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HEY! I am selling many Specialized Killstreak Fabricators. Please read more to see all of my Fabricators i have for sale.

Fabricators you see in the trade above may not be available, Look at my list to see what I have available!
Send me a trade offer, ill take almost anything above 4 roboparts.
Look at my backpack to see ALL my spec fabs for sale.
Click here to send a trade offer ---> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88226371&token=ilppZxNF
Make Decent offers please.
Happy Trading!
These are just some of my fabricators!

Specialized Fabricators:

Baby Face's Blaster (Deadly Daffodil) (Villainous Violet)
Air Strike (Mean Green)
Quickiebomb Launcher (Manndarin) (Mean Green)
Fortified Compound (Villainous Violet)
Quick-Fix (Team Shine)
Bat Outta Hell (Villainous Violet)
Scotman's Skullcutter (Manndarin) (Hot Rod)
Lugermorph (Agonizing Emerald)
Frontier Justice (Agonizing Emerald) (Villainous Violet)
Panic Attack (Mean Green)
Scottish Resistance (Hot Rod)
Liberty Launcher (Deadly Daffodil)
Bushwaka (Deadly Daffodil)
Revolver (Villainous Violet)
Back Scratcher (Villainous Violet)
Your Enternal Reward (Hot Rod)
Cleaner's Carbine (Hot Rod)
Unarmed Combat (Deadly Daffodil)
Black Box (Manndarin) -7 Ref
Pain Train (Agonizing Emerald)
Iron Bomber (Manndarin)
Fists of Steel (Mean Green)
Wrap Assassin (Agonizing Emerald)
Fists (Team Shine)
Eyelander (Hot Rod) -2 ref
Shovel (Hot Rod)
Freedom Staff (Manndarin)
Bottle (Deadly Daffodil)
Eureka Effect (Agonizing Emerald)
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QUICK-SELLING for 19 keys pure! I'll also take an unusual for 20 keys!
offer below or send trade offer!
This will be quick and simple, I am buying ANY trading cards from ANY game for 1 scrap each! Just send me a trade offer and i will accept. Or you can add me i will accept fast and i will put up the metal for you. Thanks!
HEY! Im selling this unusual Sammy Cap for 22 keys pure!
I will accept an unusual worth 24 or higher.
You can also offer below! Thanks happy trading.
I am selling this Strange Killstreak Direct Hit for 17.66!! including the 2 strange parts on it. The backpack.tf is 1.06 keys!
Send trade offer!
I am buying quick selling unusuals! i currently have 17 keys so offer below!
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I am selling the Specialized Killstreak Flame thrower, Offer below & don't low ball it!
Thanks, Happy trading
I am selling these two kill streaks, just offer below & do NOT low ball it.
thanks enjoy!
Looking for about 4 keys for this Professional Kill streak Tide Turner.

Killstreaker: Fire Horns.

Sheen: Agonizing Emerald.

Add me or offer Below
Thanks & Happy trading.
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I am buying any craft hat for 1.33 ref each!
Just send me a trade offer & happy trading ☺

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Hat with no name- 1 Key.

The Polar Pullover- 1.66 Ref.

Chieftain's Challenge- 1 Key.

The Pomade Prince- 2 Ref.

The Cut Throat Concierge- 1 key.

Das Hazmattenhatten- 1.66 Ref.

Add me for a fast trade!
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Hey there! Did I get your attention? Well if i did, I am selling these two items.

Selling the Big Country For 1.33

Selling a Specialized Killstreak Machina kit, I am offers on this item.
But It also has a very nice sheen to it.
Team Shine!
Thanks so just offer below for the Machina Kit.
And add me for the Big Country.

Thanks! And Happy trading!
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~~Just offer..~~
~~Do not low ball, And remember some of my stuff is painted pink!~~
~~Offer below or add me.~~
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This will be simple.
28 keys and some sweets.
Simple as that, Just offer (:
Hello there!

I am currently taking offers for these 3 Professional Fabricators.

Professional Eyelander Fabricator: C/O-SOLD-
Professional Diamondback Fabricator: C/O-SOLD-
Professional Vaccinator Fabricator: C/O----

Post Below DON'T ADD
Offer away, And Happy Trading!
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Mining Light= 1.33
One Man Army= Sold
Add Me If interested!
Brown Bomber: ~~~Sold~~~
Magistrate's Mullet: ~~~~Sold~~~~
Bolted Bicorne: 1.33 ~~~~Sold~~~~
Person In The Iron Mask: 2 Ref
Buccaneer's Bicorne: 1.66

Add Me For A Quick Trade!
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Selling A Strange Huntsman For 8 Keys Add Me For A Quick Trade!
Strange Festive Frontier Justice For 3 Keys Add Me For A Quick Trade!
Buying a Bills For 8 keys, Add me for a quick trade!
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Strange Mantreads For 3 Keys And 1 Ref!
Add Me If Your Interested!