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I am selling my entire TF2 backpack for ref/keys. add me to negotiate the price. I am not looking to make profit so prices will be pretty reasonable as long as you're buying more than one thing because I can't be fucked listing everything on individually.
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Im trading literally everything in my tf2 backpack for csgo skins or keys, add me to negatiate or send me an offer.
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strange reserve shooter 4.27 3.88 3.77
genuine conjurer's cowl 10.33
bruisers bandana 15.88
I am selling all the cases in my backpack
you can buy 6 for 1 weapon or all of them for 0.55 ref
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Im buying:
A strange silver botkiller mk1 sniper rifle 8 ref
A strange panic attack 5.11 ref
A strange diamondback 6.55 ref
A strange iron bomber 16.88 ref
And a strange shotgun 9.77 ref
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Strange red tape recorder 1.55
Genuine foppish physician 2.55
Thats all for today
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Im looking to buy a key for 29.77 ref, send an offer I accept fast.
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powdered practitioner: 4 ref
blighted beak: 6.33 ref
the space diver: 7 ref
the sub zero suit: 13.22 ref
pure or item overpay
trade me or add me if you have any problems or want to negotiate
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I'm selling
the phlog for 4.77
the black box for 12.55

and I'm buying bulk hats for 80% to 90% of their price,
depending on how many hats and how expensive the hat is.
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I'm selling every single crate/case in my inventory for 3 ref
if you want to buy then individual it is 2 for 1 scrap
Safe n sound 1.44 ref
Drs dapper topper 2 ref
The danger 1.33
Strange third degree 1.44
I accept item overpay
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Hero's tail: 5 ref (I might accept 4.88 if it does not sell too quick)
Low profile: 1.88 ref
Antique annihilator: 1 ref
If anyone has any, I'll buy the buck taylor all stars (the shoes) for 10 ref
Will buy decal tool for 0.66 ref (I might consider buying it at 0.77 ref, it depends)
Send me a trade offer if your interested.
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