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Selling clean unusual for the medic at a discounted price! 12 keys pure, 16 keys in unusuals, 16 keys in miscs! Add me to negotiate in mixed. Price in pure is FIRM
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Buying unusual quicksells for up to twelve keys, add me to send an offer.
Quickselling this Bubbling waxy wayfinder for 10 keys pure, 15 keys in unsuals, or 15 keys in mixed. Add me to negotiate for unusuals or mixed.
Discounted! Good looking unusual, clean and has a short history. Selling for 16 keys pure, or 18 keys in unusuals, or 18 in mixed.
Discounted! Selling for 15 keys pure, 19 keys overpay, or 19 keys mixed.
Buying quicksells for up to seventeen keys! Add me for offers!
Quickselling! Great looking all class! 15 keys pure, 22 keys in unusuals, price in mixed is negotiable.
Quickselling! Nice looking unusual for the medic. 19 keys pure or 24 in unusuals. Add me to negotiate with mixed.
Great looking all class hat with a second gen effect. 21 in pure and 23 in unusual overpay. Price in pure is negotiable

Great looking second gen effect for only 18 keys! 24 key overpay in unusuals or mixed.

Send me an offer, or add me for negotioations!.

Trade link:
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B/O is 19.5 pure keys, 24 in unusual overpay, and 25 in mixed

Here's my trade link:

19.5 keys pure, 24 keys in unusuals, or 24 keys in mixed

Here's my trade link:
Nice 2nd gen effect with a great spy hat. Worth 23 keys.

B/O 22 keys pure

2 key overpay in unusuals, 2 key overpay in mixed.

trade link:
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Nice unusual for 21 keys pure, or 23 in item offers.
Selling for 13 keys pure or unusual overpay, send me a message if you want to discuss trade. Thanks and have fun
selling for 85 keys pure or unusual overpay (not by much)
team captain - 5.66

rebel rouser - 1.22