strange collection (over 40 different starnges ranging from about 2 scrap to 3.5 keys.)
Almost full vintage level 63 collection D: (Was gonna finish, but could not find a bonk anywhere and nobody would sell the cloak.)
Four Craft numbered items, #63 hachimaki, Pip-Boy, And Cross comm-express, #43 untradable pip boy (must supply wrap.)
Tons of hats and miscs! ALL GONE
Lots and lots of usefull tools (metal, paint, tickets, 20 duels, tags.)
You MUST supply gift wrap for anything you want to wrap.
Not selling as a full set anymore, sold all hats+miscs+awper+shotgun FOR MW3. Bill's are 3 for a bud, vintage bill's are 1.8, max's are 2 buds, buds are $30.
Pricing from here http://backpack.tf/id/76561198045496954
Don't even bother offering less than 3 pure on the handle.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP OFFERING ON THE STRANGE SCATTERGUN. I'd rather take offers on the whole collection.
Pip Boy gone
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Selling keys for real world money (usd). You will go first unless you have a lot of rep.
Price: $1.25 each
Stock: 7
Sold: 11
I bought these for 1 rec each http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/3364432 , and I thought I would use a lot, but I didn't. So i am reselling them for 1 rec or $0.17 each, min. purchase of 5. The 2 use is 1 scrap, the 3 use is 1.5 scrap.
Edit: 2 gone withing a minute of the trade, thanks Floopindoop!
Not really expecting to get a bud, since it was just on sale, but anyways. Selling Modern Warfare 3 for earbuds, keys, refined, and MAD PAYPAL YOU GO FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE A LOT OF REP CASHFLOW SHIT WE CAN USE A TRUSTED MIDDLEMAN IF YOU WANT.
B/O: 1 Bud (I'll give stuff back), 20 keys, Lots of ref, or $30.
Buying level 63 versions of these! Paying 2 rec each or offer me.
Just need 2 more lvl 63's to complete my collection! Swapping out my dupes for these, thi is what I will do, and also only lvl 63, obviously.
1:1 One of mine for one of yours.
Goblin's Random crap shop!
Unarmed: 1.66 ref
Rocket jumper: 0.33 ref
Apparrel (Uncraft): 1.33 ref
Safe: 1.66 ref
Violet: 1 ref
Third Degree: 1 scrap
Vintage level 63 weps: 1 ref each
All offers appreciated!
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Selling these new hero academy themed items, looking for offers. I would like stuff like keys, metal, vintage offers, ea's, bills, games, paints, and craft #63 items.
B/o on each: None set.
B/o on all: 1 bill's Or $10 (also accepting paypal.)
c/o on grenadier's: white whoopee
c/o on ninja: vintage noble
2 keys each, price is firm. Out of keys ATM
PAYPAL ONLY!!! All prices firm other than the hero set.
Keys: $1.25 each. In stock: 7
Duels: 20 cents each, must buy at least 5. In stock 19 full, 1 2 use, 1 3 use.
Balloonicorn: $3.00
Strange caber: $5.50 Sold for $5.50, thanks dirtyted!
Full Hero Academy Set: $10.00 or offers.
Toss-Proof Towel: $2.00 Sold for 2 keys
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1 rec for the jumper, 1.66 ref for the combat.
Selling these nice items, a clean dropped kringle (found right when logging out of idling :D), and a crafted toss-proof towel. Only metal, keys (worth 2.5), craft hats (worth 2 for a key), or duel games (worth 0.33 each.)
Kringle: 4 keys or 10 ref SOLD for 4 keys.
Toss-Proof: 2 keys or 5 ref.
1:2, clean cosa, dirty spats.
Note: The 3 #63's aren't for sale.
Starting a craft #63 collection! I have lots of keys and can get more. It would also help and I will give you a nice +rep if you can find craft #63's for me.
Bought so far:
Pip Boy #63
Hero's Hatamachi #63
The Cross-Comm Express #63
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3 weps per token, any token. (NOT BUYING SLOT TOKENS ATM, NEED MORE CLASS TOKENS!)
2:3, spats are obviously dirty.
2.5 keys.
3 keys, 7.5 ref, of offers.
Sold for a dirty merc's pride scarf.
Buying duels for 1 rec each, can buy a lot.
Metal in stock: NONE ATM
Im busy a lot, so you gotta add me.
Buying these, preferrably dirty, but offer away. Definetly not buying clean spats.
Only metal or Full duels.
Decal tool: 2 duel games or 2 rec Gone
BAF: 5 duel games or 1.66
VOT: 7 duel games or 2.33
Buying these, leave your offers here.
B/o: 3 keys for GTA IV/JC2/Bioshock/TES IV: Oblivion each
1.5 for Star Wars: KOTOR
5 keys for Dragon Age: Ultimate
Dead Island: 5 keys Bought for 5 keys
Bioshock still not bought.
Bought FNV for 3 keys.
Bought FO:3 for 3 keys.
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