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taking offers buyout at 24 keys and very intrested in dappers for it aswell
taking offers on this strange n and b cotton head mainly intrested in other all classes
hey im taking offers on this planets HWNN multi class hat mainly intrested in tradeing it for a low teir dapper or salty not to intrested in nuts and bolts or flies unless some added involved i may look at other unusual offers and low teir knife offers would be okay aswell
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looking to 1for1 a decent dappers offers away no nuts or flies unless good adds other offers may be looked at but i will want over pay thanks for reading
looking for a allclass unusual on both of these overpay on other hats thanks
looking for low tier effect of one of these hats 1for1 trades or overpay in other unusuals
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looking for unusual offers for the items feel free to add me if intrested
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1 of 1 on the market taking offers
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taking offers in keys and money only nothing else unless amazing overpay no random adds don't bother low balling the woodsman is 1 of 1 and the capos i unboxed so its the cleanest out there and i crafted the craft number and if you do offer unusual's then dont offer new effects please i have no interest
b.o of 500keys or allclass offers only one on the market atm
taking offers on it atm i just got and i love it :D
B.o:650 keys
behold my sexy engi set i love this set so much ill most likely keep it but if you up for the challenge of prying this from my hand you can try either way tho im taking offer for now i crafted the coat so it means a hold bunch to me btw engi and demo are my favorite classes thanks and also if your here to make profit get out :)
taking offers on this sexy woodsman no b.o atm its a first gen effect on a sexy all class so dont lowball
im looking for ether a nice pyro or soldier unusual or a pro aussie flame+adds or pro aussie black box + adds

not really intrested in anything else unless its a really nice offer but ya offer away
taking offers atm thanks its 1 of 1
Okay so I love this set I looks amazing and I'm most likely keeping it but I'll look at offers no b.o I'll only sell it if the offer is worth it for me but either way I love all class hats mostly and don't be shy to offer I'll likely only say nty if it's a bad offer thanks happy trading btw there both very clean and btw i would rather sell as a set for a big upgrade and i wont consider anything under 300 keys atm
2 for 1 aussy flame thrower
1 for 1 with a spec ks aussy wrench or a ks aussy wrench + add or a non ks aussy wrench with adds

the pencil is clean and has a halloween spell on it
looking to trade my clean viewfinder for a nice looking antlers nothing else please unless a amazing offer away
pencil:35 keys
con cap:35 keys
or overpay in unusuals
all are clean
looking for 125 keys or a nice allclass unusual dont be shy to offer tho
1 for 1 with a aussy wrench its also very clean
hello everyone im selling the sexy very short history ghosts swagmans for around 100 keys or unusual offer i would like to get a nice allclass out of it offer away tho thanks
looking for 200 keys atm its clean its very sexy and first gen if your interested then feel free to offer c;
Btw its the only one on the market and if offering unusuals ill take most interest in other sexy allclasses
taking offers on my engi set only willing to let it go as a set and if your here to make profit then go away thank you
8 for 1 add me quick for a trade
Looking for either a nice soldier or nice scout unusual I got 4 buds offer away I like first gen and robo effects
looking for around 5 buds or looking for unusual offer thanks its also 1 of 1 and ill post screenshots soon thanks no random adds or trolling in the chat thanks
i want either a pro knife kit or 1 bud trade me if interested
offers dont lowball
trading my aussy knife for a strange festive knife + 11 keys nothing else thanks
ok so i owned this hat for a long time and i still love this hat alot but i am looking to take only all class unusual offers on this hat im not really interested in adding any other unusual offer must be super overpay so i wouldent bother and like i said i love this hat so ill keep it but other than that offer away :)

no random adds please
im looking to 1 for 1 with other spy hats
looking for around 5 buds im mainly looking for nice spy hats so offer away

the hat is 1 of 1 btw and no troll comment please or random adds
taking offers its 1 of 1 the effect can be glitched

screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=400834336 (glitched look)
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=400834368 (none glitched look)
looking for offers untill its tradeable offer away but dont low ball its also 1 of 1

screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=400834336 (glitched look)
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=400834368 (none glitched look)
1 for 1 Add me quick
offer away the hat itself cant be unboxed anymore do to the winter crate expiring thanks
looking to 1 for 1 my clean stormy head warmer for another nice pyro hat
taking offers its 1 of 2
looking to trade my sensei for another sensei or belt
trading my clean honchos for a pro aussie axtinguisher + pool party + 3 keys add me or send me a trade offer nothing else please
selling this amazing pro big kill for only 10 keys+ 6 ref get it before its gone
looking to buy a low tier tc with 3 buds thats all thanks i cant add much else

no troll comments
2for1 add me or trade offer
12 buds for this sext thang or nice demo offers i want first gen over pay in everything else
13 pure 15+ in unusuals i dont mind keeping this hat its amazing and demo is my favorite class
looking for unusual/aussie offers thanks
looking for offers not really intrested in low tier effects keep offers above 4.5 atleast
looking for unusual engi hair for my smoking mining light offer away