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All Clean
Just Taking Offers.

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No b/o

All Clean

offer away
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All up for trade.
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All clean, all have to go.

pure has priority.
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FN or MW
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Price is firm
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looking for more blue.

will pay with keys to fill the difference
Prefer to sell as set.

Stash b/o 10

Shot b/o 8
Help me cash out.

Pure > everything else.

buto 14
hall 14
scotch 9
fruit 6.7
guad 9
prancer 3.3
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Old Trade Pic

Its been fun boys, but i have what i want.
Only thing you could possibly offer me is these hats' scorching counterparts, already painted black.

The private eye I'm selling for 15 keys

Words cant even express how disinterested i am in anything you offer me that Isn't what i just said.
ignore it, and you're getting fucking blocked.

Happy Trading~
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looking for a dope M9

Factory New Only

Stat or not i really dont care

Slightly interested in Karambits. If its at a decent price. but damn, thats a stupid ass knife.
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downgrading the hallmark and guad to scorching

Bonnet and prancer are for pure offers.

offer away
Looking for downgrades + pure

Burning has priority, then scorching.
Not interested in anything else.

you can offer me 100% unusual offers, with overpay and that there is a burning/scorching solly hat in your offer.

Offer away ~
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offer away.
offer away.

Also, these knives dont have a graphic, so quality is meaningless.
Previous trade

Im not trading for a 1:1 deal.
Im not going to meet your b/o
Im not going to break even.
Unusuals have mandatory overpay
IDC if your shit is duped, just dont price it like it is clean

Please no lowballing, it'll waste both our time.

Offer Away
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Hype Train Has No Brakes!

Offer Away
38 a piece

Must have rep.
offer away
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2.5 b/o

Offer away.
Offer away.

Heres some ballparks because you guys dont know prices

(CLEAN) Scorching - I paid +13 Pure
Burning - I paid +26 Pure
(CLEAN) Beams - I paid 3 Pure + 12 In unusuals

im not looking to break even. so dont offer the minimum


PhotoCred: Grunt| Kili #SLASH♥ |RM|
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Whoopee - 6 Firm
Veil - Ghosts 12 ; GE 9 Firm
YourWorstNightmare - 13 Firm ; 1 of 1 listed forever
Kabuto - 28 Firm - Willing to downgrade but only for a burning/scorching Soldier hat.
GBH Sensei - 3 Pure QS

will go 1:1 / 2:1 etc for a dope Warpig or Brotherhood.

Seriously looking for a warpig tho.

Offer away
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Dayum, would ya look at that.

Offer away~
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Not a relist.

Prices- 15 for the beams, 26 for the Burning.
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QS prices.

dont dare to try and talk me down, they are lowered enough as is.

VEILS - GE 7Buds (2 off) , GHOSTS 10 Buds (2-3 off)

YWN - 10 buds (fucking 4 off)

Will accept Money as well, an additional 1 bud will be taken off, must have Sourceop rep, and im the final word as to you buying it, if i think you're not legit, then tough luck.
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Downgrade, Value mine at 26-27.

Prefer buto + pure, but willing to solly offers, for example, id 3:1 Burning/Scorching AA + Scorching Spartan.

b.o 13

15 in unusuals
Offer away.

28 b/o

35+ in unusuals
b/o 12

Price is firm.
b/o 3
b/o 9

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24 Firm

Headshots - 3 keys. Used loses half of its value, so 1.5.
Medics Killed - so low its irrelevant.

Idc what they are priced at right now , we all know the price will spike.
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offer away.

im not adding, fill the difference with pure.

i value my hat at 5, ill value yours at the highest pure offer / what they usually sell for.

looking mainly for 4 bud hats + 1
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B/o 6

Willing to upgrade as well.

Burning / scorching only.
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Ballcap 5 b/o

Kabuto 28 b/o

sensei 5 b/o

veil 9 b/0

YWN 1 of 1 on sale, rest are in collectors. 17 b/o
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Offer away.
1.9 son.

or 2 buds for the vbill + 2 keys
Dapper - sold

Master - sold

Sensei - 5

GE veil - 9

Ballcap - 5.5

Scorching veil -sold
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Black and white - 1:9
Green - 1:8

PRice is firm

Easy peasy lemon-buy-my-shit.
6 bud b/o

hit me with your best shot.
buying at 38.

Add me.
Cashing out.

Only Accepting Pure

you lowball me you get blocked.

What they usually go for

Misty : 7

Veil : 19 c/o of 18 - Jake (collecting from previous offer)

Sensei : 7

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Buying buds at $40


My rep thread.

Buying up to 8.

I go first, i pay fees.
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Not paying your b/o

Offer here.
~~~~If you still dont understand, you'll be slapped with a quick BLOCK w/o warning~~~~

WTS - All of them

I'm very happy with what i have, and do not mind if they never leave my bp, until i cash out, whenever that may be.

Range for Bids involving ONLY Pure.

Veil Scorching 20(+/-) Duped DM;SV

Dapper 10(+/-) [Clean]

Veil hearts 10(+/-) Duped. DM;SV

Veil Ghosts 13(+/-) [Clean]

Masters 7(+/-) Only one dupe.

~~~~Mixed Offers will need 33% value added~~~~~

I know pricing, and if you're offering here you better know too.
Don't bother me with lowballs, and tirekicking will not be tolerated.
~~~~If you still dont understand, you'll be slapped with a quick BLOCK w/o warning~~~~

BLOCK COUNT: 2 And Counting

Offer Away.

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WTB - Aces Sniper Hats and Dead Presidents.

I got more than 5.

Hit me with an offer if you get ahold of one of the above.
Selling as a set only, pick of one rifle.

42 bud b/o

Large overpay in unusuals

Here's a nice sequence of how it looks.

Not breaking the set.

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