Add me for trade accepting negotiations.
Add me. Will negotiate, Accepting Paypal and Swish :D
Buying theese items. You need to have change in metal if i dont have the refined anymore
Add me for trade
add me or trad eoffer i am looking for all of them i accept 1to1 trades
First of all add me if you want to trade second of all i dont have a phone so first!
We have to wait untill the keys are tradable! Second. We have to wait a week for the trade to go through Ill pay with 4 keys instead of 3,5 (normal price) because the wait.
Simple trade!
Going off value
Here i sell some TF2 stuffz for some CSGO stuff Add me for negotiation!
Theese against one of those knifes add me
a special craft #181 item for any csgo stuff or unusual.
I have some more in another trade
Here i sell my rifleman for about 2 ref or what negotiable price with the tax of paint. !
add me or send me a trade offer does not matter!
a painted one for a none painted one!
hi id like theese two uncraftable items for the price of 4,66! add me if interested
I know theese are untradable but add me if youre intrested and when theese become tradable i will trade you
I want this for an offer i will be making in the trade!
Add me!
Whole backpack for one butterfly knife ANY SORT!!!
Selling my WHOLE backpack!! for any knifes in cs go! Add me or send a trade offer if youre intrested Cya!!!
Ill OFFER SOME MORE WHEN YOU HAVE added me! fast trade ! thanks for watching..
I got loads of items to give for one of theese! add me and we'll discuss pricing and so on.And the ak 47 should be redline and the awp asiimov
It will be around 5,9 keys So trade me if you have one of those i need bills in one and the rest as a pack if you dont have it all. if you have all for me ill add an extra key . Add me
I want this Mk 50 For the offer i have made! add me!
Hello id like to sell theese items for 5,5 Keys for everything add me if you want to trade! Have a good one.
All this for that Please add me and we'll discuss about it and hopefully trade! Have a good one
I want to give much more items! add me and well discuss
Hello id like to offer some tf2 items for theese SP00KI items! add me!Β½
All this for that Please add me and we'll discuss about it and hopefully trade! Have a good one
One for one. Might add goodies
Hello there fine gentlemen! I'd like to offer some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items for any items in TF2! Add me and ill try to respond as fast as i can! Have a good one.
Add me! id love to have those thingies and i sell my setup for that setup + i give some goodies for the paints and worth of items
I give offers for them, Overpricing in items , Add me if intrested. Have a good one! EDIT: If you dont have all the items you can sell them each / overpricing too
Hello fine gents! I'd like to buy theese cosmetics for my new Engineer setup! Add me and we'll make a deal!
Sub Zero Suit 1,5 Key (Only Pure) -
Pyromance's Mask 4,66 + 1,66 (Paint) REF (Only Pure)
Cut Throat Concierge 3 + 3 - 4 REF (Paint) - In keys pure.
Hello there fine gents! im looking for a ''Strange Festive Ambassador'' With a Specialized kit mounted (Peffer the Team colored effect) Also with headshot part mounted too! I will overprice with items and please add me and ill responce instantly! Have a good day!
Hellu! im selling lotsa stuff here so here is the price.
Mannco Munition Crates : 0,05 Ref each
Speciallized Awp Fab : 3 Ref
Mann co Normal Crate ; 1 weapon each
Mannco strongbox 1 weapon each
Snack Attack : 3 . 4 Ref
Sharp Dresser 2,33 Ref
M.Co stockpile crates 2 ref each
Naughty crate 1 weapon
Add me!
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Im offering some stuff for theese 3 items and the Physician's Procedure Mask Got to be musclemannbraun
Ornament Arnament 2 REF
Maniac's Manacles 1 REF
Soviet Gentleman 1.33 REF
A Distinctive Lack Of Hue Digit Divulger 2 Keys and 2 REF
Zephan's Greed ''Rapper's Hat'' / Brotherhood Of Arms 1 Key 1.33 REF
Add me
Buy The Digit divulger and Rappers hat to get 2 hats for free! SEE ALSO :
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Charmer's Chapeau 3.66 REF
Exorcist 1.55 REF
Dread Hiding Hood 1 Key
Sir.Hootsalot 2 REF
Gold Digger 2.66 REF
Shogun's Shoulder Guard 5 REF
Heavy's Hockey Hair 1.33 REF
Boston Boom Bringer 3 REF
Blood Banker 1 Key
If you buy atleast 2 of theese items you will get an extra hat or two absolutly Free!
Remember to add me if you're interested SEE ALSO :
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Add me! i want 1 key or 7,44 refined pure!
Selling a key for 7.44 REF PURE add me
Add me if you have Dayz / Standalone (Doesnt have to be standalone) for 10 keys pure
I am offering plenty of Miscs/Hats for 1 of theese items. (I coudnt add anymore CRAFT HAT signs)