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Selling this Nice Looking Demo Hat with a Good Effect for 14 keys pure. I will accept as quick as possible. Negotiation is allowed but not below 14 keys. Item overpay is also allowed :)
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Selling this Counterfeit Billycock Effect: 9 Cloud for 12 keys. I will also accept 13 keys also in overpay (Negotiation is allowed)
I am selling this Stormy Storm Bombing Run for 11-12 keys, I will prefer 12 keys which is full price but if you want to offer 11 keys is totally ok, it still be backpack.tf price
Trading this Sniper Orbiting Planets hats for 11 keys pure (1 key discounted from the backpack.tf price which is 12) Negotiation and Overpay are allowed. :)
Trade Offer Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=343962067&token=0O-xms46
Selling this two Unusual Taunts for a slightly discounted price:

Meet the Medic: Skill Gotten Gains for 13 Keys.
The Carlton: Mega Strike for 13 Keys.
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I dont like main any of this two classes :p so thats why I decided to trade this specialized killstreak kit and specialized killstreak weapons
Specialized Killstreak Diamondback Kit: 22 ref
Specialized Killstreak Hitman's Heatmaker: 22 ref
Specialized Killstreak Your Eternal Reward: 18 ref
Add Me for the trade offer and then unfriend if you want to ;-;
I got this items around my inventory, I am more interested in trading (I accept overpay)
Jungle Jersey: 2 keys and 2 ref
Bananades: 15 ref and 2 scrap
Pocket Saxton: 5 ref and 1 reclaimed
The Classy Capper: 6 ref and 4 scrap
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Each Weapon 1 scrap or 2 craftable weapons :3

Trade Offer Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=343962067&token=ddSAZhLe
Ummm, I dont like this hat at all :)
Yep, another kind of cheap trade?
15 Keys just for this Unusual ;)
Believe, is just that for the Strange Ambassador: 4.22