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Selling B.M.O.C -------> ~5 keys pure or in offers
Bruisers Bandana -------> ~4 keys Has 6 key spell on it :3
Australium Black Box -------> ~18 pure or item overpay
Towering Pillar of hats -------> ~26 keys pure or item overpay -------> Only other offer on it is 29 keys :3

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Entirely clean G. Confetti team captain
looking for 65 keys pure or 75 keys in unusual offers.
add me :3
Selling Australium knife for 19 keys pure or in item overpay :3
selling holiday punch for 20 ref pure or item overpay
selling strange shotgun for 9 ref pure
Selling heros for 24 ref pure or item overpay

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Buying trading cards for tf2 for 2 scrap each trade me.
38 keys for nice first gen hat and 1 key pure for pan

add me and i will respond withing a few hours
Just looking for offers on the pistols :) add me and ill see if i like or not :3 i am most definetly not looking at bp.tf prices for the pistols xDDD Trade me if interested :3
Just looking for offers now
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Looking for 1 key and 24 refined pure for the spooctacle
looking for 1 key and 9 ref for the engi weapon
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Dead Night - 1 key
Bronco - 1 key 3 refined
pip-boy - 7 refined
Hey, I'm buying items in bulk, I expect some discount cause I give pure and in bulk, so u have less to trade and makes it easier