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Looking to sell or 1:1 my Spectral Spectrum Dead of Night

Looking for either:
18 Keys
Max's Severed head
Dead of Night with Chromatic Corruption spell

or ther generic offers.
Mobile auth is ON!
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Selling these two cosmetics with spells on them.

Buyouts are as follows.

Point and Shoot with Team Spirit Footprints: 4 Keys 20 refined.
Buccaneer with Headless Horseshoes: 6 Keys.

I also do accept counters and other offers as well.
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Looking to sell my Pro KS Aussie Rocket Launcher with both spells and sexy parts attached.

Looking for 100 pure or Unusual/Item overpay.

Feel free to drop an offer!
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MOBILE AUTH IS ON! In most cases, I am not accepting trade holds.

Looking to take offers on my Team Spirit Footprints Point and Shoot.
Asking price is 25 KEYS Pure, however item offers be prepared to overpay that price.
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Prices over on my Backpack!
MOBILE AUTH IS ON! Not accepting any trade holds (most cases) sadly.

Prices are as follows:

Clean Cloud 9 Bonk Boy: 80 pure.
Professional Killstreak Aussie Scattergun (Violet / Tornadoes): 45 Pure.

I am open to offers. Both items require overpay in items. I DO pay for high-end parts, paints (if its a color I like), and spells (to an extent). The better the effect, the less overpay needed.
Do not be afraid to offer. I am looking for a bunch of random items and aussies, so if it is something I need, I'd be more than willing to price that item at it's pure value (treat it as it's pure in most cases).
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