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Hello I'm selling this for item offers or pure. Add me to trade or send an offer.

Sniper Rifle: 1 Key
SK Breadbite: 20 Ref - SOLD
Shotgun: 17 Ref
Minigun: 5 ref
Wrangler: 17 ref - SOLD
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Specialized Killstreak Strange Degreaser w/ 2 really good parts: 1 key
Specialized Killstreak Strange Flare Gun: 14 ref
Strange Skinned Rocket Launcher: 10 ref
Specialized Killstreak Strange Wrench: 20 ref
Specialized Killstreak Strange Rocket Launcher w/ 2 spells: 5 keys.

I am down to talk and discuss about all these items.
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2 Keys For the Strange Specialized Killstreak Sniper Rifle w/ parts.
You can add me or Send trade an offer.

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The Chubby Chaser: 1 Key
Scrap Cannon: 1 Key
Rocket Launcher: 20 ref
Pure or Item Overpay

Add me or send me a trade.
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Hello, I want to buy a specialized killstreak kit for the STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER
I will pay 1 mann co crate key for it :D PRICE IS NOT SET!
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My friend Next Syn is selling his 47 TF2 keys for 43 CS:GO Keys Or he would want to sell his 47 TF2 Keys and 15 CS:GO keys for a CS:GO Knife
If this is confusing just add http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198208964868/ for all details.
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Im selling these CSGO skins for other CSGO skins or TF2 Items/ Pure.
The AK is $5 with $10 of stickers which I am selling for $7.
The USP-S is worth $1.3 with $3.5 in stickers and im selling for $2.3
The M4A4 is a $2.4 with $3 with skins and im selling for around $3.5
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Selling these Spec KS items
Degreaser for 3 key and 15 ref
Three Rune Blade for 22 ref
I also accept item overpay! If you want to negotiate add me!
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Selling this nice unusual Capo's Capper for 10 keys or 15 in items!! Send offer or add to negotiate.
Item History: https://backpack.tf/item/1077644535
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Selling the Genuine Fear Monger for 4.33 ref worth 5
Selling the Spec KS Spycicle for 19 ref worth 20.22
I do accept items but will need item overpay
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Selling this nice BS Tec-9 Nuclear Threat for around 5-6 keys in pure or 8-9 keys in items. I do want TF2 Keys and items but i will gladly accept CSGO skins for around 7 keys.
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selling this spec ks capper for 2.20 keys will be tradeable in a few days.
The CSGO skins have stickers and I want around 3 keys of tf2 pure or a CSGO skin upgrade. Will be tradeable on the 25th add me or send offer. The skins have stickers
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Buying discounted taunts, cosmetics and stranges
Selling these hats for BP.tf price!! The cut throats I add 1/3 of the paint price on it!! Pure or item overpay!!
I have 9.44 ref and buying strangers cosmetics and taunts
Selling these for pure or item overpay!
Villains Veil: 5,11-5,33
Solider Slope Scoper: 1,33- 1,55
Last Breath: 6,00- 6,22
Hong Kong Cone: 4,44-4,66 SOLD!!
Wet Works: 1,33-1,55
Strange cranial: 6,00- 6,22
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Hey Guys I want to upgrade these CSGO skins add me or send an offer if you have an offer.
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I want to upgrade these nice skins add me if you want to discuss price!! Tradable 11-12-16
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Hey Guys I want to upgrade these skins so add me or send an offer :) Everything tradeable 11-12-16
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I want to upgrade these skins for better skins :") add me or send offer tradable 11-12-16
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Trying to upgrade these skins add me or send an offer :)
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Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade these skins fro better skins. Comment down if you have an offer or add me :)
Add me if you want to discuss price but i sell for bp.tf price
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Selling all this + 3-4 keys in pure!! I'm buying stranges, taunts and cosemetics and I'm also selling stuff!!

Add me if you are selling/buying stuff.
The only time I'm offline is when I'm in school or sleeping so you will be almost immediately accepted to discuss
I'm buying any CSGO skins you have I will not buy souvenirs or StarTrak
Money Price is through Steam Market
$2.50 CSGO skin is 1 TF2 key

$0.10 is 1 ref

$0.03 is 1 reclaimed

$0.01 is 1 scrap
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The mannrobics is 1.8 keys or 1 key and 16 ref
the sniper rifle is 7 ref
the coupe is 1 ref
I sell these amazing hats for pure item overpay

The Frontier Djustice for 1.22 ref
The Genuine Double Cross Comm for 3.5 keys or 3 keys and 10 ref
The Rogue's Robe for 2.44 ref
The Fricken Sweet Ninja Hood for 2 ref
The Southie Shinobi for 1.66 ref
and The Ward for 1.88 ref
All for 4 keys
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Im selling this pyro unusual for 14 keys pure or 17 item overpay. It has a very short history of 4 people and it is not duped!
http://backpack.tf/item/1075753431 that is the link
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Selling this unusual for 12 keys pure!! It is a misc so :/ 15 keys overpay!
i have around 18 keys in pure.
I will buy unusuals for a discount not a quicksell

I also buy regular items like hats, stranges, cosemetics, taunts, etc.

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Offer away :) I do expect item overpay though :)

Soldier unusual
Not bad effect
I will buy almost anything if it is not cancer. Add me or comment down if you have to offer.
I have 5 keys and a 14 key soldier unusual :)
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selling for 1.55 ref
I buy all unusuals with my 17 keys
Make sure that you have these point

•It is a good hat
•It is a good effect
•It is not duped

Then add me
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17 keys in pure, 18 in mix, and 20 in offers
has short history, clean, first gen
I will hold on to the unusual for you just tell me! :D

Offers on my unusual:
17 keys- waiting for comfirmations Canceled D:
17 keys - keys are not tradeable
17 key unusual - too low
$28 PayPal money - declined, too low
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Hello I am buying Quicksell unusual. 25%-45% off.
I have 16 keys in stock!! I also take discounted unusual 10%-35% Add me if interested!!

I am also selling this shotgun for 2 keys and 10 ref trade me if interested.
Right now I am buying unusuals!! I have 16 keys pure so trade me if interested!
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Selling these 3 items.
Unusual is 13-14 keys/ 16-17keys in items
Strange spec Ks festive shotgun is 2 keys 15 ref to 3 keys/ 4 keys in items
Ze Goggles 1 ref

I Quicksell only the non unsuaul
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I will heavily discount the rocket launcher and pullover but nothing else. I CAN GO LOWER IF YOU ARE PAYING PURE.

Strange Rust Spec KS Rocket Launcher will be 1 key and 15 ref

Strange Prehistoric Pullover will be 1 key and 15 ref
Degreaser will be 5 keys

Strange spec ks festive shotgun will be 2 keys 17 ref

Vintage Tyrolean painted team spirit will be 3 ref ref

Ze goggles will be 1.22 ref

Cut throat concierge will be 3 ref

Hong Kong Cone will be 6.55 ref

Have a great day prices are negotiable
I also have pure and buying stranges, taunts and cosemetics trade me if interested
Please don't add but if negotiating add please
I accept item overpay and can handle trade hold but with trade hold you have to add 50% more pure or 70% items have a great day XD
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I want 13-14 keys pure for this nice NON DUPED unusual. In items/unusual i want 16 keys. It is for spy and is a okay hat. I Do Not Quicksell, I will more than gladly discount if you have a good unusual offer of a pure offer
I am buying DISCOUNTED/QUICKSELL unusuals for pure. I have 12 keys plus a 3 key item plz trade me if interested.
I am buying all good stranges, taunts and cosemetics for a discounted price. Tell me what your selling and your price in the comments.
So I am selling all these cool stuff for pure or in items so just comment down you offer. Have a great day! I also have 2keys and 18 ref I believe to buy stuff!!
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I need pure quick but I accept item overpay
Shotgun for 3 keys you get 6 ref off
I am selling these hats, taunts and stranges for pure or items. Plz comment you offer
pure or item overpay

graylien 1 ref
The law 1 ref
The brown bomber 1 ref
and bandanna 15 ref
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I am BUYING STRANGES, COSEMETICS, and TAUNTS for my 2 keys and 17 ref.

I also have some other cool stuff I sell :)
Pure or item overpay