shell shocker 265 pure
here are screen shots of triple sets
triple colour set

buy out was 1100 pure

now 980
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pure only
space man 750 pure only
pyromancer with spell clean 300 pure
pan with spells gliched that transfer to all primary weapons in loadout
B/O 1450 pure only
150 pure for clean heart beak if history really good maybe more
can take pure over massive iteam overpay
view finder 650 pure
helmet 90 pure
spaceman 750
most are on marketplace tf
add me to discuss will pay well for them

both are a triple set only willing to sell as a set
solly set 1100

solly set picture

happy to show you trip set in game

engi set picture

engi set sold
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cheapest on the market
pure only

2 285 keys
4 on hold for a freind
8 110 keys
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pure only
1 130 keys
2 100
3 70
4 90
5 100
6 60
7 250
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full set 44 weapons factory new

25 keys for the set
cheapest on the market
pure only

1 46 keys
2 29 keys
3 110 keys
4 45 keys
5 60 keys
6 220 keys
7 69 keys
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full set factory new 44 weapons B/O 14 keys
trading clean burning noble for milk prokill with sheen and a sadvich prokill with sheen
Quick selling 85 pure
buying australiums with spells ( ONLY AUSTRALIUMS )
buying australiums with spells
would like cash deal but can get keys for the right price
keys only
im happy to pay extra
happy to pay extra