Looking for offers
Selling this halloween spell Fast Learner.

BLU: http://i.i...nU.gif
RED: http://i.i...TK.gif

Lime paint also works.

Add me to offer.
Looking for offers, thanks.

Bow is sold.
Pan kit is sold.

Any offers will be appreciated.
Looking for some offers on these.
I base myself on backpack.tf

Post here and i'll add you to talk.

Looking for 1.5 keys.
Price is negotiable.
Selling this FL painted with both a halloween spell and lime green.
How it works?
On halloween servers/full moon, it will glow team-colored.
Out of halloween servers/full moon, it will be green.

Offers below
C/O: None
B/O: Will think about it later

Screenshot coming soon.
Looking for offers on this beauty.

B/O: Not much, just toss in an offer! :)

Effect: Hypnobeam
Sheen: Manndarin
Selling all my items for either keys or marketable items.

You can offer in anything here, go ahead, look into my BP, find something you like and send me an offer.
Negotiable, but I want a fair price.

Send me a trade offer if possible.
Looking for offers on these.
Looking for Team Spirit paint with discount price.

Offer your price.
An ideal price would be 6 refined.
Pretty self-explainatory.

No lowballs, please.
I'm mostly looking for metal.
Add for negotiation.
Looking for offers on these.
Looking for offers.
Looking for offers on these.
Mostly pure.
Let the bullets rain.
I'm looking for most items for a quicksell price.
Yes, I can pay extra for the paint.
I am accepting ANY hats/miscs higher than 2 refined.

Add me for discussing!
Looking for offers on these items.
Go ahead, post your offer and I will answer it in not much time.
Looking for offers on this full-colored flair of the Portal 2 cores.
I'm not asking much, so, just toss your offer in here.
CS:GO set: 1 key.
KF cards: 1 refined each
Gmod cards: 1.33 each
For these above, only add if you agree with the price.
Check my BP for more cards! (and post offers here)
Please post here or add me for offering.
I have others, look up my bp.

B/O's are not set.
Please post offers, don't add.
I am selling my entire backpack for fair prices.
Mostly looking for offers on ALL items on backpack, but if your single offer is good, i'll think about it.
Just selling some stuff I don't use anymore.

Prices: BP.tf

Add me if your offer is the high-end price of backpack.tf, if not, post here.
My B/O is 3 keys.

C/O: none.
2 keys + 4 refined. (retracted)
1:1, add me for a quick and friendly trade.
Any of the right side for 2 refined, quick and easy.
Add me if you agree with prices, I promise it will be a real fast trade.
Looking for 6 keys + wrap.
May negotiate in items, depending.

Please add me to talk.
1.33 for any of these 2, add me.
I'm selling these for a rec each.
Don't like price? Don't add.
Selling this awesome tossle for scout.
Feel free to offer, my b/o would be something like 5 keys.
I am selling this Putrescent Pigmentation Wilson Weave for offers.

B/o would be 3 keys, if paying, add me.
If offering, post below.

Feel free to post any offers.
Hide = noty

Screenshots will be posted soon.
Hey everyone.
I'm selling these 2 stranges, which I don't use anymore.

Strange Festive Ambassador b/o is; 6.5 keys
Strange Widowmaker b/o is; 2.5 keys.

Remember, the B/O is higher than you expect to sell.

Feel free to offer.
I prefer [keys>promos>metal>hats/miscs>stranges].

(unless paying b/o)
1:1, add me.

Looking mostly for:

It has a halloween spell.
Green to orange.

Please offer, B/O is 4 keys.
Buying most of Robotic Boogaloo items for 2 ref each!

Add me if selling for 2 refined.
No other offers.
Selling everything for 3 ref.
Bolt boy: 4.66 refined.
Desert Marauder: 2.33
Human Cannonball: 1.33
Titanium: 3 ref
Whoopee: 2.66
Beret: 2.66
Cold Killer: 2.33
Looking for TF2 items in exchange to Portal 2 items.
Check my BP before offering!

Please don't add me.
Your offer, your giftwrap.
Wilson Weave: 1.66
Ham: 1.33

Add me!
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!