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taking offers on my one of one hat. pure offers preferred but will also look at unusual offers
looking for offers on the above hats
discounting my hats for pure, if looking to trade unusuals for them then i would require slightly more then bp.tf price
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looking to sell my sparkle luger. unlike the others on the markets this one is not duped! i do not have a set price in mine but i am looking for more then what bp.tf has it priced at.

non-duped lugers are extremely hard to come by and i don't mind hanging onto it.

please keep in mind that should you offer unusuals i will only accept ones that are easy to resell with good effects.

thank you and have a nice day
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taking offers on these hats.

please leave offers here or send a steam offer.

prefer not to be added.

pyro hood is 1 of 2 and has the waste band glitch. Not looking for bp price
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245 pure 300 in unusuals

don't freak out if you don't see it in my bp. i have it listed on another site for cash offers
hello there! Today im looking to sell my end of the line collection.

every item in the collection is at its highest quality meaning anything that can be strange is strange and any item that can have the early supporter tag has it.
this collection has items that can no longer be bought such as the duck tokens making this a very rare collection to own. To my knowledge only three complete sets of the end of the line items exist
obviously locked tightly away in someones bp. this is the only set for sale

the collection contains the fallowing

-strange cold snap cap
-strange bombers bucket hat
-strange screamin' eagle
-strange fur-lined fighter
-strange condor cap
-strange sleeveless in siberia
-strange winter woodsman
-strange insulated inventor
-strange boxcar bomber
-strange cold snap coat
-strange wartime warmth
-strange thermal tracker
-strange north polar fleece
- strange hunter heavy
-strange double dynamite
-stange snow sleeves
-strange double dog dare demo pants
-strange mistaken movember
-strange flashdance footies
-strange snow stompers
-strange coldfront curbstompers
- strange brooklyn booties
- strange crossing guard

- pool party taunt
-eotl crate
-duck journal
-duck token
-random duck token gift
-pile of duck token gifts
- eotl key
-random eotl key gift
-pile of eofl key gifts
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looking to qs my ghosts beak for 100 keys pure and pure alone. feel free to add me or just send me a steam offer
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looking for 125 keys

more in unusual offers

hat 100% clean and is a retired hat ( can no longer be unboxed )

feel free to leave offers here or to send me offers viva steam
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looking for mixed or pure offers for my unusuals. i will accept unusual offers if there is a bit of overpay

modest pile of hat 24 keys (cheapest on the market)

though guys toque 22 keys (only one on the market)
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looking for some offers on my pile o hats.

pure is preferred but i don't mind unusual offers.

feel free to leave an offer on site or viva steam.

looking for offers in the 180-190 range
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taking offers on this cool plague doctor set.
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24 keys. send me a trade offer
looking at offers for these hats :D
taking offers on this nice hats.

please do not add me and leave all offer's here
looking for offers :3
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taking offers on these two hats.

feel free to leave an offer here or via steam offers.

only thing i ask is that you do not add me
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looking for 19 keys pure or a little bit more in items
prices are listed to the right.

I will look at unusual offers only if there is overpay.
prices are listed to the right.

will take unusual offers only if overpay
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Hey there! Now ain’t this fancy?
Selling this gorgeous Strange Burning Flames Brown Bomber. 4 exist and this is the only strange one.
Looking to acquire some offers on it hopefully around the 1100 mark.

The price is based off of a prior sale for the same hat just not strange where it sold for around 1000 keys pure.
Please try and keep all comments and questions here as well as offers. If you really need to though please comment here about adding me and we can discuss further, without a comment I’ll just ignore it.
Enjoy and have a nice day!
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taking offers on these two fine hats :D
need to sell some old things to get shiny new things.

prefer pure as payment for the hats (keys/max heads will do)

fresh brewed victory 175 keys

i see you 80 keys

oblooterated 60 keys

hound dog 70 keys

brim 40 keys

mancer 70 keys

hat to kill for 45 keys

most items are discounted off of there bp.tf price. feel free to leave an offer here or send me a steam offer
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looking to sell my low crafts

cotton head #2 20 keys
das 15 keys
buffant 20 keys
triggerman 12, keys
spartan 6 keys
valley 4 keys
el muchacho 3 keys
cotton head # 64 10keys

please leave any and all offers here

i am willing to negotiate prices if necessary
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prices listed to the right.

items are slighty discounted from there bp.tf prices

feel free to add me or to send a trade offer
Tho I hate to do it I'm selling two of my beloved soldier taunts. I'm looking for 200 keys each for them.

Unusual offers will be looked at as well but would greatly prefer the pure.
looking for craft #911 hats and weapons

if you know someone that has one please contact me

in need of pure. send a trade offer or post here

Rotation sensation - 100 keys

Safe n sound - 90 keys

Cold killer - 60 keys

Vintage tyrolean- 30 keys

Air wolf sniper rifle mw - 50
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key or unusual offers.

please don't add me just leave all overs here
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looking for offers on this very nice sniper rifle c:
key prices to the right

talking offers on the safe n sound.

feel free to send me trade offers but don't add me

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decided to put this Ghastly Ghosts laugh taunt back up for trade

not duped with a nice short three man history.

leave any and all offers on the site. please don't add me
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Howdy pardner!
I’m lookin’ to sell this Strange Trickster’s Turnout Gear, currently 1 out of 21 so that’s a neat lil’ thang.
Feel free to offer, seems to be selling for a relatively large amount last I saw on the Steam Community Market. I’m also VERY interested in Big Country’s so if your offer involves a decent Big Country I’ll probably be more inclined to take the offer.

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looking to sell for a normal dead of night + a key

will also look at any item offers so long as the offers are two keys or more
taking offers on these low crafts.

please leave any and all offers here
just looking for offers. please do not add me

some info on the hats

cold killer 1 of 2 ( both hats are dupes of each other so 1 of 1 technically? )

razor cut 1 of 1

hat to kill for is 1 of 4 with only four names on the history

safe n sound is 1 of 2

rebel is 1 of 1

taunt is 1 of 4

and my beloved pyro hood is 1 of 2 and has the waistband glitch so ghosts orbit your body <3
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looking for 24 keys.

feel free to send a trade offer
lets see dem offers

for some reason the name or proper skin for the gun does not show up on the site

its an airwolf rife thats field tested and this is what it looks like
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i have a gold pro ks blutsauger (16 keys) + 32 keys pure.

prefer nice quick sells but am open to other offers as well
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had this thing for a while now. thought it would be nice to see what kinda offers it gets
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taking offers on these hats i don't really use all that often.
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just looking for offers for the time being <3

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=591056650 pic of the gun~
prices are listed to the right.

some info on the hats.

the razor is 1 of 1 with a short history

the cold killer is the only cold killer with a haunted cloud effect.
the hat was 1 of 1 untill it was duped resulting in no clean stare cold killers. (other owner is currently not selling)

the nightmare has a super short history and im willing to talk out a price for it.

lastly im looking for offers on the ghost laugh taunt only one on the market
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