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Selling tokens for 2 scrap each!
Selling keys for 7,44 each!
Stock: 1 key!
1,33 add me!
Villain Veil- 4 ref
YWN- 1,55
Add me!!
Selling Lvl 1 Pocket Pyro for 2.00 or OFFERS!
Thanks for reading!
Selling for 1.66, add me!
Selling this hat for 1,55, trade me!
Selling the medic hat for 1.44!
Add me!
Lvl 1 Pocket Pyro!
Selling Price: 2.66
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Selling Slot tokens for rec each!
Current Stock:
Class Token- Scout=0
Class Token-Soldier=0
Class Token-Pyro=2
Class Token-Demoman=1
Class Token-Heavy=0
Class Token-Engineer=0
Class Token-Medic=0
Class Token-Sniper=0
Class Token-Spy=0

Slot Token Primary=1
Slot Token Secondary=2
Slot Token Melee=1
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Hey guys buying ALL emoticons(common) for a rec
Rare will be for 2 rec
and uncommon for 0.44
Add me!
Not buying ATM
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1:1 Add me :D
Charmers Chapeau for 2.66
Add me :D
Fez- 1.33 SOLD
Greased lightning- 4.33
OR greased lightning+ 1.33 for Dishonored DLC void walker
If you agree add me!
Lightning greased: 5 ref
Fez: 1.33
Or all for 1 key
Add me!
Flameboy- 1.44
Idea Tube- 1.44
Dirty Fez- 2.66
Add me if you agree :D
Hey guys I have a very stylish hat here :D
And it is painted too!
So Offer on it :D
B/O- 3 ref
C/O- N/A
Thanks guys!
Degroot- 1.33 SOLD
Last Breath- 1 key SOLD
Soldier Stash- 2.33 ref
Your Worst Nightmare- 1.44 SOLD
Hustlers Hallmark- 1.44 SOLD
My emotion+scrap for that one
Add me
Hey guys I am buying these games, I am gonna buy some keys and stuff so offer for these games!
If I like your offer then I am gonna it off you ASAP.
Selling my rogue's col roue for 2 ref!
Add me!
Selling my liquiour locker for 1.44!
Add me!
Hey there!
I like to buy this WONDERFUL game!
My price is in the middle of 5-6 keys
Add me!
(Btw I dont have the keys now but will have it later)
Add me
Hey guys!
Look a card trade, I'll try to keep this short and get to the point! :)
I have these cards and I want THOSE binding of isaac cards, I can add a scrap/ 2 wep!
If you feel like it add me and we'll do the trade!
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Offers for this lvl 99 noh mercy!
B/O- 2.66
C/O- 2 ref
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C/O- Scrap
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Valve said these will be rare after June 3rd/4th , so these will either sky rocket to the moon or stay the same. So I'm talking offers on these and my B/O will be very high as I want to see how will the prices alter.

B/O- 15 keys for one (one can dream :3)
C/O- Not available
buying robocrates for a scrap
Add me!
Can we sell these or waht?
Anyway, im looking for offers!
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B/O- 10 keys
C/O- 4 ref
Wanna see what robotic hats I can get for this.
Offer here, dont add me!
(I can add metal if necessary)
Talking offers!
1:1 add me!
Robotic beanie pyro hat....
Offer in keys and Metal!
Look at the lvl!
B/O- 1 key 1 ref
C/O- none
3,33 + a few random things for CLEAN LCNMCAP
Add me!
1.66 Add me!
1,66 (due to paint)
Add me!
Add me!
Must be clean!
Stash for 2,66!
Add me!
Offer away!
B/O- Dunno
C/O- none
1.33 Add me!
Add me!
2.11 for this CLEAN stash!
Add me!
Selling a tyrants for 1.33
Tyrants+ 2 rec for stash!
My friend wants a strange silver knife.
I dont have metal so i couldnt show it.
But if you wanna sell it (his price is 1.33-1.66) Add him: http://steamcommunity.com/id/asaadassil/
Buying CLEAN backward ballcap for 1.33!
2 ref for Securit Shades!
1.66 for security shades!
Add me!