An unlisted unusual hat for medic!
First listing for it was 100 keys but that's ridiculous!
Will sell it for 85 keys pure or unusual over pay for 100 keys worth
Add me or use my trade url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=75075372&token=ERiuyeKu
Selling an unusual Exquisite Rack (Searing Plasma) for 75 keys & a Killer Exclusive (Terror-watt) for 88 keys. (offers welcome)
Overpay in unusuals
Unusuals for sale!
if your planning to buy, pure only sadly!
10 keys - Otolaryngologist's mirror
37 keys - Das Ubersternmann
10 keys - Gym Rat
50 keys - Screamin' Eagle
17 keys - Cosa Nostra Cap
16 keys - Madame Dixie
Send Trades through Here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=75075372&token=ERiuyeKu
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What's up Y'ALL selling these unusuals for BP. Tf prices
-Keys in pure
-Unusual Overpay (Around 5 or 10 keys)
-Also taking offers, any offers really
Simple as that
Stormy Storm Pyromancer's Mask (50 keys)
Madame dixie (15.5 keys)
Ancient Eldritch B'aaaaarrgh-n-bicorne 55 keys
Swagman's swatter 53 keys
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Taking 54 keys pure or unusual offers but a little overpay if unusual trading. Sorry.
Feel free to offer, i don't bite :) Not a picky trader, as long as it looks nice!
Offer here! - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=75075372&token=ERiuyeK
So basically looking to sell these unusuals going by backpack tf prices.
Pffft i know back pack tf right?
Well yeah. Accepting Offers but if paying with unusuals, expect a little over coming your way.
Miami Nights das- 49-50 keys
Blizzardy storm hat with no name- 27-28 keys
Remember always happy to negotiate but please dont beg me to like your offer.
Offer Here- https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=75075372&token=ERiuyeKu[/url]
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Selling some tf2 unusuals for a csgo huntsman knife.
Send me trade offer on what kind of knife skin you have.
Unusuals have a seperate price so im not selling all for for 1 knife. maximum would be two or one.
Specialized kill streaks for sale!
shotgun- 2 keys

spycicle- offers

gloves of running urgently- offers
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Buying strange ambassador: 3.66
Dead ringer: 1 key

flare gun: 1 key

(selling both for keys only or 5.66)
selling this unusual for an ear bud or a different effect hat
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Selling it for 1 bud firm price!
add me if interested!
Buying an orbit fire or tf logo unusual for 1 bud
Buying the das maddendoktor: 2 ref or 2.33
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Selling hats for metal only and also by back pack tf. prices

outback: 4.33-4.66

veil (painted pink as hell): 4.33-4.66 (sold)

boom bringer:2.66

apparition: 3.33

Add me for trade or offer below
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Buying keys for 5.66 or 5.77
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