Frost [Rip pc]
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Buying gta san andreas quicksell!!

2 Keys pure add me
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My trade offer
JUST DIRECT TRADE, if you want to view if this unu can be sold in opskins yes can be, and if you want to "check" if this item is clean with a "Steam community admin" i will block you and report for scammer.

Fast accept trade if i am online.

Strange legendary lid: 3 keys and 4 ref or 4 in overpay
Unusual familiar fez: 12 Keys with 1 ref or 15 in overpay.

If you buy all of that items just would be 16 keys
And if you buy all of that items in overpay would be 18 keys and 5 ref
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Tina: 8 keys in pure 11 in overpay (I accept unusuals offers/australiums offers)
Strange texas: 2 keys and 15 ref in pure 4 In overpay
Here my trade offer, Have a good day
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12 keys in pure and 15 keys with 15 ref in overpay i accept auss and unusuals offers

Here my trade offer:
Hey hi i am selling this unusual in pure 12 keys with 19 ref with 1 rec and 1 scrap in overpay 17 keys (example: Max head) and in earbud 10 earbuds if you want add me to trade i will accept fast if i am online
Kazotsky kick - 2 keys
Federal casemaker with strange and paint - 2 keys and 1 ref
2 keys and 15 ref the kazotsky kick in overpay and 2 keys and 10 ref the federal in overpay

Heres my link of my trade offer
If i am online i will accept the offer fast
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Hey hello i wanna trade this kazotsky kick send me trade offer dont add me

My trade offer link
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5 refined metal plz
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Hey hello

Plz put items cost 4 refined metal the axtinguisher cost 10.5 ref

My trade offer link (DONT ADD ME):

I dont accept trades in hold
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