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Buying craftable hat 1.11ref pure.. Msg me or just send offer on my this link:
Selling this strange siper with 3 parts and killstreak for 1key and 2ref...

You can add offer but it has to be overpay more than 7ref.. Sry for this but im kinda in rush.

My trade link:
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Selling this Strange Festivized Grenade Launcher with 3 parts:
-Buildings Destroyed
-Engineers Killed

Selling this launcher for 1 key and 2.33ref

My trade link:
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The Delinquent's Down Vest - 3ref (paint: Aged Moustache Grey)

Taunt: Mannrobics- SOLD

My trade link:

If you don't see my launcher in my backpack just add me and send me a messege if you buy it..
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I buy Mann Co Supply Key for 37.66 ref.
My trade link:
Selling Bill's Hat for 1 key and 30 ref!!!
Bill's Hat painted (An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge)

My trade link:
The Automizer 0.11ref
The Sandman 0.11ref
The Battalion's Backup 0.11ref
The Vita-Saw 0.11ref
Spy-Cycle 0.11ref (have 2)
The Fan O'War 0.11ref
The Wrangler 0.11ref
Bonk! Atomic Punch 0.11ref
Crit-a-Cola 0.11ref
The Eyelander 0.11ref
The Overdose 0.11ref
The Widowmaker 0.11ref
Frontier Justice 0.11ref
The Kritzkreig 0.11ref
The Quickiebomb Launcher 0.11ref
The Buffalo Steak Sandvich 0.11ref
The Diamondback 0.11ref
The Sun-on-a-Stick 0.11ref
The Powerjack 0.11ref
My trade link:
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Each Speacialized Killstreak is 0.66ref
Bombing Run 2ref. (paint-A Deep Commitment to Purple)
My trade link:
Winter Wonderland Warp 3.22ref.- SOLD
The Dark Age Defender 3ref.-SOLD
Ellis' Cap 1.22ref.
Blighted Beak 6.22ref.
Familiar Fez 2.11ref.-SOLD

Look all prices on

Here is my trade link
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Bill's hat for 2 key i give 4 for bonus!
Operation Hydra Case Key for Mann Co. Supply Crate Key and 2ref.
Here is my trade link:
Buy 1 key for 36.33ref.
Here is my trade link

I wont give more than that if someone sells for lower it will be great.
The Sandman 0.11ref
The Battalion's Backup 0.11ref
The Frying Pan 0.11ref- SOLD
The spy-cycle 0.11ref
The eyelander 0.11ref
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol 0.11ref
Slot Token- Melee 0.22ref
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Bill's Hat for 1key and 5ref

And I don't need painted at all and please don't chenge offer. I offer this and my only offer for now.
Brainiac Hairpiece 1.44ref
The Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) 1.11ref
FAmiliar Fez 2.66ref
[color=blue]The Dark Age 3.11ref
The dark age 3.11ref
Sun-on-a-stick 0.11ref
The neon Annihilator 0.11ref