Hey Guys!

Selling 2 Wonderfull Unusuals

Isotope Festivized Specialized Killstreak Forest Fire Flame Thrower (Minimal Wear) (sold the one without the festivizer for 75 pure)
B/O= 76 Keys

Looking for offers on that too!

Noteable C/o's:

Also selling some sexy ass Haunted Ghosts Exquisite Rack, very neat soldier misc. Has suggestion open for 135 Keys which is also my B/O

Noteable C/O's:

Good luck!
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Hey Guys! Selling following Unusuals!

Shellmet: B/O 139

Dragonborn: B/O 125

Harmburg: B/O 120

Brain Warmer: B/O 18

Heman: B/O 10

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Hey! Selling some stuff! You also can comment to offer :)

B/O Pencil Pusher 17 SOLD


B/O Head Hedge 19 SOLD


B/O Das Uberstenmann 130


B/O Thermal Tracker 1 SOLD

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Hello there


Roboactive Muffs B/O is 350 Keys. I consider it fair since the last suggestion was easily capped by the 300 Key buyout.


https://gya...cf023f 230 Keys pure, declined
https://gya...43341d 250 Keys pure, declined
https://img...I0sil5 Scorching Anartic Eyewear + Smoking Peak like 250, declined

Memory Loss Waxy Wayfinder (good meme) B/O: 26 Keys


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All prices stated here:


Can also take items with overpay

Trade or add me!
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B/O Deep Cover Operator: 300 Keys Sold
B/O Scorching Kabuto: 225 Keys Sold
B/O Cloud 9 Kabuto: 30 Keys SOLD
B/O Unusual Spec Ks Isotope Flamethrower: 75 Keys SOLD FOR 75 PURE
B/O Unusual Spec Ks Isotope Flamethrower with a festivizer: 76 Keys

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B/O Lowerd to 425! Not going lower considering past sales.
Past sales

scammer but still around 550

like 500 in outdated stuff

Can take Unusuals, Pure, Cash (Marketplace.tf only), or Mixed offers. Not interested in Paypal, Opskins, Unusual Warpaints, Unusual Taunts and Low crafts


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Looking for 725 Keys!

The cleanest on the market right now! Trade or add me today!
Selling my Beautiful It's A Secret To Everybody Team Captain! (Currently on Marketplace.tf for 1199.99)

B/O= 650 Keys

Notable current offers:

By Garp: Sunbeams Pencil Pusher (300) + Circling Heart Bonk Boy (100) + Eldritch Flame Prehistoric Pullover (90) + Harvest Moon Doctor's Sack (62)

300+100+90+62= 532 hats with many sellers, will be hard to sell

From Pretobaro: a #20 Ke + a #40 Ke + a #47 Ke + It's A Secret To Everybody Nanobalaclava

~700 not sure how fast I can sell (declined)

From PI NT: 40 Pure + Vivid Plasma Sergeant's Drill Hat (35) + Harvest Moon Western Wear (~65) + Harvest Moon One-Man Army (75) + Harvest Moon Lucky Shot (100) + Harvest Moon Defiant Spartan (120)

40+35+65+75+100+120= ~435 Most hats are probably worth more. Good offer

Kaioken: Skill Gotten Gains Taunt: Zoomin' Broom (~50) + Screaming Tiger Taunt: The High Five! (~35) + Cloud 9 Siberian Facehugger (63) + Purple Energy Shellmet (~150) + Vivid Plasma Prehistoric Pullover (~225)

50+35+63+150+225= ~523 seems kinda low, but not sure how much everything is, specaily bc there are taunts and unpriced hats involved

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Hellow Guys! Cheapest prices on Tf2outpost!

Strange A Hat to Kill For 25ref

Strange Killstreak Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II 15.66 ref Now on marketplace.tf !

Strange Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.II 9 ref

Strange Carbonado Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.I 6.66 ref

Strange Pistol 2.44 ref SOLD

The Pyrotechnic Tote 1.33 ref

Rogue's Col Roule 1.33 ref

Most are kinda negociable!

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Selling this Item on Marketplace.tf for 0.3$ or for 3 ref!
Hello Guys! I`am looking to sell this wonderfull Desert Maurader with the effect of cloudy moon.

B/O= All kind of offers accepted. So also send your mixed or Unusual offers. I can negociate ofcourse, so if you want the hat but wanna pay less, thats fine. Just add me and we can discuss
C/O= 90 Keys Pure ( Will take him a little to get it.)

This hat is 1 of 5. But currently the only one on the Market that is clean. Because, who wants a duped high teir hat?

Steamprofile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198273681900/
Trading link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=313416172&token=ZOkyiWJA
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No realy B/O send me offers or Trade me!
Shoot me some offers! No particual B/O

Uncraftable Villans Veil: 6 ref (Lowest Seller)
Vintage Ze Goggles: 10 ref (Lowest Seller) SOLD
The Freedom Staff: 0.33 ref SOLD
Genuine Original: 20 ref (Only Seller) SOLD

If everything is bought toghter, It will only cost you 1 Key and 4refined

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Boston Boom-Bringer 1.33ref (Lowest Selller) (Sold for B/O)
Uncraftable Villans Veil 6ref (Lowest Seller)
Pan 0.55ref (Sold for Spec Ks. Baby Face Blaster (5.44ref)
Ballonicorn Craft #1862 1.44ref
Vintage Hot Rod 17.22 ref (Lowest Seller) (Sold for B/O)
Vinatge Ze Goggles 11ref (lowest Seller)

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Hello Guys! Im selling 1 Awesome Unusual!

Smoking Air Dog:
B/O= 14 Keys Pure or 20 Keys in Unusuals
C/O= Pocketdroid 12 Keys

Also Buying Quicksells with 72 Keys Pure. But only interested in +35% Quicksells
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Hello Guys!

Looking to sell this 1 of 2 Sniper Hat for 42 Keys Pure or 45 Keys in Unusuals.

Also taking other offers in consideration.
B/O= 42 Keys Pure or 45 Keys in Unusuals or 40 Keys in Lowteirs)
C/O= 33 Keys Pure by Acid Burn
Eerie Orbiting Fire Panama (23) + Aussie Frontier Justice (8) + 4Keys Pure
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Highly intersted in Pure but I also take Item! There it should be a 5% overpay

Room Warmer with Lime Paint
B/O= 12ref
C/O= 8.55 ref from a friend of mine

Hornblower with Aussie Gold
B/O= 5ref
C/O= 3.33 ref also from a friend of mine

Carlton Taunt:
B/O= 1Key and 1ref Sold for B/O
C/O= Bot@1 Key
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Selling these two Unusuals!

Bonk Boy: Misc, Clean, Scout Hat, cheap.
B/O=33Keys Pure or 40 Keys in Unusuals/Mixed
C/O= Quickbuyer at 28.5 Keys Pure
Ketche: Clean, 1 of 2 in Existance, 1 of 1 on Market, Great Effect, Cheap, Paint, Spell (die Job)
B/O=30Keys Pure or 35Keys in Unusuals/Mixed
C/O=Quickbuyers at 20Keys

Send offers now!
Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=313416172&token=ZOkyiWJA
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Qs for 12 Keys pure
Looking to sell this Sexy hat with a pretty rare Effect!

Can Quicksell for Pure offers!

Trade me!
Sexy unpriced scout Unusual!

I want your offers! Highly Interested in Pure or Unusual Item Offers!

Also can Quicksell for Pure! (Estimate is at 32-34 Keys since Stormy Storm is Priced at 30 and this has a better effect and is Strange(so qs would be 20 key+mabey sweets))

Trade me!
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only 9.5keys! bp is 12
Hello Guys! I have this nice 1 of 1 Hat.

B/O= 60Keys Pure or 70Keys in Mixed/Unusual Overpay.
C/O= 40 Keys in Unusuals
Hello Guys!

I got this lowcraft from a Spycrab!
Its a craft 48
Interested? Send me a Offer!

B/O= currently collecting offers
C/O= 1.5Keys

Gl Trading!
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Hello Guys!
Selling this sexy Cotten Head with the effect of Cloud 9.

B/O= 50 Keys in Pure or 70 Keys in Unusuals/Mixed
C/O= 40 Keys Pure

(Has Black paint, Name tag and Description tag)

Duped 1 of 1 Time Warp Peacenik's Ponytail (declined)
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Quicksell price is 29.25Keys (Keys Only in Pure, the half key can be in items)!
Only seller on the Market!

B/O=65 Keys Pure or 72 Keys in Unusuals/Mixed
C/O= SOLD for 65 Keys in Unusuals

Thanks and good luck Trading!
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Highly Interested in Pure or Unusual Overpay.

B/O: 60 Keys Pure
C/O: SOLD For 69 Keys in items

Aces High Exquisite Rack (38.5) + Circling Heart Officer's Ushanka (30) For My Blizzardy Storm Team Captain (62.5) + 2Keys (Declined)
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Looking for 38Keys in Pure. (Aussies and Maxes also are pure for me)

Or 47 Keys in Unusuals
23.8Keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Only Pure)

15Keys Pure
send offers!

25% off
I have 18CSGO Keys I want 20 Tf2 Keys!

Only send 2 Kind of offers!

1. 9 Csgo Keys for 10 TF2 Keys
2. 18 Csgo Keys for 20 TF2 Keys
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selling this trade me
16 keys and some refined metal pls
just looking to sell some parts from mvm. Trade me, i have some others aswell
Looking for offers on this hat!
B/O= 16Keys (its like 3keys off)
C/O= Nothing

Trade me if interested! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=313416172&token=ZOkyiWJA
Or add me!
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Aussie Paint Trade me!
I have a Gut Knife Doppler in my inv. (but i cant put it in here wtf)
It is Phase 1
It has a 0.0021float (so kinda good float)

Im looking for good TF2 Itemoverpay! Skins or Inflated Items are not accepted!

Interested? Trade me now! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=313416172&token=ZOkyiWJA
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