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Flare gun - 4 keys or 8 tickets
Pistol - 7 keys or 15 tickets
Adding me or sending a direct offer is the most efficient way of getting in contact
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Both valued at 4 keys
key = 2 tickets or 28 refined
Prices are non-negotiable
Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=341653697&token=qz4sI7_N
I am quick to respond, especially if you add me, I don't mind ; 3
aussie: 25
kritz: 18
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Minigun Agonizing Emerald Incinerator for 18 keys pure or 25 in unusuals
Freshly "won" :3
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Looking for around 19 keys cheapest on the market, this can be in other unusuals or pure, but unusuals require slight overpay (not that much)
add or send a trade offer I don't mind. I'm on most of the time

Scam attempt counter for this hat: 3 (this is getting ridiculous)
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Taking offers
no offers below 21 keys or 25 in items
Will trade 1:1 unusual if it's good enough
Taking offers, not really a lot into selling it, but if your offer is undeniable then by definition the hat is yours. Don't try and lowball me, I know that it is duped and I don't quite care, I won't take off any from it because of it. This sentence is hidden in the middle so that if your offer doesn't contain the word cheezits somewhere in it, I will insta-decline for knowing that you didn't even read my description. Looking for other UNUSUALS, but that doesn't mean I won't take pure if it's good enough. I also main medic, so an aussie medi-gun/nice med unusual will be taken more seriously.
Add me or leave a comment, though you will probably reach me faster by adding me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Distasion
I have a C/O of 24 keys pure before you offer