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Ugh...Here we go. I've talked about doing this for a while but I figure it's about time I got to it *at least for the time being*

What is this? Well let me tell you in case its not too obvious. This is a part of my triple Sniper unusual combo, an Amaranthine Toy Soldier *with a smoking yellow belt and a nuts veil the setup is beautiful*. This hat with this effect happens to be one of the only two existing at the moment. I haven't had the time or opportunity to change the paint on the thing, it also has a team paint Halloween spell on it which I'm sure we all know since Valve is god awful with re-releases those things are extinct pretty much.

With all that said, I'll make this much clear. I am in ZERO hurry to sell this thing. Rather this is to see what kind of offers I can get on it *pretty sure that's allowed, I doubt patience is a crime* in which I possibly may part with this beautiful masterpiece of a Sniper hat IMO *a task which for the last few hats wasn't easy either* otherwise I'll happily keep it. All things considered and the fact the BP price is horribly outdated, I'd love to see something around 80ish keys, or POSSIBLY something nice to go on my Sniper to replace it. Truth be told if you have a fancy schmancy Anger that catches my eye it can be very persuasive on its own. Kindly don't comment about my "absurd" ball park price also, I'm well aware it may sound obnoxious to some.

Anyways Happy Trading and Happy Holidays.
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Greetings folks, Sethy boy is looking for an upgrade finally. My beautiful aces high toy soldier comes complete with FANCY SPELLS (which sadly I'll have to replace), and I'm of course paying pure keys alongside it, currently have 15 tradable (subject to change). The two effects shown are preferred but feel free to offer something else within my price range.
Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Here I currently have my unusuals that I am selling, both have hella short history (in fact I'm the only owner so far). After putting some thought into this I've come to a few conclusions on what I'd take for these. Pure is preferred over all else but heres a bit of info on the other stuff. The chapeau is a gift for who could be called my best friend. The SF medigun which I would prefer be professional streaked, is a gift for a special someone. Lastly the pro kit. I have spent about the last year or two creating and shaping the PERFECT Horseless Headless Horsemann set. The kit in question is for the headtaker and it needs to have Violet and Fire horns. Nothing else is gonna be taken since this set goes for authenticity. As said before pure is preferred, also here is a few pre set prices for some of the stuff:

Authority: 1:1 for the chapeau, otherwise 3 buds and 3 keys, or 1 max head.
Tavish: Sold
As for the Headtaker kit, I'll price that at about a bud or possibly 2, depends.

Kindly post here before adding me or use the extremely convenient trade offer button, a hide is a polite no thanks
The spellbound tyrolean wasn't unboxed this year, so obviously that's not an offer anymore
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Damn I'm a lucky bastard, well kind of. 3rd unusual I've unboxed so far, the effect nor class appeals to me since I damn well hate soldier to the ends of the earth. THATS WHY THIS HAT IS YOURS FOR THE PRICE OF 3 BUDS or however many keys. Promos and stuff can substitute as well. Only taking pure for this, unless you wanna offer your unusual that's worth more than this thing, in that case go right ahead I suppose.

UPDATE: Merging this trade with my other one for the sake of organization
Unbox catastrophe...yay.

In my rather poor vain efforts to unbox the GOD DAMNED SPELLBOUND TYROLEAN, I was left with this pile of useless shit. So in that case I suppose I might as well sell it for metal that slowly becomes more and more worthless, yay for me.

Conches: Sold
Eviction Notice: 5 - 2 scrap
Revolver: Sold
Front Runner: Sold
Sniper Taunt: 1 - 1 refined
aaaand a Killstreaks Ended Strange Part: Sold.

TRADE OFFER ONLY, don't add me for this crap...Also if you somehow know the lucky bastard who gets the first Spellbound Tyro feel free to lead me their way.
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Well looky here, ain't this a beaut. Anyhow I am selling this magnificent dead prez-ee-dents tavish crown for the mighty price of 2.5 buds. Other things I'll accept are combinations of the items above but my biggest priority is a downgrade to a smoking which will complete my demo set (KING KA-BOOOOOOM). So basically, highest priority = Smoking Crown + a bud. Feel free to offer other things as well, just saying. Also I prefer you post here before adding me, or just use the little trade offer button

Hide = Polite no thanks

UPDATE: Merging this trade with my other one for the sake of organization
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1:1, prefer trade offer but add me only after you post
This heart effect demo hat is yours for the price of 3 buds. Comes with a decently short history and makes a nice edition for heart collectors out there (and yes I know you are out there).
Things accepted and their prices: Vintage Bills: 1.5 buds
Earbuds: Pretty obvious
Key: Also obvious
Bills: 6 keys
Green Energy Anger: Pretty much BO
Other angers I MIGHT take: Searing Plasma, Stormy, Blizzard (in that order of preference)
(Also may take any quickselling caribou heads)

Post here before adding or you will be ignored, thank you much.
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Hey there folks, I'm selling this.....thing......for 2 keys. Reasons are personal, and it DID have a custom name but it was wiped before selling due to it being very questionable in my standards. Anyways, comes with purple paint and some random description. And is guaranteed to make those NON GENUINE owners start kissing @$$.

Send me a trade offer or post before adding me, otherwise it's an instant rejection.
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Behold, the single existing arcana yellow belt IN THE WORLD. Now believe me, I love this thing, it looks great, it feels great to own. But originally I wanted to sell what I traded this for for pure, so that's what I'm doing now. I'm selling this thing for 7 buds. No offers, unless it's a green energy anger or an strange festive scatter to pay off some of that price. I have the patience to wait until someone offers my desired price: this aint going anywhere otherwise.

Pros to why having this thing is epic: It's painted green, matching its effect. It's the only one of its kind (until next Halloween comes along), and it has 2 spells on it! Gee, what a deal.

Hopefully this isn't as much of a pain to sell as my other unusual, but least I actually LIKE this thing.

Please post before adding me, or else I will ignore you and you will be denied.

CO: C9 Bucaneers + 3 buds

PS: No 2 bud weapon offers

Hide = polite no thanks
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HOLY DOG SHIT LOOK AT THAT. Unboxed it recently, as happy as I am about the effect and hat I would prefer to sell it to get things more my taste (coughsnipercough). This fine piece of fabric with glowy lights coming out of it can be yours for the price of 9 buds. Any combo of items that equal up to that value will suffice, just keep in mind sniper items have priority excluding the strange festive scattergun which has just as much priority. So go ahead and place your bets people, best offer I see that matches the price will get this nice little thing here.

Please post before adding me or you will be ignored

Hide = polite no thanks

CO: Arcana yellow belt (Only one existing)

A small priority list: Green energy anger (highest priority)>A very very very specific pro killstreak kit for the machina (singularity+ team shine)>SF Scatter>Pure>Other valuable sniper items>All the other stuff
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Oh boy, here we go. I finally said its time to sell this thing after a decent time of having it.
This thing is all yours for the low low price of 15 keys! Combination of any items shown can grant you this black bmoc here, the class token stands for the 2013 strange festive sniper weapon since well, we don't know what it is yet now do we?

Please do not bother me about my price just because it's higher then bp, if you have a problem just go to another trade and don't harass me about it. Also I'd appreciate you leaving a post before you added me.

Hide = Polite No Thanks = Trade offers
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Selling these 2 miscs that I honestly do not want.

Uncraftable Apparel: 2 refined

Blueprints: 1.22

Leave a post before adding
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Yippee kai yay people. I've held onto this thing for a long time now, BUT considering I'll be upgrading soon anyways I might as well sell this off for pure and say my goodbyes. I'll be selling this off for around the 21 keys mark, so anything around there might interest me.

Pros: It's already painted black, It honestly looks better then most effects, and it's not that expensive

Cons: Reselling it is a b*tch, low tier isn't that popular I guess despite Me rather having this then I don't know, circling heart?

Leave an offer before adding me, otherwise I'll consider you some idiot I don't know and ignore it, hide = polite no thanks = Trade offer
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Selling this useless stuff I don't need for metal. Might wanna post before adding so I know what you're adding me for

Homewrecker(Sappers Removed): 1.77
Neon: Sold
Sappers Removed part: Sold
Spycicle: Sold
Shortstop: Sold
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6 tickets for 3 keys, plain and simple
2 of these for a single key is also an option

Post before adding
Selling all my pyro vintages since I have no use for them anymore

Backburner: 1 reclaimed
Flare Gun: sold
Facade: sold
26 ToD tickets, selling 2 for a key or all 26 for a strange invis, post before adding me

Stock: 26
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Selling off my spare normal festive weapons since their just taking up space

Flamethrower: 2 keys and a refined
Nade Launcher: 1 refined and a reclaimed
Banner: 2 reclaimed
Ambassador: SOLD
Frontier Justice: 2 reclaimed and 2 scrap
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OK mates, here we go. Seeing as I use this system to get keys without buying them from the store I'm going to keep this trade open. But anyways, I'm selling off tour of duty tickets for keys. The exchange rate is 2 tickets for 1 key. I accept promos (bills hats that kind of crap) to substitute for amounts of keys. If your not fine with that pricing then I suggest you go ahead and find a new trade. Post before you add me so I know what you want. Have fun buying off a bunch of tickets from me XD.

Tickets In Stock: 0
Ok boys, I got FIFTY tour of duty tickets, that's right, FIFTY. I'm looking to sell these off for the rate of 2 ; 1 simpler terms, 2 of my tickets for 1 of your keys. Trade is gonna stay up until I'm completely shelved out. Feel free to do whatever, if you don't agree with the price I set go find yourself another trade.
Trading this flamethrower i got back in the summer for some sniper items, or keys, or a bud. Surprise me.

Update: well i just price checked this thing and its about 13 keys, new minimum price
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Well, as much as i love this thing, and how long it took to get one awhile back, i've decided to see what offers i can get on it since its around that time of year.
I (hope) to see at least 18+ key offers, this wasnt easy for me to get a couple months back- i expect that effort of mine to pay off for this. im not trying to get overpays, but i can gurantee you'll have a better chance of getting it if you do. if you wanna overpay for this more power to ya.
Good luck, have fun. (Probably should note i play sniper a lot hint hint)


b/o: about 30 keys
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taking offers on these get them seperate or together idk. looking specificly for a last breath or any pyro items i dont already have

keys and metal are OK
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7 keys for the flamethrower on the right no more no less
since there is an 8 item limit thats all i can fit but i have more to offer
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8 keys of items minimum, flamethrower counts for 7

C/O= Herr Frost (8 keys)