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18 keys it with 22 it has w Halloween spells on it
5o keys pur worth 65
Or 70 in unusual overpay
Strange parts 3key and 11.33 ref each
The backpack expander's 15ref each
22 key pure or 26 in unusuals has 9 keys in parts
20 keys pure or 22 in unusuals
Offer has 9 keys in parts and its specialised killstreak
Offers also has 9 keys in parts
Hello I am selling this knife for 20 keys pure and it has 9 keys in parts
Pro is foce of nature
Add me to discus I take items to
What you guys offer me
This is what i want for it Strange dead of night
Potassium Bonnett
Strange Aussie knife pro ks or spek ks
45 keys pure or
50 keys in items
Add me to disscus
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It not 2 keys just put 2 key on there
16 keys pure sent offer In any items as lon if I make a little profit
16 keys pure pleas tng complete !y sniper dream
Capper 2 keys 10ref
Rocket luncher 11ref
Batsaber 10keys/9keys20ref
Taunt 3ref
Sniper hat 1 key 20ref
Offer for the rest
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Pleas help a deemed out
Pink max head looking to buy to co!pleat my sniper dream set
Pink max head or purple pleas add me then send trade offer