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-Unusual Spook Specs (Kill-A-Watt): 40 keys, 43 in items
-Unusual Zoomin' Broom (Skills Gotten Gained): 75 keys, 80 in items
-Unusual Jumpin' Jack (Ghastly Ghosts) 150 keys, 165 in items
-FIELD-TESTED Cardboard Boxed (Cool): 50 keys, 55 in items
-Field-Tested Pina Polished (Hot): 90 keys, 100 in items

Open to offers!
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-FACTORY NEW Star Crossed (Isotope): 250 keys, 300 in items
-FIELD-TESTED Cardboard Boxed (Cool): 50 keys, 55 in items
-Field-Tested Pina Polished Hot: 90 keys, 100 in items
-Unusual Zoomin' Broom (Skills Gotten Gained): 75 keys, 80 in items
-Unusual Spook Specs (Kill-A-Watt): 40 keys, 43 in items

Open to offers! Feel free to send me your offers!
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Quickselling my Terror-Watt Hat With No Name. Selling for 45 keys pure or at least 48 keys in hats (valued by selling to scrap.tf) Feel free to send me offers
Selling this Clean awesome Engineer hat for only 23 keys or 25 in items. Feel free to send offers!
Effect: Miami Nights!
Selling this very nice Demo Unusual with Purple Energy for only 22 keys or 24 in items/unusuals!
Feel free to send offers!
Unusual Cosa Nostra w/ TF Logo: 25 keys pure, 30 items
Unusual Officer's Ushanka w/ Terror-Watt: 22 pure, 25 items
Feel free to send me offers!
Selling this clean Unusual for Demo @ 17 keys pure, 19 in items
Selling 4 items:
1). Unusual Dead Cone w/Overclocked effect: 20 keys (22 in items)
2). Strange MW Carpet Bomb Stickybomb Launcher: 2.5 keys (3 in items)
3). 2 Spec. KS Krtizkriegs: 19 ref a piece.
Send trade offers only please
Looking for around 175 keys for this item. Clean and extremely nice.
Comment first before adding
Looking to sell for:
Bonk Helm (Neutron Star): 35 keys or 45 in items
Head Full of Hot Air (Neutron Star): 17 Keys or 25 in items
P. Kritzkrieg Kit (Flames, Hot Rod): 10 Keys

acceptable items: Strange Cosemetics, decent strange painted weapons and low tier australiums
Please feel free to send me offers
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U. Sober Stuntman Cloud 9 + Halloween Spell: Voice from Below: Looking to sell around 14 keys pure or 13 + items equal to keys.
P. Kritzkrieg Kit Flames, Hot Rod: Selling for 15 keys

Feel free to add more or send offers
U. Gym Rat Orbiting Fire- 10 Keys
S. Brotherhood of Arms- 2.5 Keys
Selling for keys ONLY. Feel free to send offer
Looking to trade for a Unusual Prehistoric Pullover with Death by Disco effect. Offering Merc's Mohawk w/StarStorm Insomnia, 30 keys and a Pro Kit Flames-Hot Rod for Kritzkrieg
Looking to sell at 10 Keys. Sent offers only.
Selling Collector's Festive Crusader Crossbow Kit.
Taking offers or 9 refined metal
Best available in the evening hours of 6:30 PM-12:15 AM (East Coast, USA)
Collector's Festive Crusader Crossbow Chemistry Set + Festive Crusader Crossbows (4 for the recipe)-offers
Strange Festive Sapper-4.5 keys
Festive weapons-1.33 refined

Please add for offer or buying
All Regular Festives for 1.66 refined
Collector's Festive Crusader Crossbow Chemistry Set + Festive Crusader Crossbow (set) -OFFERS (any welcome)
Strange Festive Sapper: 5-6 keys or offers (if offering S.weapons ONLY other strange festives OR Salvage Crate Stranges)

Add me for regular Festives
Post offers for the other two.
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Regular Festive Weapons-1.66 ref (2 of each shown)
Regular Crusader Crossbow + Collector's Festive Crusader Crossbow Chemistry Set offer up (high level Strange weapons or an unusual)
Strange Festive Sapper-6 keys

Add for regular Festives and Strange Sapper
Post offer for Collector Chemistry Set + Crossbow

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THe Bong Boy
Effect: Steaming
No low balls

Accept certain stranges from Salvage Crates, Buds, keys or Unusuals of equal value. Add on Steam
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taking offers. add me
Looking to trade these two. Send me an offer or taking a S. Kunai
no low balls. send offers
Selling potions for metal or offers.
taking a market price or in equal value in hats
Specifically looking for hat/acessory-wise: Heavy, Soldier and Scout

Towering Pillar of Hats
All Strange weapons are by price guide
Short Stopper: .66 1 LEFT

Rocket Launcher: 1.66


T. Shiv:.33

Strange Parts:

Allies Extinguished:1.33

Posthumous kills: 1

Crit kills: 1.33

Cosa Nostra: 3 ref

Engie Cap: 1.33 SOLD

Or offers of equal value.
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Going off market price for strange weapons
Contact me if interested
Blutsauger: .66
all the rest are .33
Distinct lack of Hue: 7 for sale PRICE: 4 ref or 3 ref +offer(s)

Stranges going for .66

Stranges for ref:
Liberty Launcher

Stranges for key or offers:

Stranges for .33:
Southern Hospitality

All Paints
Liberty Launcher
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Distinct lack of Hue: 2
Strange Overdose:2
Strange Southern Hospitality:2
Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing:2
Strange Pistol:1
Strange Bottle:1
Strange Sydney Sleeper:1
Strange Bat:1
Strange Blutsauger:1
Strange Liberty Launcher:1

.66 rec for each or whatever you wanna offer. I'm on Eastern Seaboard time (US) so I'll get you when I can.

NOTE: Distinct lack of Hue is not .66, it's 4 refined or 2 to 3 +sweets (strange parts, regular uncrafted hats, etc)
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Make an offer
Accepting metal, keys, other unusuals and crates (except no crates from series 25-29 and 31 and 32).
Contact me if interested
Accepting individual trades for this in forms of metal or equal value weapons/hats contact me
I'm selling each one individually so make me an offer. Accepting metal and keys
Selling it in bundle or individually. Contact me and give me an offer.
Selling individually. Contact me with offers
I'm accepting offers of keys or earbuds or both. Weapons not so much, refined and reclaimed metal works. WILL NOT ACCEPT HATS.

Add me and we'll talk
I'm selling my Unusual Coata for either earbuds of keys or a combo of both
Contact me for offers
Selling Unusual hat for the following:
5 to 7 earbuds
$225 cash

choose one and make me an offer. Nothing else is accepted
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Accepting keys only for this trade. Will either trade bundle or will trade each one seperately. Contact me if interested
I'm looking of keys
It's worth about 90 keys, but I'm willing to let it go for 30 keys (max) and cash. Make an offer
Or work out whatever else you want