Trashcan Man
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Actively collecting 3-2-18

Only craft #5s, I can trade pure, if I have it or other #s I have in my bp, minus some.
Offer below, add me if i'm online or send an offer.
Only pages 1,2 and 3 are up for trade, same with some pure.
I WILL NOT PAY RIDICULOUS PRICES, It's your item. Tell me a price and we can work from there.
(Most I've only paid 1-3 keys per #5. I will more then likely not pay more, but there is exceptions.)(Just because you have a #5 doesn't mean I will want it.)
For Items i'd love to obtain add me right away.

The Ones I'd Really Love to Obtain-
(These I will pay a decent bit for)

#5 The Objector-- (Highest priority, will pay big amount of keys for or money on the market)(Price of 50+ keys)
#5 Ham Shank
#5 The Surgeon's Stahlhelm
#5 Buck Turner All-Stars
#5 Megalomaniac
#5 Chronoscarf
#5 Reindoonicorn
#5 Canteen
More to come later.
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#15- 3 keys
#14- 4 keys
#6- 1:1 for the #5 or 100 keys for it. ( I want the 5)
Stock- 35

1.66 ref each.

Add me if you wish to buy one, otherwise I will decline all trade offers. None of the ones decaled or low # are for sale.
Adding will result in a block.

I highly doubt, you'll ever see any come to the market soon.

#14- 40 keys
#17- 35 keys
#21- 30 keys

Buy all 3 for 105.

Sold #12 objector- 45 keys.
Sold #37 objector- 18 keys.
Sold #54 objector- 15 keys.
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4.66 ref each.

Stock- 12
Buying keys 32.3 ref each.

Send an offer.
Buying 2 keys for 64 ref.

Send an offer.
60 keys for the #5.

(Closed for now)

I will also buy any under #6, price can be negociated.
45 keys.

Double spelled.
Each has a spells. Offer below.
Special eyes- 2 ref
All father- 13 ref
Digits- 1.66 ref
Weight Room- 8 ref
Dappers- 2.3 ref
Mask- 1.66 ref
Menpo- 2 ref
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#6 Mask for the #5, I can add. (100 keys if you wish to buy, I want the #5)

#14- 5 keys
#15- 3 keys
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Looking for offer, all spelled.
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Selling most of my backpack.


- 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, (Everything but the Carl Set, All father and Shooting star are up for grabs), 25 (Craft # objectors are for sale though) 26-40 aren't for sale.
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Anything is up for grabs in my backpack.
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send me an offer or add to negociate
111 ref for 4 keys, send an offer.
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Looking for an unusual Head Prize. Let me know if you have one, what effect and general price range, thanks.

Anything in my backpack is up for grabs.
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Give me offers.
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#1- 50 keys
#2- 28 keys
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idk offer if you want.
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Looking for low craft objectors, ones that are between 1-100.
I know where most are but if you get one i'd love to buy it.

Obtained so far-

Thnx to my bb remix.
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Lemme know if you have one please, will be a decent bit over bp price.

I can pay in pure or unusual overpay.
(Pretty much anything in my bp is for trade)
Considering selling pretty much everything in my backpack.

Just offer.

Items 100% not for sale

- All objectors. (And Decals)
- All craft #5s unless a insanely good deal.
- SF Weapons.

Accepting keys, unusuals, craft #5s or low craft objectors.
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6 ref send an offer.
Offer below.
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Offer below, if it's not pure over pay might be expected.
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Looking for one, gimmie offers, I don't care if it's dupped or not.

I know what the price of the hearts is, it's not price.
Buying as many as possible, 7.3 ref each.
Buying all and any craft hats for 1 Ref and 1 weapon each (page 2 weapons). (Can be a misc, ellis cap, robo hat or vintage hat).
(1 key for every 17 hats)


If you have enough, ill trade a key for 17 craft hats. (Always Buying)
Currently bought- 900+

Feel free to bookmark the trade!

Add me or send me a trade offer if offline.
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Taking keys, craft #5s, low craft objectors or huge over pay in items.

B/o 38 keys.

More in items.
#15- 4 keys
#87- 4 keys
#68- 4 keys

Only craft #s i'll take are 6s and below.
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Looking for a specialized killstreak kit for the shooting star must be orange.

Lemme know a price, k thanks.
Looking for the #5 versions.

#4 1:1 for the #5.
#6 i'll add for the #5.
Do Not offer me any other #s then 5.

Quickselling for pure.

#12- 3 keys
#14- 3 keys
#82- 2 keys
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Count spells, thanks.
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Had this for almost a year don't really want this anymore, looking for offers will take #5s or low craft objectors as well.
Don't offer cancerous unusuals.

Low history as well.
Looking to sell this, only time i'll consider doing it. I've had the shooting star for a while and prefer it over this, feel free to offer.

If a decent offer isn't reached by 12/10 i'll just keep it.