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B/O for demo/spy soul 2 rec

B/O for the wraith wrap 2 keys-5 ref

B/O for haunted scout soul 1 key or 2.66 ref

Prices are firm and if you dont think they are shoot me a offer

Hidden=either was mean or i deined your offer

Not Hidden=Thinking or i added you

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I am wanting to start a collection of lvl 99 weps/hats/misc for a reasonable price no weps over 1 rec and no hats over 1 ref

Metal in stock none restocking

tell me what you have but don't add me i add you

~Bye~ :P

P.S don't ask me for offers on my stuff like Huse did i only want level 99 weps /cheap hats and miscs.
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so yeah i want razor backs and i want a lot of them. you may ask how much you need well ill tell you ...... 54 i need 54. i can pay in hats i will get metal and it matters how many you give me say the dirty hat its around 2 rec so i would need 2 rec in razor backs. Please don't ask me why i need razorbacks its a secret which i am going to make a video of and if you wanna see why i am doing this look up MrShadwoTurtle on YouTube it is me and when my video is up you can watch.
Donations are very appreciated but if you don't donate and you wanna sell i can get some metal fast (unless you have like 2 rec worth of razorbacks then ill give you the dirty hat)

Don't add me unless i say so.

# bought:0

Price for 1 razor back: 1 scrap no other offers unless you have like 2 rec worth of razorbacks and no vintages.


also if you donate a lot ill tell my friend lazy purple (and if you don't believe he is my friend check out my friend list) that your a cool dude.
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proably want to go down to a uncraft just for the metal so what you get reg stout what i get the uncraft hat the 1 ref + some razorbacks dont ask why razorbacks just want em (gonna need 3=1 rec
i want a good clean craft hat 1 ref and ill ad sweets (that means some weps or stranges) tell me what good cheap hat you got and if i like ill add you.
every 2 crates you get 1 wep add me weps in stock 10 that im selling add me imedeatly if you have any
ok 1 offers 2 dont be all like prices are not firm or prices are unfair i use spread sheet so my prices are what you see eith use my B/O s or shoot me a offer

B/O for pyro parts spreadsheet says 1 craft hat or 1.11 ref

B/O for engi set spread sheet says 2.33 ref or 2 craft hats

B/O for the haunted scout soul spread sheet says 1 key or 2.66 ref

B/O for un haunted spy soul spreadsheet says 1 craft hat or 1.11 ref

I would do the whole C/O thing but i dont know how to do that stuff like changing notes and stuff.


have a nice day and i wish you guys safety from the hurricane.
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i want gibus ill do 2 potions for 1 gibus or selling em each 2 scrap
the fish means odd im looking for odd level weps not odd like 3 1 5 7 and stuff like that lvls d\that you dont see that much looking for cheap ones but if your wanting metal sadly i dont got any post your prices down and stuff like that but dont add me ill add you if i like your offer. also buying some voodo items.
dis is hallowen time taking offers keys erie keys and metal i got some b/o or some items wich will be listed below but other than that offer me good offers

B/O for the crate 49 1.33 ref (has a strange scater just if you get unlucky with uncrating) (also if you need a buyr for the shovel i know a guy just tell me and ill get him to add you)

B/O for the stout shako 2 REFINDED :P

B/O for erie crate 2 rec (saw a trade he was selling like 3 of these 2 rec each he said price was firm but idk i like offers)

B/O for the brundle bundle it hallowen time some ppl sell these for like 1 or 2 keys but im selling the whole set for 1 key or offers i also like hats

B/O for fallen angle (also have tail from the crypt) i would sell as set but i dont have blazing bull so ill sell both for either 2 craft hats or offers

B/O for gibus its mah gibusu but im sellin it ive gotten offers like 2 ref or 2.33 but ima make my B/O 1.66 or a craft hat and 1 rec

Please Please dont add me unless i say so i dont like getting thousands of ppl adding me but when this is up i wont be on but i can still see your wonderfull offers so dont worry i will be on later tho

I hope you guys have a nice day and i hope you eat a taco in the next 30 mins just so you smile have a nice day once again.
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it has a scater gun in it a strange one id like offers a key (1 or offers on keys) or cursed pileof ashes PLZ DONT ADD ME ILL ADD YOU.
all i want is something hallowene for this crate i saw a guy sell 2 of these for 1 ref so im looking for cursed items for 1 scrap apeice or any other hallowen stuff you tell me your price but do not add me unless i say to
plz tell me what this stuff dose also id like to buy some and sell my hallowen items
gibusu and hallowene sets and items buy but DONT ADD ME UNLESS I SAY YOU CAN.
its close to hallowen i do spreadsheet prices


lowballers ppl who are rude or mean will be hidden and reported

i know my prices but i will take offers so post your offers
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the game is a minecraft account my B/O for it is 5 keys or make me offers (any offers under 3 keys will be hidden) lowballers also will be hidden and if your mean or rude it will also be hidden

C/O none


also dont be like its a non steam game reported i know it is but what im gonna do is tell me the minecraft name you want and ill make the account how you want it then you can do the rest.
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dont be silly i dont want a crate for a crate i want to buy crates because im now starting a collcetion so im looking for a good bluk buy on your useless crates feal free to add me but at the moment i will not be on but still add me i am buying a good 20 crate bulk buy and if you have 20 ill give you a strange that i dont need but if you give me 50 crates then you get 2 stranges and if you give me 75 well then you get a cookie (jk you get 3 stranges :P) i will be waiting for you and your crates
selling my good stuff also im buying a steak sandvich (1 scrap or 2 weps)

got some prices

engi set 1 key or offers price is going up so this price might go up by a ref or something

the tail 2.33 rec or offers

the genuine 1.66 ref or offers

the gold botkiller minigun 8 keys or offers

DO NOT ADD ME <------------------- important

if you want to buy something put your price down but dont add me

for the minigun any offers under 7 keys will be hidden

also if you are a hard time lowballer you get reported also you get reported if you are rude or mean

for the third time please and i say PLEASE DONT ADD ME UNLESS I SAY SO.

thank you and have a nice day :P
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just add me
selling these for either offers or my prices

prices The engi costume is 2.66 ref or 1 key

the pyro part 2 rec and 1 scrap

the minigun 8 keys spreadsheet price or offers (dont offer under 7 keys or it will be hidden)

the pilotka 2 ref or offers (i think 2 ref is spreadshet price)

DO NOT ADD ME!! <------- IMPORTANT either i add you or i say you can add me if i hide yours either 1 its was rude or 2 i dont want your offer

if i dont hide either means im thinkg or i like it and ill add you

i will hide if it has ben sold or i feel like no good offers are comming in and i might just keep.
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8 keys or 1 bills or i also take offers if i like it then send add me on steam if i hide yours that means nah if i dont wait until i say add me or im thinking about it
just won this and if i do say so we did it flawsley did not lose a round so i think i did good (even tho it is silver i hate spy so ill sell it fast)

ill take tod ticket offers (only taking offers 3 or higher)

also Craft hat offers (no dirtys and no 1 for 1 deals or 1 for 2 deals on the hats)

and ill also take offers (no offers under hm lets say 1 key or 2.66 for you new ppl out there)
feal free to add me but when this is posted i wont be on (srry for that)
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i love offers offer and if you dont like my feedback then you can just geeeeeet out
i need 3 craft mele weps
nuff said add me on steam for fast trade
1 rec for the unpainted dirty hats 2 rec for painted 1 scrap for reg weps and 1 rec for the wanaga send me freind invite or offer
well i just say something outragous and some guy was selling a gibus and he needed gift wrap and some guy offered him like 3 or 4 unusauls and like 30 keys or something like that so i guse im selling mine if you have gift wrap also if you want the robot chicken hat you also need gift wrap
haloween is comming so get your costumes also when you stop by how about buying my pilotika
some prices
pilotika either 2 ref or 2 tod tickets
the costumes prices are unknown atm
the strange 1 rec or offer

only serious offers post offer below and if i like it ill add you
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i want this set if you have it ill give 1 rec and a strange wrench add me
i got some prices
pricks 1 rec each
fruit shoot 2 ref (thats low the reg price is like 2.66)
pyro pack 1.66 or tod ticcket and 2 rec
sniper set 2 ref (price is going up get it while cheap)

ill also take offers onkly serious ones
post your offers down below but if you add me before i say you can i will ignore.
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meh just mah hats and stranges offers are good but i got some prices
1.66 for fruit shoot
pyrobotics pack offer or 2 tour of duty tickets or 2good craft hats (played mvm for like 3 hrs to get this just like my tin 100)
the sniper set ppl say 1 key i say 1.66 ref for all (halloweene is comming up so that means price might go up also)
strange pp offer or 1 ref (thats is my fave wep and its strange so it make me love it even more)
strange wrench you know i realy dont know the actual price for it (derp :P) so i guse just offers

post you offers or prices in coment dont add me or that means you dont want any of my stuff i have to give you the ok first on here then you may add me
if you try and lowball that means you get hidden if you add me before i say so then that gets hidden and so do you from mah brain

if you gonna offer make it serious and if you have gift wrap i might just sell you my genuine robot chicken hat
see yah in a trade -Shadowsword-
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please buy they are screaming take me
i like offers but here are some prices
the sniper set offer (derp)
tin 1.66 (lowered price to from 2 ref to 1.66)
Persian .66 ref (love that thing)
wrench hm idk offers
market 2 rec and 1 scrap
i take offers on everything and also take hats and tour of duty tickets post offer or price below and then add me
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plz take em or ill do something else i only want fair offers but i do have some prices
1.66 for tin (played mvm for 3 hrs and won it very hard work put into it)
2.66 for specs (also will take offers or tour of duty tickets)
2.33 for fruit shoot
i will take offers on all but i hat 1:1 deal like a hat for a hat no if you trade me if its hat for hat it has to be a better hat than mine
post your offers below or add me
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i wanna get rid of this stuff prices are
0.33 for sticky
2 ref for tin (because i play mvm for 2 or 3 hrs to win it
2.33 for fruit shoot
deus specs i dont know the price so offers on it
1 ref or offer on my persian persauder (i love that thing with my life)
and the reg weps 1-2 scrap each i also have about 2 or 23 more reg weps and those will be 1 or 2 scrap also
put your offers in the coments or just send me a trade and we could work something out
also i am looking for tour of duty tickets and hats but i realy dont like doing 1 hat for 1 ticket cuz thats not worth it so make the offers fair or dont bother
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i will only take good offers if you want to buy both of the hats together your gonna need a key and some metal or we could work something also the reg weps will got from 1-2 scrap and the crate well just take the crat also i will not take dirty hats only clean hat offer for my hats or strange.If interested add me or tell me your offer below.
just wanna get rid of it ill praticaly take anything (if its over 2 ref) no lowballs im a very serious trader also takeing any haunteds