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Unusual P.fetti platinium pickelhaube: 16 keys.
I prefer pure. Clean and beautiful hat with a nice short story. Paint worthing 2.85 keys is free. Add me on Steam.
CHEAPEST on the market
Hey selling this wonderful hat.

B/O: 19.8 keys
Overpay like 23 keys with Unusuals.
Misc: I take the lower value of the Unusual and I add keys. Price with Misc offer: 22 keys.
1 of 9 in existence.
Scout and Engineer hat.

Send trade. This price is firm.
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Hey, I'm the lowest seller on the market (Quicksell)
Circling TF logo Brass Bucket B/O: 20 keys
Overpay of 30% in Unusuals hats or mixed offers (24 keys). (So near 26 keys)
Paint is free
First gen. effect
Nice unusual hat
Short history
1 of 7 hats
Send trade add me or comment on Tf2outpost or on my profile, I'm negotatiable. (I don't bite!!)
Don't forget to bookark the trade.

Thanks !
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I'm currently buying quicksell low tier unusuals.
If you need pure fast, here is what I can give you for each low tier hat.
--PRICE GUID-----------
10 keys---->> 7 keys
11 keys----->> 7 keys
12 keys---->> 7 keys
13 keys---->> 8 keys
14 keys---->> 8 keys
15 keys---->> 9 keys
16 keys---->> 9 keys
17 keys---->> 10 keys
18 keys---->> 10 keys

My prices are firm, so please don't add me to try and negociate a higher price.
I'm not looking to buy third gens.

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Buying a TF2 key for 28.55 refs.
Send trade or a friend request.
Hey guys, I search anyone who wants to sell his tf2 key.
The price of one key is 28,55 refs.
Send trade.
Hi to everyone, I'm selling that normal Shooting Star for 1 key 13 refs.
I accept pure and 30% overpay. I don't accept roboparts and I don't count parts or spells or paints on cosmetics.
Send trade.