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Looking to quickbuy items (mainly unusuals) with keys! Stock: 96 keys. I’m able to get more. Looking for high tier skins as well as any other item you’re looking to get rid of. Also selling my keys through paypal for 1.85 USD each if you’re interested.
Looking to quickbuy higher tier skins, ie strange freelance. Will not pay full price. Priorities are strange FN skins with spec. Most interested in a strange FN high roller rocket launcher. Post offers below.
Qbuying halloween spells. Stock-96Keys. Tell me your item down below and I’ll give you an approximate price of what I pay. Note- i am quickbuying, not paying full price.
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PURE PRICE FIRM 80 keys, cheapest, 30 keys discount

If need to offer unusuals, I'm taking 115 in unusuals, preferred downgrading or mixed offers. Comment down below, add me, or send a trade offer. Don't be afraid to offer, worst I can say is no.
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Looking for pure on these rare items. Prices here. https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198203207940
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Prices and histories here:https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198203207940

Direct hit is 3.5 keys and for the RL 4.5 keys.
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Selling CLEAN DBD Rack for ~200 keys! Pure can be negotiated but kept unusual offers above 200. MUST BE DOWNGRADES. Expect to overpay! Sexy unusual soldier misc, 1-1 on the market currently. I’m also especially interested in getting a strange FN high roller RL.
Add me or send an offer

Current offers-
Clean beams kabuto https://img.../DzVSJ
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QUICKSELLING!! 30% PLUS OFF ON A CLEAN 1-3 blizz storm soldier hat. Very desirable class hat, looking to get rid of it quickly for pure. Will also take unusuals in the range of 55 keys, but mainly pure. Add me to negotiate, bp.tf price is 50 but I can sell it for 35.
Here you can find some amazing deals on CLEAN all class hats, soldier, and pyro unusuals. Also selling very nice skins as well as weapons.

CLEAN blizzardy Storm keepers jump cap-amazing soldier unusual, looks very nice in game. Only seller anywhere as of now. 18 keys.

CLEAN stormy storm hotties hoodie-great pyro unusual, storm is putting out the flames. Cheapest seller and the only clean one on bp.tf for such a low price. 16 keys 10 ref.

CLEAN steaming killer exclusive-God tier all class hat, very nice and cheap endgame hat. Discounting 7 keys off its original bp price, 45 key unusual is now 38 keys. 25% off.


Strange professional natashca with 4 keys in parts for FREE. 2 keys 3 ref.

Strange specialized(hot rod) rocket launcher. Boasts custom name and description as well as spies killed and gib kills. Almost 4 keys in parts for free. 2 keys 4 ref.


Strange factory new killstreak dressed to kill shotgun. Free players hit part. 1 key 20 ref.

Festive strange specialized (hot rod) factory new brain candy knife. Amazing knife for spy mains. 5 keys

Specialized field tested thunderbolt sniper rifle. Elite grade weapon. 3 keys 10 ref. Cheapest on the market, other sellers are at 4 keys or 11 bucks on SCM.

Thanks for reading!! Add me or shoot me an offer. The worst I can say is no, so don't be afraid to offer!
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Clean all class hat, looks very nice, orbiting fire.
Bp.tf price is currently 55 keys and its freshly priced. Will do 30% OFF IN PURE. 40 keys for this amazing hat, 15 keys off. If offering unusuals, not too interested but I'll take any at or above the bp price. Add or send a trade.
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Selling this very nice all class smoking Hong Kong Cone. Taking 61 pure keys for this CLEAN ONE. Cheapest on the market, and more in unusuals. Add me or comment below to offer.
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Selling a very nice harvest moon rimmed raincatcher for the demo. CLEAN AND ONLY ONE ON THE MARKET. Taking offers of 100 keys or more in unusuals. Add me or comment below to offer please.
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Selling some spells here

Genuine God tier emerald FIRE HORNS awper hand with exorcism-7 keys

Strange specialized Violet scattergun with exorcism-2 keys

Strange carbonado ks sticky bomb DOUBLE SPELLED with p. Bombs and exorcism (gib kills 1.7 keys)-1 key 14 ref

Strange exorcism specialized team shine bazooka-16 ref
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Looking for 70 keys in my kabuto, very nice effect and only 1 on the market right now. Very clean. Will take offers of 70 pure-ish and 90 in unusual/item overpay.
Strange spec spycicle with 4 keys in parts-1 key

Strange festive specialized (Violet) factory new coffin nail minigun-3 keys (negotiable)
Selling a death at dusk combustible kabuto for only 75 keys!! Almost 20% off, considered a "mini quicksell" Love mixed offers around 90-100 keys.
Some random pyro crap

Strange specialized flamethrower w/ point blank kills and giant robots-1 k 7 ref

Strange specialized power jack-20 ref

Festive killstreak flare gun-10 ref

Phobos+Pyromancer-free with the unusual purchase
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Selling a really nice scout set, ALL ITEMS CLEAN AND CHEAPEST

Cool killstreak field tested corsair scattergun-32 keys

Blizzards storm bonk helm -15 keys

Specialized mandarin vintage lugermorph-4 keys 13 ref

Shoot me a trade here
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Strange specialized grenade launcher w/ pumpkin bombs-2 keys SOLD
Strange specialized rocket launcher w/ RARE DOUBLE SPELLS, pumpkin bombs and exorcism-3 keys SOLD

Strange specialized shotgun w/ exorcism-1 key

Strange killstreak carbonado sticky bomb- double spells pumpkins bombs and exorcism, comes with gib kills-1.5 keys

Strange spec beggars w/ pyros killed and exorcism-16 ref
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Selling dank medic set
Festive crossbow-15 ref

Strange festive specialized(team shine) ubersaw-4 keys

Strange professional festive kritzkrieg(mean green electro), also comes with allied healing-19 keys SOLD

Nunhood+quadwrangler+physicians scrub-10.11 ref
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Selling a dope black painted spy set

Lack of hue charmer's-11 ref SOLD

Lack of hue cutthroat-10 ref SOLD

Lack of hue double cross-1 key 4 ref SOLD

Strange professional kunai (incinerator+VILLANOUS violet)-3 k 10 ref

Specialized (mean green) wanna prick-20 ref SOLD
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Selling for 75 key, almost 20 percent off, considered a mini quick sell. Looking for offers rn. Feel free to trade me!
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Hey there! Its a sweet looking rain catcher unusual, searing plasma. Looking for offers around the range of 22, or 20 percent unusual/item overpay! Add me to negotiate if you want, but I recommend just sending a trade offer, haha. Only one on the market right now... (I think) *free paint* <3