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Buying any steam trading card for a scrap and any foil card for a reclaimed, prices may change over time. This is the easiest and best way to mass sell your steam trading cards, if I am out of stock please inform me and I will make sure to fix the matter. Make sure to bookmark this listing so you can mass sell your cards in the future. Its an amazing deal! (Will also pay a scrap extra per card if it is a complete set)

Thank You!

https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=318518455&token=y4WnVLOv (Trade Link)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/1227200299 (Profile Link)
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DBD Baron von havenaplane Clean, painted, looking for 28 pure, 32 mixed or Aussie, and 35 in unusuals. Very nice effect on a great medic hat, I'm quite fine keeping it, as it's really, really nice.
Buying all Blue moon cosmetics for the right price. If I am out of stock, please inform me. Not interested in strange or unusuals as I am low in key stock.
v v v v v v v

Robin Walkers- Not interested in buying, sorry
The Frag Proof Fragger-18 ref
Private Maggot Muncher- 16.22 ref
The Cold Case- 7.88 ref
Starboard Crusader- 2 keys
Veterans Attire- 15.22 ref
The Burning Question- 7.22 ref
Aristotle- 6 ref
Blizzard Britches- 4.33 ref

Thanks, have a wonderful day! ;3
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Starstorm Insomnia Toy soldier, worn by both soldier and sniper. Looking for 25 keys and 18 ref. Price not firm. Very nice unusual, good effect, I won't mind keeping it. Unusual overpay of 30% and Aussie overpay of 5% Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day! OwO

(On hold to Monday 6/4, someone buying for exact amount in pure, feel free to try to offer something better and I may be interested)

https://backpack.tf/item/5207113742 (history)
Feel free to add me and negotiate!
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Have 22 Keys pure, looking for discounted unusuals. Looking for 40-35% off, but it really depends on the hat and the effect. Send over an offer, and I will either decline or accept. I will pay more for the hats listed. (So ~25-30% off) Feel free to add me if I decline, or just add me, I am always up to talking! Thanks!
A nice Prof killstreak kit, only 2 keys 14 ref, I just have no need for it
40 for the cotton, pure or unusuals, really nice all class. Effect works well with the hat. Only classes it looks bad on is heavy and soldier but I have a Cuban Bristle Crisis and it fixes that and makes it look good.
(QUICKSELL) 17 for the hedge, 18 mix, 20 unusual. Bubbling, new unusual, multiclass, decent low tier effect and nice hat! Currently the only seller!

Don't be afraid to offer on either of these, feel free to add me to negotiate, thank you!!! ;3
Buying Blue Moon Keys, 1 key and 1 ref for each, yes really. I wanna buy some to unbox some cases.
Max stock 0/8.
Some AMAZING things freshly unboxed by me! They are gorgeous! Looking for 16 keys for the unusual, or 20 in overpay, CHEAPEST, CHEAPER THAN SCM. CLEAN HISTORY OF ONE PERSON! (OnLy On MaRkEt LmAo) Nice private Maggot Muncher for 1 key or 1.5 in items. Willing to negotiate down in price for any of these items.

ARE TRADABLE (idk why it hasn't updated)

Thanks! (Got so much nice stuff from unboxing, really want to sell these just to unbox again!)
Just looking for offers right now, so offer away!
Current offer: N/A
Declined offers: N/A
15 keys pure, 18 keys in mixed, or 21 keys in unusuals. Don't feel afraid to offer, unless it's horrible (like don't offer a weapon, just don't) I would appreciate if you add me, but you can just send the offer. Cheapest you can find this hat, and a really nice disco beat down effect, who doesn't love disco beat down. Anyways, thanks guys, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Trouble Makers Tossle cap, aces high. A really nice scout hat with a decent effect. Looking for 17 keys or 23 keys in unusual overpay. Right now I'm really just looking for offers, so offer away!
(Only one on the Market!!!)

Current offer: N/A
Declined offer:
Megastrike Posedown
Cloud Nine Titanium Pilar of Hats
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Looking for unusual quicksell (30-40% off) for 27 keys or less. Offering pure keys for your unusuals. Will pay less for duped, heavy, demo, orbiting planets, massed flies, and bad hats overall. Thank you for your time, and he a wonderful day! x3
Just 9 keys, beating out all the other sellers by 14 whole keys! Crazy deal! Feel free to add and negotiate, thanks! (great effect, and decent all class taunt, amazing!) I will accept unusual overpay offers. I know, taunts are hard to sell and undesirable, but at this price you can't go wrong!
Selling a Strange orbiting fire field practice for 20-21 pure, (amazinglly cheap) will also accept unusual overpay of 35% or more. Current offer: N/A, feel free to comment. I really appreciate anyone who adds me for anything (apart from scammers of course) Thank you! x3
Selling a strange orbiting fire field practice for 25 keys (up for negotiation). This is the only one on the market of both normal and strange. Unusual cosmetic overpay of 25%. It should be so easy to sell for 30 keys or even more. Please feel free to add me and discuss. Thank you! x3

Current offer: 24 Keys pure
It's a mistake not to buy it
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Looking for unusual (cosmetic) Quicksells, feel free to add me and discuss. Thanks!
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Buying quicksell unusual hats for obviously 30-40% off, please leave a comment below, I'm trying to get into unusual trading and am having trouble so any help is appreciated, thanks so much! x3
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Looking for unusual hat Quicksells of 15 keys or under, add me or send me an offer. Thank you! x3
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Looking to buy Quicksells unusuals of 30% or more discount. Please add me to negotiate and discuss, I have 20 keys pure!
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Heya :) Looking for Unusual Quick sells (using the term rather loosely) 10 keys pure total.

13 key unusual, will pay 10 keys
12 key unusual, will pay 9 keys
11 key unusual, will pay 9 keys
10 key unusual, will pay 8 keys
9 key unusual, will pay 8 Keys
8 key unusual, will pay 7 Keys

Please add me or ask any questions if interested, my Steam contains all if the links to my information
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Selling Haunted Burny's Boney Bonnet for 19 refined, which is 2 reclaimed cheaper than backpack.tf, which may not seem like a good deal but it's the cheapest on the market. Obviously feel free to negotiate if you want a different price. Go ahead and add me or send over an offer! Thanks X3
Selling my Strange Stormy Storm for 23 keys pure or 25 overpay. It's a great effect on a great cosmetic, Even though it's a heavy unusual it still looks great. Feel free to negotiate price and add me or send an offer if interested. Thanks! X3

Only one on the market, Clean!
Great strange, non mini crit and non crit clock attached. Great rocket skin. Thanks if your interested ^^