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3 keys for EA
1 key 3.33 ref for Shred
4 keys for Mercs
6 ref for Fresh Brewed
TB Arcana with Orange Gem for Demon Eater + sweets
No Lina, PA, CM, or techies Arcana offers
Offer me
No other end of the line items
Check my cancer
A fuckin beautiful, gifted, bubbles coupe
It can all be yours for 12 keys
Look at how much cancer you can fit into one hat
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New treasure from the Asia Compendium, offer up
Buying Summer Shades, 2 keys my wrap, 3 keys your wrap

To ensure no one gets scammed, I give you the wrap and you give me a key or equivalent amount in items. Then when I trade for the shades, I give you back the item/key and the amount I am buying the shades for.
I do not care if your item is painted
End of the line n shit
Offer up
Name your price
I'm not paying a key or more
4 keys for prewrapped shades
4 keys for Bills
Kinetic Gem with it
No shitty Gravelmaws inscribed with wards placed or anything
5 keys 4.33 ref
5 keys for TS shades
6 keys no items
5 keys 4 ref for Bills
I will not pay extra for paint
I will not buy gifted bills
Reg shades for 4 keys
Black Shades for 5 keys
Lime shades for 4 keys 1 ref
After eight shades for 4 keys 2 ref
No items
Selling buds for 34 USD, Paypal only
I will not go first
We will use my middleman
You must be reputable
24 buds in stock
Damn that's one nice set isn't it?
Both are god tier, clean engi hats
30 buds pure
35 in first gens
No 3rd gens at all, unless they are extreme overpay
I am taking only pure for individuals
http://i1....7O.png SFM by Sllbit http://sll...s.com/
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Buying unusuals for quicksell prices
Don't give me your crappy .3 off or any of that
4 buds in stock, can get more if needed
No cancerinos
I won't offer initially, however, I will counter offer
Post here before ye add
I do not want third gens unless they are atleast 50% off, unless it is a god tier hat (Crones, TC, KE etc)
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1 key 2 ref
TS paint for 1 key and 1 ref
1 in stock
6 buds
6.5 in first gens
No third gens
6 keys each
No, I'm not gonna take your painted or killstreak crap to help you on your "road to bills"
Buying paints
Pink, Lime, Mint, Value: 6 ref
White, Black: 1 key 6 ref
Eight, TS: 1 key
Prices are firm
Currently not buying Lime
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1 key 2 ref for TS Paint
6 keys 3 ref for TS bills
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Buying unpainted bills for 5 keys 4 ref
I don't care if its painted.
1 key 1 ref for TS
1 key 1 ref for After Eight
3 keys for Bounty
6 keys
3 keys
No other crafts
6 keys for Reg bills
6 keys 2 ref for TS bills
16 keys for buds
3 keys for EA
6 keys each for Bills
4 keys for Reg Shades
4 keys 2 ref for After Eight Shades
1 key 6 ref for Gen Shred Alert
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3 keys 6 ref for Ap Sap
4 keys for Mercs
2 keys 2 ref for TS All Stars
4 keys 5 ref for Conga
2 keys for white paint
1 key for lime paint
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Rancho for 3 keys
1 key 6 ref for Shred
4 keys for Reg Shades
6 keys for either Bills
16 keys for buds
3 keys for EA
2 buds
No third gens at all
2 keys for White Paint
1 key 1 ref for After Eight
1 key for Lime
4 keys for Mercs
3 keys 7.66 ref for Ap Sap
2.5 keys for TS All Stars
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Ap Sap: 3 keys 1 ref
Buck Turner:1 key 2 ref
Rune Blade: 1 key
Jefe: 3 keys
Double Cross: 3 keys 2 ref
Maul: 3 keys 2 ref
Scarf: 3 keys Not buying currently
Shred Alert: 1 key 1 ref
I don't care about paint
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4 keys for Ap Sap and Mercs
2.5 keys for TS all stars
1 key for lime
1 key 1 ref for after eight
1 key for Lime
2 for White
15 keys for a bud
Key for Lime
Key and 1 ref for TS
16.5 keys for bud
6 keys for bills
3 for EA
1 key 2 ref each
2 keys for Oblooterated
3 keys for Essentials