I'm after pure ref lol I'm building hats but if you wana give me a buy a life taunt for the sniper and mask then we gotta deal
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Hey everyone I need 3 volunteers on tf2; I need 3 unusuals and 3 weeks for each hat I'm going to try my trading skills to get 2 unusuals with what I can get for the 1 if I fail in my 3 weeks I will either give the hat back or the amount of keys I got for it if I succeed I will have a raffle for the 6 hats the winner will get 2 unusuals wile the losers only get 1 back if you are interested please let me know and I will try my hardest to make this happen
now if you think I'm scamming please don't just run off reporting me send me a message or something well chat and ill try to explain a little better cause to be honest this is the first time I tried this and gives you a chance to get 2 unusuals 1 petty much :)
i am ftp and will also take offers
Hey guys im a f2p guy and this is all i can give so please help me out
And guys im a F2P guy i dont have money so please dont expect any amazing items
hey guys sorry for the poor stuff here im a f2p guy and hoping to change that soon im running out of space so can you please help me out i do take best offers aswell