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Selling Strange Scatter-gun for 3.12 keys!

Part attached: Domination Kills

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Buying Steam Trading Cards!

0.22 - 0.33 A Card!

Full Sets For 4 Ref
Selling cosmetic for Ref! Non-negotiable prices.
Pure Only

The Sangu Sleeve's: 2 ref
Towering Pillar of Hats: 2 ref
Ghastlierest Gibus: 13 ref
Genuine Wilson Weave Australium Gold: 9 ref
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Buying 2 End of The Line Crate Key!

24.33 Ref a Key
Looking For Key to Metal Exchanges!
34.11 Ref Per Key (2 in stock)
Key Price: 34 - 34.11 REF
Griffin's Gog: 3 ref
The Intangible Ascot: 3 ref
The Sangu Sleeve's: 3 ref
Vintage Wrangler: 2.33 ref
Bovine Blazemaker Scattergun MK: ll: 15 ref (Field-Tested)
Ghastlierest Gibus: 14 ref
Griffin's Gog: 3 ref
The Intangible Ascot: 3 ref
Bovine Blazemaker Scatter gun MK: ll: 10 ref
Vintage Wrangler: 2.33 ref
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Buying cards for 0.22 ref a card!
Looking for Complete Decks also (5.00 ref)
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Looking For Complete Decks also!
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Buying all Strange's and Vintage's for Ref!
Price of weapon depends on quality and weapon!
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Selling Killstreak Fabricator Kits for (1.22 Ref)

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  • Completed
Adds headshot count to any strange weapon. Australium included.