Since tf2 is gonna die soon.

selling everything regular for bp.tf price

offer for b4nny sticky bomb and the unusual
Feel free to add/offer

Taking offers, maybe a cool craft number medal
BO is 22 keys
add me gamers
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back to trading :D

just putting these up, looking for offers
7 ref
wow keys are fucking expensive
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have 30 keys
offer away on unusuals
mostly looking for sniper ones
6 ref
i have 17 keys, just offer

doesn't have to be a quicksell, only idiots think they can get 30% price

sniper unusuals prefered
Taking offers

BO - 18 keys
6 ref

taking offers

BO - (belt) 6 buds, 7 in unusuals
BO- (demo unusual) 18 keys
Taking offers

Looking for around 6.5 in unusuals, 6 pure
Looking for around 6 buds for this, closer to 7 in unusuals

I have 15 keys to add
BO - 6.5, 7 in unusuals

taking offers

i take robo effects, as long as they dont look like shit
BO - 6.5 buds 7 in unusuals

taking offers
BO - 6.5 buds/ 7 in unusuals

Can add = 8 keys, service medal, brawling bucaneer #49, sweets with hats

I really like soldier and sniper
BO - 7 pupe, 7.5 in unusuals

Taking offers

Dont be afraid to offer

I understand prices arent set, but avoid low balls please
Can add 5 keys and some hats
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8 keys
BO - 7 buds
taking offers
Taking offers
BO - 5.5 (6 in unusuals)
this item has a special lvl

B/O: 12 pure, 14 in unusuals

no loballz plz

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3 dueling mini games for 1.11
BO - 6 buds

taking unusual offers
Taking offers

BO - 4.2 pure (4.6 in unusuals)
medigun - 1 ref
black box - 4.66 ref
rocket launcher - 3 ref
overdose - .33 ref
reserve shooter - 4 ref
3 ref

add me
taking offers on both items
taking offers
BO 22 keys (1 bud + 1 key)
selling for 22 keys or 1 bud + 1 key
taking unusual offers
B/O 6 buds
taking offers
B/O- 7 buds
taking offers
trading my after eight cross comm for a lime one
Taking unusual offers
I have 5 keys and some hats to upgrade
B/O- 2.6 buds
i would like to upgrade
i have 17 keys, a black bills, some craft hats and a logo pot
3 keys
or a s.degreaser with strange parts
Taking offers
BO - 1.4 buds (32 keys)