pro k/s hot field tested red bear shotgun
no set price for now just looking for offers
low craft items
flapjack #16 - looking for 6 keys or offers
merc's mohawk #90 - looking for 8 keys or offers
I'm open to all offers and prices are just a guidline
red bear strange factory new shotgun - 85 or offers sold
specialised kill streak isotope corsair minimal wear scattergun - 45 or offers (matching sheen and effect)
sunbeams handyman's handle - 33 or offers

purple energy shooters sola topi - 28 or offers
standard quickbuy trade
you leave your hat down below with a price I'll either accept or counter
most intrested in: miscs, soldier, scout, allclass unusuals
least intrested in: dupes, heavy, and overpriced hats eg searing plasma infernal impaler priced at 90 and purple energy is priced 84 green energy 75
you're guarenteed an offer but it'll be at quicksell prices
current stock: 53 keys
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searing plasma madame dixie - 16
orbiting fire backbiters billycock - 14
smoking hat with no name - 32
open to all offers
  • Expired due to inactivity
low crafts
number 16 flapjack great scout misc looking for 6 keys
open to any offers
  • Expired due to inactivity
strange factory new red bear shotgun - 85 keys
open to any offers
  • Expired due to inactivity
two strange pro k/s weapons

gold bot killer mk.2 scattergun - 10 keys or offers
- cerebral discharge
- agonising emerald

degreaser - 6 keys 20 ref or offers
- singularity
- agonising emerald

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four decent low tier unusuals all clean

deep cover operator orbiting fire - 33
multiclass - sniper and spy

full metal drill vivid plasma - 30
first gen effect

pampered pyro blizzardy storm - 29

conquistador cloud 9 - 13

open to all offers
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taking offers on these unusuals

memory leak neckwear headwear - 45
-all class
-1 of 2
-other seller wants 88

midnight whirlwind victory lap - 23
-bp price 67
trade me - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=364189996&token=FccJ70tx
add me - https://steamcommunity.com/id/ourguy/
either is fine
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taking offers on these lovely items

dead presidents stout shako - 16
- only clean one on the market
- great soldier hat

midnight whirlwind victory lap - 23
- allclass

stormy storm bubble pipe - 17
- clean
- great pyro hat

double spelled professional kill streak australiam rocket launcher - 60
- cheapest double spelled on the market
- great strange parts
- flames and hotrod great killstreak

Open to all offers up/downgrade all are negotionable
trade me - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=364189996&token=FccJ70tx
add me - https://steamcommunity.com/id/ourguy/
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pro k/s rocket launcher double spelled - 60 (it's spelled so supper negotiable on price and open to all offers)
spec k/s isotope pistol - 19 (completely negotiable aswel0

the rest are just items I can add as sweets spelled items, keys, csgo keys and skins
also taking offers on the items aswell

well yeah hit me up with any offers
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dead presidents fricken sweet ninja hood
I got it really cheap looking to sell it quickly
can give great discounts for pure
priced at 39 looking for item offers or pure either way I'm happy don't check outpost too much so sending me a trade offer is quicker -> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=364189996&token=FccJ70tx
have a nice day
selling three super low tier unusuals
nuts n' bolts effect on all of them
ye olde baker boy - 10
mullet - 9
steel toe- 9
all are negotionable
all are clean
open to all offers from tf2 or csgo
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hi I'm selling a scorching flames noble amassment of hats for 110
https://backpack.tf/item/3004039065 clean
first gen
but yeah open to any offers from csgo or tf2
I barely check outpost so send me an offer => https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=364189996&token=FccJ70tx
or add me
I respond as quickly as I can
have a nice day
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looking for offers on these 4 items happy to upgrade/downgrade all that good stuff
purple confetti samureye - 45 clean https://backpack.tf/item/5658420300
fountain of delight buy a life - 34 clean https://backpack.tf/item/6077523457
Circling TF Logo Crocleather Slouch - 22 duped https://backpack.tf/item/348020729
just being upfront about all the items the buy a life has a lot of sellers and the samureye was unsuccessfully attempted to be repriced at 30
so now you know the good and bad points of the unusuals lets get onto the flamethrower
spec k/s strange normal flamethrower and one of the only spelled normals in existence - ???
so yeah open to all offers from csgo or tf2
if you have unusual misc offers I will be really happy
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hi this is my first time trading really rare spelled items
okay this is the only spelled normal flame thrower on the market anywhere
the only other spelled normal is currently a scatter gun and that is being listed at 200
so this is a very rare item 1 of 4 spelled normal flame throwers 1 is the normal Aussie which will never be sold there is one other exorcism and one double spelled but neither have been listed for a long time
I'm open to all offers and yeah if anyone is interested add me or send me an offer (offer is the quickest way to reach me but an add means we can discuss the price so I'm more likely to accept)
really intrested in csgo, pure and unusual miscs
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selling three unusuals
purple confetti samureye - 45
-one of the best demo hats
-first gen
-clean https://backpack.tf/item/5658420300

fountain of delight buy a life - 34
-great effect
-nice spy taunt
-clean https://backpack.tf/item/6077523457
green confetti gauzed gaze - 20
-first gen
-clean https://backpack.tf/item/5181783544
I'm really intrested in tf2, csgo, unusual miscs, upgrade and downgrade offers
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Timewarp Scotsman's stovepipe
1 of 4
great robo effect
open to all offers
looking for 76
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sunbeams demomans fro
clean https://backpack.tf/item/388244517
first gen
god tier effect
looking for 72
csgo offers = pure based on steam analsyt price
so yeah hmu with any offers
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three nice low to mid tier unusual's
first up
scorching flames blokes bucket
+god tier effect
+11 cheaper than burning
-sniper isn't the best class to trade with
-low tier hat
-1 of 2 on the market
my c/o is 35 pure and I'm looking for 40 or decent unusual offers
next is
steaming war pig polar opposite of the blokes
+godtier soldier hat
-low tier effect
-1 of 2 on the market
c/o is 30 looking for 39 or decent unusual offers
purple energy bootleg base metal billy cock
+first gen
+high tier effect
-1 of 2
-super long name
-robo hat
c/o 20 keys looking for 25 or unusual offers
I tried to be as fair as possible with the hats pros and cons but feel free to say if I'm missing something (all my current offers are highest quickbuyer or like a key over that from one of friends so feel free to offer)
open to all offers from tf2 and csgo
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3 clean first gen unusuals
most expensive to least
circling heart whoopie cap - 29 - sold plus two keys for a sulfurous ye olde baker boy
pretty high tier effect
vivid plasma pith helm - 25 - sold for 22 keys
lower tier effect but a nice hat
purple energy bootleg base-metal billy cock - 25
highest tier effect of the lot but on a robo hat
all offers welcome
(only interested in upgrading to a misc or high tier halloween effect)
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blizzardy storm DR's dapper topper
clean, all-class and the best second gen effect
looking for 38, lower for full pure, more for unusual, a lot more for taunts/weapons
open to all offers from tf2 and csgo
have a lot in adds if needed although I'm not really interested in upgrading to anything other than a misc/rare Halloween effect
I'm really interested in miscs, rare non-2016 Halloween effects, and good downgrades
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2 clean second gen unusuals
smoking le party phantom - 19
only clean one on the market
spy misc
dark Falkirk Helm - 18
only one on the market
all class
cheapest Falkirk by quite a bit (similar tier effects 22+)
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just take this off my hands
a duped nuts and bolts medic unusual
yep that's pretty close to the worst it gets
on the plus side, it's cheap as chips
9 keys
vivid plasma Lord Cocksworth Pith Helm - 25
first gen and clean
only one on outpost or backpack currently
will throw in the rest of the set if you're nice
24 keys for the purple energy bootleg base metal billy-cock
both clean and first gen
two clean second gen unusual's
13 for the blizzardy storm Frenchman's beret
14 for the steaming masters yellow belt
steaming big elfin deal
clean, second gen and scout
leave offers down below or add me
clean TF logo buckaroo hat 16 keys (negotionable) less for csgo open to all offers
selling this unusual sniper set looking for 28 tf2 keys (negotiable) less for csgo. unusual overpay also welcome
buying any quick sell from tf2 or csgo with 34 tf2 keys ( I can get 35 more instantly if needed )
looking for knives, unusuals, aussies, pretty much anything and I'm interested
sorry forgot to provide trade link
P.E bootleg basemetal billy cock (first gen clean) - 24 pure, unusual offers, 21 csgo keys (non sticker), skin offers
nuts and bolts hot dogger (all class, duped) - 13 pure (5 lower than any other seller), unusual offers, 11 csgo keys, skin offers
kill-a-watt tungsten toque (clean) - 9 keys, unusual offers, 8 csgo keys, skin offers
so yeah looking for a good knife or unusual for them
clean strange stormy storm bonk boy
38 tf2 keys or unusual offers
also open to csgo pure or skin offer
feel free to add me send me an offer or leave one down below
csgo skins for unusuals
worth 67$
so yeah mainly looking for great overpay in unusuals
less for miscs and more for taunts
also intrested in knife and pure offers
the two best spells in the game
-all class
- clean
- other owners has offers of 50+ pure (I will go much lower)
- I can add unusuals and items if you have a high-value item
looking for around 30
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steaming tipped lid
- 1 of 2 other owner hasn't tried to sell since he bought it 10 months ago
- clean as can be bought from the unboxer this guy is awesome https://steamcommunity.com/id/drnipslip/
- all-class
- symbolizes a good cause tipped lid was released in the tip of the hats update which raised money for charity
- adorable on pyro and demo and looks nice on soldier and heavy
- doesn't have very high buyers
- it's not the cheapest tipped lid on the market
I really like this hat so I'm happy to keep it for a while and I have other unusuals for trade
all offers welcome
I would want around 36 keys or a nice unusual or two
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haunted ghosts powdered practioner
lowest seller other than me at 60
41 keys pure or offer
all offers are appreciated
looking to buy csgo knives mainly but any csgo item offers are welcome, I'm paying with tf2 unusuals and tf2 keys so expect overpay
if you have any csgo items leave them down below and I'll give you an offer
dual spelled bills
the lowest a double spelled bills are selling for is 10
but that's a low tier foot print and voices
this is a color changing spell and the second highest tier foot prints
the closest is a spectral spectrum and rotten orange for 50
that's a higher tier so this is worth less than that
hmu with offers
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burning flames stately steel toe
looking for 29 pure
a lot more in unusual's
stormy stormy cosa nostra
not a huge attachment from me
willing to let it go for lower than any other seller in pure

ghastly ghosts junior firewall helmet
only one in the world
the two best spells in the game
I actually really like this hat so offer away
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morning glory base metal billy-cock
looking for 25 keys that's the cheapest morning glory spy hat you can find
keys, items, unusual's all welcome leave an offer down below or add me
orbiting fire dread riding hood
2nd gen
great sniper hat
clean https://backpack.tf/item/2886118194
keys, items, unusual and cash offers welcome
last buyer pulled out at the last second so please decide if you want the hat rather than make me wait 2 weeks to be fair he changed his mind and that's fine. just salty tbh
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yay the two edgiest classes
so you there yes you the twelve-year-old dressed in all black
I bet you would love a nice hat that tells all those fakes that you only deal with the darkness in your soul
so if you want to be the ultimate edgelord then my hats are for you
the orbiting fire dread riding hood
it's on SCM for $88.31 the buyer will take about a week
offers so far 24 pure, a csgo kinfe worth 25 and like 36 in impossible to sell items
but yeah leave any offers down below or add me for this one
now the super cheap ridiculous spy hat
janissary ketch Circling TF logo - sold for a terror watt bomb beanie
I like to negotiate
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looking to trade my spelled bills and keys for a low tier unusual (check my bp for the sweets you would be interested in)
sinister staining bills hat
looking for keys, items pretty much all offers are welcome
bills hats
what more could you want
but yeah keys or items both are fine with me so leave some offers down below