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I am selling my 1/9 kill-a-watt stormin norman for 16 keys slight unusual overpay or a max's head if you want

I dont require much in unusual overpay, just 2-3 keys if the effect is decent or if its all class,

heavy hats or hats with flies or nuts n bolts will need more overpay,

bp price is 14-20 keys and the only seller other than me is selling at 17 keys

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Selling this 1/9 kill-a-watt stormin norman for the demo for 17 keys pure or unusual overpay offers (around 30% overpay unless its a heavy hat or with he effect nuts n bolts or flies)

Add me for negotiation or send me a trade with 17 keys pure

here's my bp.tf link https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198189106033
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I am quickbuying any unusual for 30% off except heavy unusuals or unusuals with nuts n bolts or flies which I will buy for 40% off

9 key unusual = 7 keys
10 key unusual = 7 keys
11 key unusual = 7 keys
12 key unusual = 8 keys
13 key unusual = 9 keys
14 key unusual = 9 keys
15 key unusual = 10 keys
16 key unusual = 11 keys
17 key unusual = 11 keys
18 key unusual = 12 keys
19 key unusual = 12 keys

i currently only have a 12 key stock but i may have more when you trade me so you may want to add me for negotiations

here's my trade link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=228840305&token=xYg8gwED

Happy trading :D
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I'm looking for 10 keys or unusual overpay, Add me to trade
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Im looking for 10 keys pure or [color=#548]unusual[/color] offers, add me to trade
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pampered pyro selling for backpack.tf price 1.33 ref