Odd leveled vintages!
Birth-year vintages, more in my other trades.
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Dirty Juju and Summer Shades (Black)

Key offers please :)
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Birth-year vintages, more in my other trades

I also have a lvl 94 DR as well
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Hey everyone, I’ve decided to list my flies collection up for offers since they can’t collect offers sitting in my backpack. Many of them are rare and don’t come on the market often. Its safe to say that none of these will go for under a bud and many of them for not under 2. Please keep in mind that I use all of these hats and that I would rather keep them than sell cheaply for promos. Also keep in mind buds are experiencing a drop in price.

My collection includes 8 Flies hats, 1 For every class except Sniper and Engi (I have other effects for those) and 1 All-Class.

I truly enjoy using these hats so I will be super picky with offers, I'm not keeping C/Os or setting any B/Os, I don't want other effects to swap, I don't really want unusuals since I have all the hats I want, check out the pictures below!

--- Scout ---
Unusual Ye Olde Baker Boy (Massed Flies) (Level 56, Black) https://dr3...W1Ll2n
--- Soldier ---
Unusual Sergeant's Drill Hat (Massed Flies) (Level 93, White) https://dr3...WozQdH
--- Pyro ---
Unusual Birdcage (Massed Flies) (Level 10) https://dr3...93WfoV
--- Demoman ---
Unusual Tam O' Shanter (Massed Flies) (Level 31) https://dr3...6NEQZM
--- Heavy ---
Unusual Officer's Ushanka (Massed Flies) (Level 94, Brown) https://dr3...OWgAM1
--- Medic ---
Unusual Gentleman's Ushanka (Massed Flies) (Level 43, Brown) https://dr3...huW1Xf
--- Spy ---
Unusual Fancy Fedora (Massed Flies) (Level 74) https://dr3...ouUXeS
--- Multiple ---
Unusual Company Man (Massed Flies) (Level 10) SOLD

Entire Team- https://dr3...GgtJKj

These cool SFM screenshots were made by my friend dr3w ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/_dr3w/ ), add him if you want a loadout screenshot done by him. His prices are very reasonable for the product he produces.

Also trying out the trade offer system.

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Looking for these stock weps, no offers above 1 ref.... Everyones trying to sell for 1 ref.
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Looking for these stock weps, no offers above 1 ref.... Everyones trying to sell for 1 ref.
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Looking for these stock weps, no offers above 1 ref.... Everyones trying to sell for 1 ref.
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Looking for these stock weps, no offers above 1 ref.... Everyones trying to sell for 1 ref.
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Looking for these stock weps, no offers above 1 ref.... Everyones trying to sell for 1 ref.
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Looking to trade this S. Nade Launcher for 25 refined or offers in that area.
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Looking for the cheapest S. Pan I can get.
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Just seeing what I can do with my promos, check my backpack for complete stock.

My priority is hats I'd enjoy wearing. Even though your offer may be good, I may still decline.

Hide=No Thanks.

Please post here, don't add me.
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Looking for the lowest price...
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I've got tons and tons of duplicates

If anyone is collecting lots of a single weapon, feel free to look in my backpack to see if we can work out a dealio.
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Metal and Key offers please :)

Cheap craft hats can be accepted as well
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Might be interested in buying some quicksell unusuals, just post your hat/effect and price in the offers section :P

Hide=No thanks :)
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Just taking offers on my clean max
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Miscs with orbiting effects are always awesome

You can wipe the name/paint if you buy it :P

Looking for 3.75 buds

C/O- 3 Buds + 8 Keys

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Looking for 4 ref
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Came across some decaled items over the course of a few months. Don't really have a use for them, anyone interested in these pictures?
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Selling for 3.5, looking for pure offers.

C/O- 3 Buds
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Looking for these 2 items. Trying to get them as cheap as I can together

2.66-3 ref each looks like the range at the moment
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Looking for pure offers on these items.

Although I'm mainly seeking pure offers, I will consider unusuals for these classes...
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Need 2, how much will it cost me?
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Looking for a LEVEL 22 VINTAGE Baseball Bill's Sports Shine

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No longer needing to quicksell, sooooo looking at offers from 8-12 buds

I really don't want to get rid of this hat, but I need this right now :/ I can't go any lower.

I'll be getting money another way soon, so this deal won't be around very long.

1-2 maxes that are non lvl 1/7 can be included, I need at least 1 included for a friend.

I can take unusuals depending on how much pure keys/buds/maxes are involved and how nice the unusual is.
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Interested in these unusuals.

TF Logo Yellowbelt

Flies Charmers

Planets Ze Goggles

Bubbling Slug

Flies Pot

Flies Shanter
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Lvl 42 Beardssssssss

Just 1 Key each, also would accept metal.
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Looking for


Company Man
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Looking for good offers on these items.
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Looking for promos/keys

I got an offer of 200 keys when buds were higher ~6 buds, but now buds have dropped so my price has adjusted accordingly. Also was offered a V. Companion Cube Pin

Aiming for 10-12 buds

Avoid offering below 200 keys.
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Shopping for these items

Max LVL 1/7

Please let me know if you are interested in anything in my backpack.

Do not add me please, offer here
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Metal/Key offers please.

Selling for full market value, if you buy a lot. A discount could be arranged.

I have TONS of other hats and such...

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Buying 2 Strange Scatters... Cheaper the better of course.
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Key + 1 Ref Each or offers greater than 1 key.
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Please take the time to read this if you are interested

Looking to sell this cool unusual.

Effect fits really well, I hope to get some screenshots soon.

Unusual offers in the past have lingered around 6-8 buds, but I think its going to take closer to 10 buds for me to stop wearing it.

Items in trade are for potential upgrades.

If you are offering unusuals I do not care for heavy or engi very much. An all-class is nice, but not necessary.
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Nice pair of hats

Looking for keys mostly.
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Looking for 70 Keys


2 buds
Green Energy Crocleather
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Looking for 1 premium gift copy for 11 ref if possible.

Name your price in ref, looking for cheapest possible of course.
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See plenty on outpost for 8 Keys

Looking to get one for 7 Keys since the Warehouse price is 7 keys as well...

Price is falling :P
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Looking for these items