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Quickselling! Nice effect and very visible. Selling for 17 KEYS and 30 REF! Please add me to negotiate or discuss or for mixed. Unusual overpay must be over 21 Keys. No taunts please.
Great demo hat with a noticeable effect! 14 keys and 17 ref in pure, or 17 keys in unusuals. Mixed can be around 15-16 Keys. Taunts must be over 20 keys at the lowest seller on backpack.tf! Add me to discuss. Unfortunately I cannot go any lower.
Quickselling this for 11 keys pure or 13 unusual/mixed overpay. Taunts must be 15 keys minimum. Only one on market
Just started trading, kinda new. Wondering if anybody would like to quicksell a decent tiered unusual for 12 keys, maybe more, depending on what I have. I appreciated even consideration! Thank you!
Also, ignore the unusualifier I cant find the other thing