2 keys! add me!
1:2 add me!
4.33 ref
1 rec each.
1:1 add me
just these 3, add me
1:1, have 1 left

Add me!
1k, add me :)
1:1 LS! add me
2k, add me!
offer in keys!
Fully unlocked, spine is corrupted, empty gem slot in each.

3 keys, add me!
6:1, add me
all 5 for the magician set! add me!

ogre club is 4x ignite counter, will also take 1 diretide key for it!
12 keys + the black genuine double cross comm (~5-6 keys) add me for south park
14 keys for South park: the stick of truth! must be usable in america! add me
6 keys, its painted black! add me
4:4 add me fast trade!
1 of 3 in the world! 1 of 1 the market! This hat has a very short history, as I am only the third owner, and I did personally name, paint, and describe it!

c/o's -
9 buds (was collecting, ended up buying another hat)
TW Cold Killer, Harvest juju

B/o - 9 buds

Looking only for pure really, not unusual offers (trying to cash out) add me or offer here :)

Will also downgrade to a ghosts marauder + 6 pure (I know its specific, but thats about all I would downgrade to.)

-For me to even consider unusual offers, they should be in decent overpay.

Previous trades:
- http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/6308915
- http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/13841147
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4 of these rares for spine, 1 rare per uncommon
6 keys, add me!
8 keys for Genuine Nyx assassins Dagon, add me
1:1 add me
1 ref each! add me
1:1 add me! this is inscribed gold earned, would like tusk specific inscribes if possible :)
all 5 for the cruel magician set

add me!
3+hook for the torchbearer


1 diretide key each rare
1 old key for flail

add me!
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1 key, add me fast trade! It is tagged!
its the lycan wolves from box, offer! Counts times summoned
1 for 4! add me! (New ones)
2 scrap + spy soul for haunted spy soul
1:1 any of the listed rares or a key

add me!
1 key, add me
1:1 add me!
2 keys, add me!
2.66 each, add me :)
1.33 each, gives spooky crates to everyone on halloween event!
2.66 ref each!
1 rec each, 1 ref for haunted
1 rec each!
1:1 add me :)