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beak for 50 keys
Mountain cap for 37 keys
taking offers on this hat in unusual/pure/mixed
pure/mixed/unusual offers
taking offers on these hats

hazmat: 250 keys
company man: 20 keys
taking offers on this hazmat.
I would prefer all class hats/pure
-Pro kit w/ Agonizing Emerald Singularity
-Halloween Spell: Exorcism
-Halloween Spell: Halloween Fire

Only offer here or through trade offers. Please don't add me.
taking offers on these hats
  • Expired due to inactivity
36 keys
  • Expired due to inactivity
offer here
please don't add me
selling as a set only
pure only

35 keys for the set
don't add me
all adds will be ignored
opened the trade again after 3 months

taking offers on these hats
unusual offers only
no lowballing
no stranges, australiums, or killstreaks

hallmark is gifted by b4nny/duped
mountaincap is not duped/short history
brigade is not duped
nappers is not duped/short history
trophy belt is duped
hat with no name is not duped
havenaplane unboxed by me/has short history
trilby is not duped/short history

if you want pictures from in-game just ask

don't add me
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taking offers on this hat
7 ref add me
11 ref each add me
looking for a blighted beak level 68
taking offers on this hat
looking for offers on this hat
selling these for metal:
spec sticky: 1 key
ks sticky: 7 ref
  • Completed
taking offers on this hat
looking to either upgrade or swap soldier hats
this is my pyro set
i've had it for a year so I have grown attached to it, but i'm wanting to see offers on it
buying an aussie axtinguisher for 7 keys
sold for 32 pure
taking offers on this
sold or 40 pure

3 keys each
taking offers on these
I've been wanting to get a scout hat, but I will take all offers into consideration
45 keys or unusual offers (scout preferred)
selling this for 45 keys or offer a scout hat
Brokering for a friend.

Tavish for 1.4 buds
Nun Hood is up for offers
Buying dueling mini games for 1 rec each

Trying to get a platinum dueling badge :3
buying dueling mini games for 1 rec each
4.33 ref
1.5 keys
selling these:
revolver x4:~~ 2.5 ref each
backburner x3:~~ 5 ref each
bonesaw x3:~~ 1.66 ref each
bonk x2:~~ 2 ref each
shotgun x6:~~ 5 ref each
chargin' targe x2:~~ 2 ref each

send a trade offer
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selling these for metal

warmth: 2.66
double dog: 3.66
woodsman: 3.66
condor: 2.66
bucket: 1.66
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Looking for craft #68 items
Post your #68 items here and what price you want for them (make it a reasonable price)
Pyro>all class>scout>medic>everything else


I don't always have keys, but if I like the item you offer then I could potentially get some pure if needed.

Currently have:
Cotton Head #68
Soot Suit #68
Ham Shank #68
Bone Dome #68
Manmelter #68
Cool Cat Cardigan #68
Beggar's Bazooka #68
Combustible Kabuto #68
Sengoku Scorcher #68
AWPer Hand #68
Back Scatter #68
Phlogistinator #68
Colonel's Coat #68
Fancy Dress Uniform #68
Armored Authority #68
MK 50 #68
Third Degree #68
Dadliest Catch #68
King of Scotland Cape #68
Cute Suit #68
Bubble Pipe #68
Merc Medal #68
Combat Slacks #68
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i'm selling the rest of my holiday cards for 2 rec each
  • Completed
1 ref add me~<3
Looking for offers on this beautiful hat~<3
B/O: 17 keys

Don't add me to offer....
16 keys for machina (strange parts)
14 keys for festive knife

add me or send a trade offer
buying a key for 12.66 ref
1.22 ref send me a trade offer~<3
buying for 2 ref add me~<3
looking for a pyromancer mask level 68. Send me a trade offer~<3
Timeless topper is:
1 of 2 on OP
and 1 of 2 in tf2

Looking for unusual offers

Don't add me to offer....
It will be difficult for me to trade this away.
I'm not looking to add anything for a more expensive hat.
Don't offer 3rd gen, robo effects, unpriced hats, or robo hats....

Wrench sold for a bud and 4 keys
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Looking for the nabler #68 when it's crafted
Looking for offers on this beautiful hat~<3
Only looking for soldier unusual offers

Don't add me to offer....