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I am buying jungle jackpot warpaint cases for 0.66 ref each I will buy as many as you have, add me, or send me a trade offer using my link

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I am selling a copy of csgo starting at 8 keys but willing to negotiate, bare in mind that this copy on works in certain countries so look at where it applies to before you offer on it.
Selling my unusual killers exclusive with orbiting fire effect painted an extraordinary abundance of tinge for 23 keys, and or overpay offers, add me or send an offer if interested.
Taking offers on this unusual gauzed gaze with orbiting fire effect for medic. This unusual is clean and has a history of 3, comment, send a trade offer, or add me if interested in this unusual.
Taking offers on this unusual slick cut, with dead presidents effect (for medic) send me a trade offer or add me if you would like to discuss offers.
Taking offers on my unusual conquistador with disco beat down effect for soldier, comment or send me a trade offer.
selling this russian strong arm holy grail with no set price, I am pretty much just taking offers so send a trade offer or comment if interested.
Selling this Unusual harmburg with bubbling effect, and painted a deep commitment to purple for 21-22 keys or unusual overpay, but right now I am mainly taking offers and willing to negotiate, so send a trade offer if interested
Selling unusual dead cone with orbiting planets effect

Also spelled with voices from below

11-12 keys is my starting price but it isn’ My final price, send an offer if interested.
Taking offers, I have no set price
Buying mass amounts of any robot part for specialized/Professional killstreak at discount. Comment or send trade offer if interested.
Buying low tier unusual quick sell hats and taunts with 11 keys pure 2 keys in ref, send offer of comment
Selling a copy of Counter Strike Global Offense, for 7 keys- 7.2 keys
[b]Keep in mind that this copy only works in[/b] [b]Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and The Russian Federation[/b]

Send a trade offer if interested.
selling an unusual Battin' a thousand taunt for scout with holy grail effect.

I am taking offers so no offer is not considered also accepting unusual overpay aussies etc.
Unusual Harmburg disco beatdown effect - looking for around 23-25 keys

Willing to take unusual over pay australiums and willing to see what you have to offer. Send an offer if interested.