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Awesome rare sticky!
Factory new commando grade with pro ks and festive! has an awesome HOT effect to match the skin!
Unusual offers which are not a downgrade should be about 100 keys. Downgrades, full pure or mixed offers will get a QUICKSELL price!
Can discuss, open to ANY kind of offers! Most I'll say is no :)
Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer! I don't check outpost that often, keep that in mind!
Willing to trade it for my unusual stickybomb!
NOT interested in ISOTOPE!
Add me!
Ketche - quicksell! only 9 keys pure for a great spy hat!
Warhood - 1/2 in existence forever and 1/1 on market. I have no b/o, but I am expecting good offers.
got 4 keys pure for adds and stuff, as well as some cool items :)
feel free to offer, worst I'l say is no thanks :)
good stuff.

the Warhood is 1/2 forever, 1/1 on market. expecting good offers.
Spirit of Bombing Past is kind of a cool hat, I want 9 keys pure or about 10 in mixed. other unusual offers will be concidered.
all of the other stuff are mostly for sweets, but I can sell them for pure aswell.
note that the flame thrower has a 3.5+ key part and the bandanna is painted lime (best for edgy sets).

feel free to offer! most I'll say is no thanks :)
good day :D
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offer away!
Looking for nice offers on these awesome hats!
also buying quicksell unusuals with 12 keys pure!
Thanks for stopping by! Here you can find awesome items for awesome prices :)
Power Surge Milkman - Nice hat, 35 keys in unusual offers. C/O - 27 keys pure.
Terror-Watt Barnstormer - Awesome engi hat, has a free spell on it! 30% off lowest seller: 14 keys only!
Orbiting Fire Tam O' Shanter - Amazing low tier demo hat to start off trading! 11+ keys in unusual offers, can discount for pure!
#20 One Man Army - Very rare collector's item! has a high tier spell on it aswell! b/o in items: 15 keys! Discount for pure!
The rest of the items can be used for sweets or any other offers! Can sell for pure aswell!
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looking for cool unusual/pure offers, not upgrading.
#20 Horseless Horseshoes One Man Army - I don't have a b/o, but it's one of a kind, surprise me :)
Flaming Lantern Dread Knot - don't make bulk trades with any of my other unus, brokering it.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to add me and send me an offer!
Interested in ANY kind of offers except pure offers - downgrades, upgrades, 1:1's etc...

Don't be afraid to offer, I don't bite! :)
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Offer away.
Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer
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I like unusual offers.
If you want I can quicksell the killer solo 35% off.
Have a great day :)
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Feel free to offer, I also have some keys to add/buy unusuals.

You may add me if you feel like.
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Just looking for offers, not looking for pure.
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Just looking for offers, no b/o at the moment.
I have about 16-17 keys, just looking for unusual quicksell(s) and discounts.
Willing to pay as much as possible for a nice DBD soldier hat!
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Just offer away.
Not checking outpost very often.
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Strange Tesla Coil Law - Awesome all-class, amazing effect. Other strange seller wants about 300 (his current b/o), I'm looking for about 180 keys in unusuals.

Double spelled stickybomb launcher - Exorcism and Pumpkin Bombs. Just looking for offers.

Also looking to buy soldier and demo unusuals, I got 17 keys to spend on your nice hats!

You may add me or send me a trade offer, I'm not checking outpost often!
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Just offer, not really intrested in pure, Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer.
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I don't really have a buyout for any of these, just looking for offers.
*NOTE* I am NOT intrested in pure offers! I won't quicksell my hats/items!
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Just looking for offers. Mainly looking to downgrade!
Not really intrested in pure.
Just send me an offer, we'll see :)
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I got this hat. Really awesome looking.
Just listing it to see what offers I can get :)
Please send me a trade offer, I usually don't look on outpost :)
Offers below 175 will not be accepted.
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Quicksell! 30% off this awesome looking hat!

ONLY 29 KEYS PURE!!!!!!!

I kind of need pure keys at the moment, so you can go ahead and pickup a nice deal!

Powdered Practitioner - First gen effect, triclass, 1/4 in existence and 1/1 on market. - 18 keys pure only!!
Rotation Sensation - First gen effect, all class and cheapest! - 34 keys pure only!!!!
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Selling these 2 awesome hats!
TF Logo Rotation Sensation - Great first gen all class hat!
B/O - 47 keys pure or unusual downgrade offers!
G. Fetti Powedered Practitioner - Awesome first gen multi class hat, 1/1 on the market!
B/O - 25 keys pure or unusual downgrade offers!
Have a good one!
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Looking for offers on 2 awesome unusuals!
- Haunted Ghosts Smur Eye - High tier demo hat with a nice first gen effect!
B/O - 50 keys pure. Mainly looking for unusual downgrade offers!
- Blizzardy Storm Professional's Panema - Amazing looking sniper hat with a nice second gen effect!
B/O - 13 keys pure or nice unusual overpay offers!
NOTE - I consider ANY AND EVERY single offer I get! Don't be afraid to offer!
Happy trading! :)
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Hi there!
Selling my Haunted Ghosts Smur-Eye! Looking for 50 keys pure or nice unusual downgrade offers!
Also I'm quickbuying with the pure I have in my backpack! At the moment - 17 keys and almost a key in ref!
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Looking to sell this GOD TIER Burning Flames Letch's Lid!
B/O - 77 keys pure or 90+ in unusual offers!
Have a great day :)

1) Clean Vivid Plasma Flipped Trilby! Great first gen scout unusual hat!
B/O - 26 keys pure or 33+ keys in unusuals! QUICKSELL!
2) Clean Festive Killstreak Cool Woodsy Widowmaker SMG! Amazing looking cheap unusual!
B/O - 13 keys pure or 17+ in unusuals! QUICKSELL!
3) Stat Clock! Make your weapon STRANGE!
B/O - 8.33 ref pure or item overpay!
4) Voices From Below Smismess Wreath! Nice all-class misc with a very cool cheap spell!
B/O - 10 ref pure or nice item overpay!
NOTE - I am also buying unusual quicksells! I have 20 keys pure in stock!
Don't be afraid to offer :)
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Hi there! As you can see I'm selling quite a few items :) Here are the prices:

1) Clean Vivid Plasma Flipped Trilby - First gen effect and a nice scout hat!
B/O: 26 keys pure or 33+ in unusuals! Cheapest for pure!
2) Spec KS bread bite
B/O: 18 ref pure! Discounted and cheapest!
3) Putrescent Pigmentation Doublecross-comm - Great looking spelled multi class misc!
B/O: 2 keys pure or item overpay!
4) Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit - Singularity and Manndarin! Great high tier effects!
B/O: 8 keys pure or unusual overpay! Cheapest!
5) Strange Frenchman's Beret - Nice cheap spy hat!
B/O: 8 ref pure or item overpay! Cheapest!
Feel free to add me! BP.TF Link - https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198227232564
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Hi there!
I'm looking to sell:
-My Flipped Trilby with Vivid Plasma! Great looking scout hat with a very nice first gen effect! Clean!
B/O: 25 keys pure or 32+ in unusuals! Cheapest!
-My Strange Massed Flies Liquidator's Lid! 1:1 strange, first gen and very nice sniper hat!
B/O: 28 keys pure! 10 keys off! Quicksell! Otherwise - 40+ keys in unusuals :)
I prefer trade offers, but you can add me aswell! :D
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Hey there!
1) Vivid Plasma Flipped Trilby - Very nice first gen scout hat which is also clean!
B/O - 30 keys pure or 33+ in unusual offers!
2) Blizzardy Storm Frenchman's beret - Very good looking hat with an awesome effect, clean aswell!
B/O - 13 keys pure or 15+ in unusual offers!
3) Infernal Smoke Results Are In - Very awesome looking medic taunt at a 30% discount! Clean!
B/O - 18 keys pure or 27+ in unusual offers!
Feel free to add me, but I prefer trade offers!
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Taking offers on:
- Fountain of Delight Taunt: Oblooterated (45) - Clean! Discount for pure!
-Vivid Plasma Toy Soldier (30) - Clean, first gen, multi-class and willing to be the cheapest for pure keys! What's better?
-Strange Huo-Long Heater - Has a Defenders Killed part (22 ref) For only 5 ref!
-Strange killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Sniper Rifle MK.I - Has over 8 keys in parts, looking for 4 keys pure!
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Just looking for unusual offers, go a head and add me if needed.
Hi there!
-Clean Stormy Storm Neckwear Headwear! Great looking all class with a very good looking effect!
- B/O - 48 keys pure or 60+ in unusuals!
-Also got 3 pure keys for upgrades!
I prefer trade offers, add me only if needed.
Have a good day!
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Quickselling this AWESOME looking soldier hat!
Clean, great effect and 1/1 on market!
Only 45 keys pure or unusual offers at 60+ keys!
Hey there!
1) Strange Eerie Orbiting Fire Anger - 1/1 strange, 1/1 Eerie Orbiting Fire Anger on the market and 1/4 in the world! Also has a very nice spell on it!
B/O - 70 keys in awesome unusuals! Pure gets a big juicy discount.
2) Professional Killstreak SMG kit - Awesome effects!
B/O - 3 keys, over a key discount :)
3) Haunted Crone's Dome! Has a Chromatic Curruption spell on it!
B/O - 7 keys pure or 10+ in unusuals :)

I prefer trade offers over adding me, have a good one!
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Selling my Chromatic Curraption Killer Exclusive! Only 4 keys pure or more in items!

Add me or send me a trade offer!
Orbiting Fire Gym Rat - Great unusual to start off with - B/O 9 keys pure or 10 keys in unusuals.
Dead Presidents Broadband Bonnet - Great demo unusual for a great discount! B/O 10 keys pure or 14 in unusuals.
Death at Dusk Plug-In Prospector - Great high tier effect, 1/4 in the WHOLE world and 1/1 on the market! B/O ~30 keys pure. Unusual offers are considered.
https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198227232564 - BP.TF Profile.
Have a great day!
Btw, I am extremely interested in CSGO skins!
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Selling a Clean D@D Plug-In Prospector - 1/4 in the WHOLE world and 1/1 on MARKET! Only 25 keys pure!

Quickselling my Clean DP Boardband Bonnet - Very nice hat for a very good discount! Only 10 keys pure!

Quickbuying unusuals with 12 keys pure - Also intrested in upgrading and downgrading! Can be used as adds!

*1 - 30k in overpay
2 - 15k in overpay
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Hey there!
I am looking to sell this amazing D@D Plug-In Prospector! It is clean, 1/4 in existence and 1/1 on market. B/O - 25 keys pure. (Morning Glory version priced at 30 keys).
Also, I have 21 PURE keys to spend on unusual quicksells.
You may add me or send me a trade offer!
Hello everyone!
I am looking to buy unusual quicksells and discounted items with 41 pure keys!
Don't be afraid to offer, I consider everything :)
Send me a trade offer or leave a comment here :D
Peace <3
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Hey there!
I am looking to QUICKSELL this amazing looking all-class!
My B/O is 48 pure keys!
The unusual is clean!
Send me a trade offer or add me! :)
Steaming Mullet - Very nice spy hair piece with a cool effect! Great unusual to start higher tier trading! B/O - 9 keys pure only! Discounted!

Strange Festive Grenade Launcher with PB spell on it - Very cool festive to own! B/O - 2 keys and 15 ref!

High Five taunt - Great low-tier cheap partner taunt! B/O - 14.33 ref!

Unusual quicksells and discounted items with 9 PURE keys!
Willing to buy ALL of the items for the right price!

Send me a trade offer or feel free to add me, I'm friendly :)
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Hey there!

I'm looking to sell both of these really nice clean unusuals!

PE Protector - Very high-tier effect for only 20 keys pure!!!

NNB Bonk helm - Very good hat with a decent effect, for only 11 keys pure!!

Both are cheapest on the market and I have a key pure to add for unusual offers.

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I am looking to quicksell this CLEAN FIRST GEN ALL-CLASS HAT!
A little over 30% off! 26 KEYS ONLY!!!!!

Send me a trade offer or feel free to add me!!!!!!!
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QUICKSELLING my Dead Presidents Professional's Panama!
15 keys ONLY! 30% OFF!
Send me a trade offer!
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Quickselling my unusual taunt [CLEAN] for only 27 pure keys! Only other sellers ask for 45! 40% discount!
Also, I am looking for 3 keys pure on my Pro KS Blutsauger kit!
You may send me a trade offer or add me!
Happy trading :)
Not in a rush at all.
-Willing to discount for pure
-Full price in mixed
Feel free to send me a trade offer or add me!
Happy trading!
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Taking offers on a Neutron Star Bonk Helm!
Clean, 1/3 in the world and 1/1 on the market!
B/O 30 keys pure!
Send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=266966836&token=meR4loFc
Add me to discuss: http://steamcommunity.com/id/uberunderpantz
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S> Infernal smoke I see you, looking for offers around 19 pure or mixed! Cheapest on the market! Send me a trade offer!
S> 1/2 In the world, 1/1 in the market [CLEAN] Circling TF Logo Pom-Pommed Provocateur! Looking for offers!

Don't be afraid to offer :D