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selling spelled ks renamed sniper rifle for 1 key pure and only 1 key no lowballs, item overpay, steam games (unless its cod ghost ill give my entire ive for cod ghost) and please do not add me just go to my offer
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buying any and all steam trading cards for 2 scraps each add or offer me if your selling i buy up to 300+ :)
selling 100 frying pans .55 (total 6 keys) for call of duty ghost
hello everyone, im just a normal frying collector but i desided to now getting rid off them
im selling each pan for .55 each or a craft hat but if someone buys it all in one sweep like from 100-0 in seconds that would be great but please dont add me use my trade url
but add me if your buying a poster from gmod, posters for 1 ref only for tf2 so that is that everything else is free
selling a couple of things
my trade link and prices im looking for below

flower power medi-gun: 1.88 ref
war on smissmas battle hood: 8.33 ref
mustachioed mann: 1.11 ref
lil drummer mann: 1.11 ref
the chronomancer: 4 ref
a rather festive tree: 1.22 ref
pocket purrer: 1.22 ref
spruce deuce: 2.77 ref

my trade link
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genuwine pink as hell robo chicken hat: 1 key
gibus pink s hell (not the original one): 1 key
selling genuwine,pink as hell robot chicken hat either 24 ref or item over pay (20%)

my trade link
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selling all csgo, l4d2, starbound, and terraria trading cards for 3 scraps each send a invite
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selling my clean bombing run painted team spirit (blizzardy storm) for 15 keys pure

send me a trade if interested
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add me if want to trade my spec ks old country revolver i am not accepting (items,stranges,overpay) only one key pure and do not have trade ban
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