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Selling for 28 refined in pure or 1 key or more in item overpay.
Selling these items for refined metal!
Soldier's Stash ( Soldier ) - 19 refined
Fancy Fedora ( Spy ) - 13.77 refined
Mining Light ( Engineer ) - 13 refined
Eliminator's Safeguard ( Heavy ) - 3.88 refined
Old Guadalajara ( Pyro ) - 1.77 refined
Sammy Cap ( Heavy ) - 1 refined
Autumn Mk ll Pistol ( Scout,Engineer ) - 2 refined

If you're interested,add me as a friend in Steam and send an offer! Or just send an offer,here's my trade url https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=336058039&token=Hxd-a-NZ
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Selling this Strange Rotation Sensation ( Painted Team Spirit ) for 20 refined in pure, 23 refined in item overpay.
My Steam Trade URL : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=336058039&token=Hxd-a-NZ
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Strange Co-Pilot = 2keys pure or 2keys and 10 ref in item overpay.Add me if you want to negotiate
Selling All My Valuables For Gun Mettle Keys And Cases. I will accept offers that I want. xd . The Offer Has To Be 3 Keys Or Maybe Above If You Want To Overpay That Is.
Need a Strange Pink Brotherhood Of Arms,Pink Dead Of Night,And Pink Bandanna.Don't judge.xd
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Looking For Fedora-Like Hat Offers In Exchange For This Noh Mercy.