Dragon Slayer Shotgun
Assorted War Paints

I don't play tf2 as much as I used to, so looking for offers
Doing some MVM trading.
Not a Bot, but I'm pretty active, don't add me.
Sorry about the low stock, I'm working on it.


-Buying battle worns - 0.33 Ref (Max Stock - 2)
-Buying bomb stabilizers - 0.5 Ref (Max Stock -5)


Selling bomb stabilizers - 0.11 Ref (Very low stock)
-Selling battle worns - 0.55 Ref (Currently Low stock - I have 2 KB's and 2 taunt's, Only One Furnace)
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Merry Smissmas
Selling some crates:

Sale! Infernal Reward - 1.00 Refined (Stock - 3)
Jungle Jackpot - 0.66 Refined (Stock - 2
Abominable - 0.33 Refined (Stock - 3)

Not currently buying

Worth 6.3 refined total stock
But i'll cash out at 6 for a bulk deal.
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Send Me Offers!
In three days. Reserve Now! :P

Or similar engy hat/beard
Just doing some spring cleaning.

Infernal - 1.33 ref each (2 in stock)
Jungle Jackpot - 0.66 ref (2 in stock)
Abominable - 0.33 ref (3 in stock)

Item overpay is fine!

If you give me one of those engineer cosmetics I'll give you all the crates :P

Quackenbirt for two crates of your choice.

I have Steam Guard for insta-trades
Send me an offer!
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