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any weapon that i own 2 or more times for any weapon that i don't own at all
1 weapon=1 weapon.

i accept shitty weapons like the panic attack as well.
i don't want your metal.
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none of them is has strange or some other kind of quality.
1 item= 1 item
i can also accept any weapon that i don't own.
and you can also take from me wichever waepon i own 2 or motimes that is not listed here,like the spycicle.
i will not accept any non-weapons or any skins of weapons that i already own.
i don't want metal.
try click the link i typed in the comments
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all of them are common,don't expect unusuals or something like that

here are the rules:
you can get any item of you coice by by doing 1 of th following

1 item=1 refined metal
1 item=1 key
1 item=3 sniper weapons
1 item=anything you want if you have already used at least one of the above rules.
solemn vow is no longer acceptable because someone gave it to me from an other exchange.

click here
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