The Pantsmith
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Selling this for 90 pure or 110 in item overpay!
my trade link:
or id 1 for 1 for pyro bonzo
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selling these fine quality items for prices in pure,
Pyromancer - 37 keys (there is a paint)
Pillar - 24.5 keys
Big Elfin - 10 keys
Birdcage - 40 ( also has Headless horseshoes

here is my trade link:
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Looking to upgrade my pyromancers mask, willing to trade my mask, this 10 key scocut hat and 1 pure key! my trade link is below.
looking to trade my Bolted Birdcage + its Headless horseshoes enchant for another pyro with one of the above effects, message below if you have an offer or use the link to send me an offer.
if you wish to buy this hat it would be pure 65 or 80+ in item overpay
Im looking to trade my unusual for one of the ones listed above, aswell as overpay in pure/items depending on the BP price of your wayfinder, below is my trade link or if you want comment below with an offer!
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feel free to offer on this unusual hat, im looking for pure offers/unusuals!
Also I would 1:1 this for a pyro hat with the same effect! offer below or send me a trade offer!
I'll sell for pure for 60-80
Looking to 1 for 1 my bonzo soldier helm for a pyro helm with the same effect below is my trade link!
we can negotiate if you add me!
also if you can point me in the direction of someone who has a bonzo for pyro ill reward yhou for your time!
these are what I am looking for, hit me with trade offers! I will check backpack prices and will pay extra for spells! there is my trade link!
I'm looking to 1:1 this Unusual for another Bonzo hat but for pyro. Add me if you want to negotiate something. Also if someone can find a trade on here with a Pyro (NOT all-class) Bonzo up for trade ill reward you for your time.
below is my trade link, i will update this when the helm is available!
looking for these weapons, hit me with a trade offer! i will check the backpack tf price before accepting! I also would pay more for spells!
looking to buy these weapons, paying pure and would pay more for Halloween effects!
add me and we will trade
Looking to 1:1 for a Pyro Cosmetic with the same effect (Bonzo) add me if you have one and are interested, if you want to negotiate then add me and message me when I get on. The item isn't trad-able right now but will be soon.
That is what I want, if you have them and want to sell them send me a trade. I will pay extra for spells and/or paints.
Buying these and many other taunts! Add me/ Send me a trade offer! my prices will be determined on if you want offer below!
I am looking for unique versions of these items but I would consider buying a strange version if your price is fair. The crone must be haunted, and I base my prices on
Add me and send me a message of your item and what you are selling it for.
I will not pay a crazy amount for added paints/spells, but I will pay you more then the normal item.
add me if you have what I am looking for and we can discuss price.
I base my prices on
Add me and offer when I accpet
I would rather unique items but I will pay for strange versions if it is a good enough price, I will only pay 50-75% of what a spell/paint is worth.
I am looking to sell a key or two for the current prices.
I am also looking for the items above, so if you have any send me a trade offer with the metal(pure) and items.
I will not accept friend requests, only trade offers. I will pay less for strange versions of anything you offer because I am not looking for strange versions but will still buy them.
Lastly I will not pay extra for painted items, unless it is black.
looking for those skins, my whole backpack is up for trade.
comment, offer a trade, if you insist on adding please leave a comment saying that you are.
those are the only skins i want, but if you have other cool items that may interest me then offer. the quality of the knife doesnt matter to me.
for the hat ill:
1-1 any butterfly knife skin or any quality ultraviolet gutknife
1-2 a hyperbeast and one of the other skins(maybe add a random skin if the hyper is poor quality)
1-3 for some kick ass skins
thank you!
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selling my ENTIRE tf2 backpack!
will trade all of it, every single item for 1 crimson web butterfly knife
otherwise i take csgo keys or item overpay in skins
send trade offers!
send me a trade offer, im looking for skins, add me if you want.
ill trade anything in my backpack... for the right offer.
if your going to add me then leave a comment.
or just comment if you have an offer. im a fair trader so don't be afraid to offer, i don't bite unless you pay extra ;)
im open to any offers, feel free to add to discuss prices, comment that your adding first or you will be blocked.
butterfly knives get priority on the unusual, the better the knife skin the more items you get(its simple!)
checkout the rest of my inventory and if you see something you want offer some skins. the items above are my favorites so they will get priority. if you want a quick response text me your offer.
my # 732-662-8012
im trading this unusual hat for the Heavy class (lantern effect) for any really sweet offers.
id 1-1 with any butterfly knife(as long as its not total shit lol), 1-2 for a knife (any knife with decent skin, any condition) and a good condition skin for one of the guns above(preferably a rarer skin), or if you have a really good offer comment it below/ text me. text offers will have priority. don't add me or offer trades, just comment or text(don't call, calls will be ignored). thank you!
my # 732-662-8012
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add me if you have one and we can work something out
here are just a few of the items im willing to trade for the selected three. now if you have a serious offer text me @ 732 662 8012
or comment below.
feel free to check out my bp for other items!
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trading most of the tf2, CS:GO, and dota items for dota items for the following characters:
Nyx Assassin
Chaos Knght
inspect my inventory or if you want tf2 metal just say so and I get grab some from myt alt account.
the items selected have priority. send trade offers, post bellow, or email me at:
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looking for decent skins for the guns, any quality

ANY butterfly knife
id trade for stickers if there are any cool ones out there for trade

find my account and send me a trade offer or post bellow, FRIEND REQUESTS WILL BE DENIED

I will be checking this post every so often, comments may only be offers. check my inventory to see my other items :)
no items that aren't CS:GO please
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Buying terraria gifts, 1 key each. Send me a trade offer or add me
buying the following games for pure keys each, add me if you have a giftable version for sale
posting a link to a trade selling one will be rewarded with 1 refined metal
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Offer Bellow
Only selling for pure
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Offer bellow
Paying extra if hats are painted purple, green, lime, pink
Offer bellow or add me
Add me if you have any of the wanted items
Paying in pure
Paying more for painted
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Buying keys for 7.44
Buying any craft hats for 1 ref each, send me trade offers or friend invites
Trading my company man in for other unusual
Not looking for steaming or bubbling
In like scout items;)
Offer here or add
Looking to trade my unusual company man(nuts and bolts) for other unusual
I dont care about what hat/hats I get I simply want a better effect
I will check prices of offers to insure its fair
I'll add metal or hats to add up to a more expensive hat
Offer below or add me on steam, if offered hat is cheaper you will have to add
Add me or post offer bellow
Selling and trading hats
Add me or post what you have bellow
Crone's dome - 2 ref
Conjurer's cowl - 2 ref
Bolted bicorne - 1.22 ref
Broadband bonnet - 1.22 ref
Madame Dixie (pink as hell) - 2.66-4.66
Titanium Tyrolean - 1.33
Strange silver botkiller knife MK.II - 3 ref
Strange rocket launcher - offer

Add me or send me a message
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I'm selling those items for keys, metal, craft hats, and paint
There are no set prices
I value craft hats at 1 ref
Send me a message/add me
Selling there weps listed for metal, hats, keys, or a combo of those and buying a dashin hashashin
Offer on the crates
Selling weps at 1 scrap/2 weeps
Add me or trade me
Selling all of these items for metal
Or selling all of these items for the hat
Add me or trade me
Selling these items for metal or all of them for that hat
Add or trade me
Add me or trade me!
Trading these Dota 2 items for tf2 metal or pyro items
Add me or send me a trade.
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Trading everything in my bp for tf2 metal/keys and Dota items
Trade me or add me
Offer bellow