Kat w/ The Wizard Hat
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Hello!!! I'm looking just to sell these items.

Not QS but disscounted!

Shotgun KS- 3.44

Strange Bot Killer Rocketlauncher- 6.33 ref

Strange Virtual Viewfinder- 1Key & 13 ref! ( Its priced at 2.1 keys and i dont want it anymore so yeah.)

Add me! or Send me a trade request!

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Strange Rust Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.I
2 Ref

Professional Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker Kit
3 Keys With 8Ref or 4 In hats and other stuff.

Looking for items at 80% price. if you know know how to do that its ez. (Price of the item which means how many keys, If its ref I buy ref .10 cents each, or ref keys are $2.50. So if I would buy a Skin thats $8 it would be 8.00 x .80= 80% of its price.)

Buying Items qs 1-2 ref or keys off doesnt mean QS dont spend my time with your problems not knowing what a qs is.

2x MAnn Co. Keys
19.77 Ref Each Or Looking for discounted Items.

50+ Refined Metal
Any Crafted hat for 1 Ref OR willing to buy anything else.

Add Me for Trade or Send an offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=327000283&token=WpQrbNk1
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just 13.77 ref send me a trade offer or add me. Mixed wil be 15.66 ref.